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Semi-asynchronous Hierarchical Federated Learning for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Qimei Chen, Zehua You, Hao Jiang

Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) is a promising network to provide safety, efficiency, sustainability, and comfortable services for automated vehicles and road infrastructures by taking advantages from participants.

Federated Learning

Towards More Effective and Economic Sparsely-Activated Model

no code implementations14 Oct 2021 Hao Jiang, Ke Zhan, Jianwei Qu, Yongkang Wu, Zhaoye Fei, Xinyu Zhang, Lei Chen, Zhicheng Dou, Xipeng Qiu, Zikai Guo, Ruofei Lai, Jiawen Wu, Enrui Hu, Yinxia Zhang, Yantao Jia, Fan Yu, Zhao Cao

To increase the number of activated experts without an increase in computational cost, we propose SAM (Switch and Mixture) routing, an efficient hierarchical routing mechanism that activates multiple experts in a same device (GPU).

Towards Efficient NLP: A Standard Evaluation and A Strong Baseline

1 code implementation13 Oct 2021 Xiangyang Liu, Tianxiang Sun, Junliang He, Lingling Wu, Xinyu Zhang, Hao Jiang, Zhao Cao, Xuanjing Huang, Xipeng Qiu

ELUE is dedicated to depicting the Pareto Front for various language understanding tasks, such that it can tell whether and how much a method achieves Pareto improvement.

Language understanding

YES SIR!Optimizing Semantic Space of Negatives with Self-Involvement Ranker

no code implementations14 Sep 2021 Ruizhi Pu, Xinyu Zhang, Ruofei Lai, Zikai Guo, Yinxia Zhang, Hao Jiang, Yongkang Wu, Yantao Jia, Zhicheng Dou, Zhao Cao

Finally, supervisory signal in rear compressor is computed based on condition probability and thus can control sample dynamic and further enhance the model performance.

Document Ranking Fine-tuning +1

Contrastive Learning of User Behavior Sequence for Context-Aware Document Ranking

1 code implementation24 Aug 2021 Yutao Zhu, Jian-Yun Nie, Zhicheng Dou, Zhengyi Ma, Xinyu Zhang, Pan Du, Xiaochen Zuo, Hao Jiang

To learn a more robust representation of the user behavior sequence, we propose a method based on contrastive learning, which takes into account the possible variations in user's behavior sequences.

Contrastive Learning Data Augmentation +1

Pre-training for Ad-hoc Retrieval: Hyperlink is Also You Need

1 code implementation20 Aug 2021 Zhengyi Ma, Zhicheng Dou, Wei Xu, Xinyu Zhang, Hao Jiang, Zhao Cao, Ji-Rong Wen

In this paper, we propose to leverage the large-scale hyperlinks and anchor texts to pre-train the language model for ad-hoc retrieval.

Fine-tuning Language Modelling

Millimeter-Wave NR-U and WiGig Coexistence: Joint User Grouping, Beam Coordination and Power Control

no code implementations11 Aug 2021 Xiaoxia Xu, Qimei Chen, Hao Jiang, Jun Huang

Our aim for the proposed coexistence network is to maximize the spectral efficiency while ensuring the strict NR-U delay requirement and the WiGig transmission performance in real time environments.

Proactive Retrieval-based Chatbots based on Relevant Knowledge and Goals

1 code implementation18 Jul 2021 Yutao Zhu, Jian-Yun Nie, Kun Zhou, Pan Du, Hao Jiang, Zhicheng Dou

The final response is selected according to the predicted knowledge, the goal to achieve, and the context.

Multi-Task Learning

Graph-Embedded Multi-Agent Learning for Smart Reconfigurable THz MIMO-NOMA Networks

no code implementations15 Jul 2021 Xiaoxia Xu, Qimei Chen, Xidong Mu, Yuanwei Liu, Hao Jiang

With the accelerated development of immersive applications and the explosive increment of internet-of-things (IoT) terminals, 6G would introduce terahertz (THz) massive multiple-input multiple-output non-orthogonal multiple access (MIMO-NOMA) technologies to meet the ultra-high-speed transmission and massive connectivity requirements.

Answer Complex Questions: Path Ranker Is All You Need

1 code implementation Proceedings of the 44th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval 2021 Xinyu Zhang, Ke Zhan, Enrui Hu, Chengzhen Fu, Lan Luo, Hao Jiang, Yantao Jia, Fan Yu, Zhicheng Dou, Zhao Cao, Lei Chen

Currently, the most popular method for open-domain Question Answering (QA) adopts "Retriever and Reader" pipeline, where the retriever extracts a list of candidate documents from a large set of documents followed by a ranker to rank the most relevant documents and the reader extracts answer from the candidates.

Open-Domain Question Answering

EasyCom: An Augmented Reality Dataset to Support Algorithms for Easy Communication in Noisy Environments

1 code implementation9 Jul 2021 Jacob Donley, Vladimir Tourbabin, Jung-Suk Lee, Mark Broyles, Hao Jiang, Jie Shen, Maja Pantic, Vamsi Krishna Ithapu, Ravish Mehra

In this work, we describe, evaluate and release a dataset that contains over 5 hours of multi-modal data useful for training and testing algorithms for the application of improving conversations for an AR glasses wearer.

