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Hierarchical Disentangled Representation for Invertible Image Denoising and Beyond

no code implementations31 Jan 2023 Wenchao Du, Hu Chen, Yi Zhang, H. Yang

More specifically, we decompose the noisy image into clean low-frequency and hybrid high-frequency parts with an invertible transformation and then disentangle case-specific noise and high-frequency components in the latent space.

Image Denoising Image Restoration

Looking at the posterior: accuracy and uncertainty of neural-network predictions

no code implementations26 Nov 2022 H. Linander, O. Balabanov, H. Yang, B. Mehlig

Here we show that prediction accuracy depends on both epistemic and aleatoric uncertainty in an intricate fashion that cannot be understood in terms of marginalized uncertainty distributions alone.

Active Learning Bayesian Inference +2

Topology Design for GNSSs Considering Both Inter-satellite Links and Ground-satellite Links

no code implementations24 Mar 2021 Z. Yan, K. Zhao, W. Li, C. Kang, J. Zheng, H. Yang, S. Du

Inter-satellite links (ISLs) are adopted in global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs) for high-precision orbit determination and space-based end-to-end telemetry telecommand control and communications.

Data Interaction Management

CASCADE3 A Monte Carlo event generator based on TMDs

no code implementations25 Jan 2021 S. Baranov, A. Bermudez Martinez, L. I. Estevez Banos, F. Guzman, F. Hautmann, H. Jung, A. Lelek, J. Lidrych, A. Lipatov, M. Malyshev, M. Mendizabal, S. Taheri Monfared, A. M. van Kampen, Q. Wang, H. Yang

The CASCADE3 Monte Carlo event generator based on Transverse Momentum Dependent (TMD) parton densities is described.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology Nuclear Theory

A Demonstration of Improved Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves with Delensing

no code implementations16 Nov 2020 BICEP/Keck, SPTpol Collaborations, :, P. A. R. Ade, Z. Ahmed, M. Amiri, A. J. Anderson, J. E. Austermann, J. S. Avva, D. Barkats, R. Basu Thakur, J. A. Beall, A. N. Bender, B. A. Benson, F. Bianchini, C. A. Bischoff, L. E. Bleem, J. J. Bock, H. Boenish, E. Bullock, V. Buza, J. E. Carlstrom, C. L. Chang, J. R. Cheshire IV, H. C. Chiang, T-L. Chou, R. Citron, J. Connors, C. Corbett Moran, J. Cornelison, T. M. Crawford, A. T. Crites, M. Crumrine, A. Cukierman, T. de Haan, M. Dierickx, M. A. Dobbs, L. Duband, W. Everett, S. Fatigoni, J. P. Filippini, S. Fliescher, J. Gallicchio, E. M. George, T. St. Germaine, N. Goeckner-Wald, D. C. Goldfinger, J. Grayson, N. Gupta, G. Hall, M. Halpern, N. W. Halverson, S. Harrison, S. Henderson, J. W. Henning, S. R. Hildebrandt, G. C. Hilton, G. P. Holder, W. L. Holzapfel, J. D. Hrubes, N. Huang, J. Hubmayr, H. Hui, K. D. Irwin, J. Kang, K. S. Karkare, E. Karpel, S. Kefeli, S. A. Kernasovskiy, L. Knox, J. M. Kovac, C. L. Kuo, K. Lau, A. T. Lee, E. M. Leitch, D. Li, A. Lowitz, A. Manzotti, J. J. McMahon, K. G. Megerian, S. S. Meyer, M. Millea, L. M. Mocanu, L. Moncelsi, J. Montgomery, A. Nadolski, T. Namikawa, T. Natoli, C. B. Netterfield, H. T. Nguyen, J. P. Nibarger, G. Noble, V. Novosad, R. O'Brient, R. W. Ogburn IV, Y. Omori, S. Padin, S. Palladino, S. Patil, T. Prouve, C. Pryke, B. Racine, C. L. Reichardt, C. D. Reintsema, S. Richter, J. E. Ruhl, B. R. Saliwanchik, K. K. Schaffer, A. Schillaci, B. L. Schmitt, R. Schwarz, C. D. Sheehy, C. Sievers, G. Smecher, A. Soliman, A. A. Stark, B. Steinbach, R. V. Sudiwala, G. P. Teply, K. L. Thompson, J. E. Tolan, C. Tucker, A. D. Turner, C. Umiltà, T. Veach, J. D. Vieira, A. G. Vieregg, A. Wandui, G. Wang, A. C. Weber, N. Whitehorn, D. V. Wiebe, J. Willmert, C. L. Wong, W. L. K. Wu, H. Yang, V. Yefremenko, K. W. Yoon, E. Young, C. Yu, L. Zeng, C. Zhang

This template is constructed by combining an estimate of the polarized CMB with a tracer of the projected large-scale structure.

Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics

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