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Fixing Localization Errors to Improve Image Classification

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Guolei Sun, Salman Khan, Wen Li, Hisham Cholakkal, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Luc van Gool

This way, in an effort to fix localization errors, our loss provides an extra supervisory signal that helps the model to better discriminate between similar classes.

Classification General Classification +3

Object Segmentation by Mining Cross-Modal Semantics

no code implementations17 May 2023 Zongwei Wu, Jingjing Wang, Zhuyun Zhou, Zhaochong An, Qiuping Jiang, Cédric Demonceaux, Guolei Sun, Radu Timofte

In this paper, we propose a novel approach by mining the Cross-Modal Semantics to guide the fusion and decoding of multimodal features, with the aim of controlling the modal contribution based on relative entropy.

Semantic Segmentation Specificity

Indiscernible Object Counting in Underwater Scenes

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Guolei Sun, Zhaochong An, Yun Liu, Ce Liu, Christos Sakaridis, Deng-Ping Fan, Luc van Gool

We further advance the frontier of this field by systematically studying a new challenge named indiscernible object counting (IOC), the goal of which is to count objects that are blended with respect to their surroundings.

Benchmarking Object Counting +1

Coarse-to-Fine Feature Mining for Video Semantic Segmentation

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Guolei Sun, Yun Liu, Henghui Ding, Thomas Probst, Luc van Gool

To address this problem, we propose a Coarse-to-Fine Feature Mining (CFFM) technique to learn a unified presentation of static contexts and motional contexts.

Semantic Segmentation Video Semantic Segmentation

SwinIR: Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer

9 code implementations23 Aug 2021 Jingyun Liang, JieZhang Cao, Guolei Sun, Kai Zhang, Luc van Gool, Radu Timofte

In particular, the deep feature extraction module is composed of several residual Swin Transformer blocks (RSTB), each of which has several Swin Transformer layers together with a residual connection.

Color Image Denoising Grayscale Image Denoising +6

Mutual Affine Network for Spatially Variant Kernel Estimation in Blind Image Super-Resolution

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Jingyun Liang, Guolei Sun, Kai Zhang, Luc van Gool, Radu Timofte

Extensive experiments on synthetic and real images show that the proposed MANet not only performs favorably for both spatially variant and invariant kernel estimation, but also leads to state-of-the-art blind SR performance when combined with non-blind SR methods.

Image Super-Resolution

Boosting Few-shot Semantic Segmentation with Transformers

no code implementations4 Aug 2021 Guolei Sun, Yun Liu, Jingyun Liang, Luc van Gool

Due to the fact that fully supervised semantic segmentation methods require sufficient fully-labeled data to work well and can not generalize to unseen classes, few-shot segmentation has attracted lots of research attention.

Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Vision Transformers with Hierarchical Attention

2 code implementations6 Jun 2021 Yun Liu, Yu-Huan Wu, Guolei Sun, Le Zhang, Ajad Chhatkuli, Luc van Gool

This paper tackles the low-efficiency flaw of the vision transformer caused by the high computational/space complexity in Multi-Head Self-Attention (MHSA).

Image Classification Instance Segmentation +4

Boosting Crowd Counting with Transformers

no code implementations23 May 2021 Guolei Sun, Yun Liu, Thomas Probst, Danda Pani Paudel, Nikola Popovic, Luc van Gool

This indicates that global scene context is essential, despite the seemingly bottom-up nature of the problem.

Crowd Counting

CompositeTasking: Understanding Images by Spatial Composition of Tasks

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Nikola Popovic, Danda Pani Paudel, Thomas Probst, Guolei Sun, Luc van Gool

Learning to perform spatially distributed tasks is motivated by the frequent availability of only sparse labels across tasks, and the desire for a compact multi-tasking network.

Fine-grained Recognition: Accounting for Subtle Differences between Similar Classes

no code implementations14 Dec 2019 Guolei Sun, Hisham Cholakkal, Salman Khan, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Ling Shao

The main requisite for fine-grained recognition task is to focus on subtle discriminative details that make the subordinate classes different from each other.

Fine-Grained Image Classification

Towards Partial Supervision for Generic Object Counting in Natural Scenes

1 code implementation13 Dec 2019 Hisham Cholakkal, Guolei Sun, Salman Khan, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Ling Shao, Luc van Gool

Our RLC framework further reduces the annotation cost arising from large numbers of object categories in a dataset by only using lower-count supervision for a subset of categories and class-labels for the remaining ones.

Image Classification Image-level Supervised Instance Segmentation +2

iSAID: A Large-scale Dataset for Instance Segmentation in Aerial Images

3 code implementations30 May 2019 Syed Waqas Zamir, Aditya Arora, Akshita Gupta, Salman Khan, Guolei Sun, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Fan Zhu, Ling Shao, Gui-Song Xia, Xiang Bai

Compared to existing small-scale aerial image based instance segmentation datasets, iSAID contains 15$\times$ the number of object categories and 5$\times$ the number of instances.

Instance Segmentation object-detection +2

Object Counting and Instance Segmentation with Image-level Supervision

2 code implementations CVPR 2019 Hisham Cholakkal, Guolei Sun, Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Ling Shao

Moreover, our approach improves state-of-the-art image-level supervised instance segmentation with a relative gain of 17. 8% in terms of average best overlap, on the PASCAL VOC 2012 dataset.

Image-level Supervised Instance Segmentation Object Counting +1

Graph Embedding with Rich Information through Heterogeneous Network

no code implementations18 Oct 2017 Guolei Sun, Xiangliang Zhang

In this paper, we proposed a novel and general framework of representation learning for graph with rich text information through constructing a bipartite heterogeneous network.

General Classification Graph Embedding +1

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