Speech Enhancement

Early Exiting with Ensemble Internal Classifiers

no code implementations28 May 2021 Tianxiang Sun, Yunhua Zhou, Xiangyang Liu, Xinyu Zhang, Hao Jiang, Zhao Cao, Xuanjing Huang, Xipeng Qiu

In this paper, we show that a novel objective function for the training of the ensemble internal classifiers can be naturally induced from the perspective of ensemble learning and information theory.

Ensemble Learning

Emotion Eliciting Machine: Emotion Eliciting Conversation Generation based on Dual Generator

no code implementations18 May 2021 Hao Jiang, Yutao Zhu, Xinyu Zhang, Zhicheng Dou, Pan Du, Te Pi, Yantao Jia

Then we propose a dual encoder-decoder structure to model the generation of responses in both positive and negative side based on the changes of the user's emotion status in the conversation.

A Semi-Supervised Classification Method of Apicomplexan Parasites and Host Cell Using Contrastive Learning Strategy

no code implementations14 Apr 2021 Yanni Ren, Hangyu Deng, Hao Jiang, Jinglu Hu

A common shortfall of supervised learning for medical imaging is the greedy need for human annotations, which is often expensive and time-consuming to obtain.

Contrastive Learning

Egocentric Pose Estimation from Human Vision Span

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Hao Jiang, Vamsi Krishna Ithapu

Existing approaches either use a narrow field of view front facing camera that barely captures the wearer, or an extruded head-mounted top-down camera for maximal wearer visibility.

Egocentric Pose Estimation Pose Estimation +1

Residual-Aided End-to-End Learning of Communication System without Known Channel

no code implementations22 Feb 2021 Hao Jiang, Shuangkaisheng Bi, Linglong Dai

However, the gradient vanishing and overfitting problems of GAN will result in the serious performance degradation of E2E learning of communication system.

Market2Dish: Health-aware Food Recommendation

1 code implementation11 Dec 2020 Wenjie Wang, Ling-Yu Duan, Hao Jiang, Peiguang Jing, Xuemeng Song, Liqiang Nie

With the rising incidence of some diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, a healthy diet is arousing increasing attention.

Food recommendation

Variance Reduction for Deep Q-Learning using Stochastic Recursive Gradient

no code implementations25 Jul 2020 Haonan Jia, Xiao Zhang, Jun Xu, Wei Zeng, Hao Jiang, Xiaohui Yan, Ji-Rong Wen

Deep Q-learning algorithms often suffer from poor gradient estimations with an excessive variance, resulting in unstable training and poor sampling efficiency.


Real-time 3D Deep Multi-Camera Tracking

no code implementations26 Mar 2020 Quanzeng You, Hao Jiang

Our DMCT consists of 1) a fast and novel perspective-aware Deep GroudPoint Network, 2) a fusion procedure for ground-plane occupancy heatmap estimation, 3) a novel Deep Glimpse Network for person detection and 4) a fast and accurate online tracker.

Human Detection

Review of data analysis in vision inspection of power lines with an in-depth discussion of deep learning technology

no code implementations22 Mar 2020 Xinyu Liu, Xiren Miao, Hao Jiang, Jing Chen

With the aim of providing a comprehensive overview for researchers who are interested in developing a deep-learning-based analysis system for power lines inspection data, this paper conducts a thorough review of the current literature and identifies the challenges for future research.

Small Object Detection

Overcoming Long-term Catastrophic Forgetting through Adversarial Neural Pruning and Synaptic Consolidation

1 code implementation19 Dec 2019 Jian Peng, Bo Tang, Hao Jiang, Zhuo Li, Yinjie Lei, Tao Lin, Haifeng Li

It is due to two facts: first, as the model learns more tasks, the intersection of the low-error parameter subspace satisfying for these tasks becomes smaller or even does not exist; second, when the model learns a new task, the cumulative error keeps increasing as the model tries to protect the parameter configuration of previous tasks from interference.

Image Classification

Inertial nonconvex alternating minimizations for the image deblurring

no code implementations27 Jul 2019 Tao Sun, Roberto Barrio, Marcos Rodriguez, Hao Jiang

In image processing, Total Variation (TV) regularization models are commonly used to recover blurred images.

Deblurring Image Deblurring +1

Heavy-ball Algorithms Always Escape Saddle Points

no code implementations23 Jul 2019 Tao Sun, Dongsheng Li, Zhe Quan, Hao Jiang, Shengguo Li, Yong Dou

In this paper, we answer a question: can the nonconvex heavy-ball algorithms with random initialization avoid saddle points?

Real-time Multiple People Hand Localization in 4D Point Clouds

no code implementations5 Mar 2019 Hao Jiang, Quanzeng You

Different from the traditional multiple view approaches, which find key points in 2D and then triangulate to recover the 3D locations, our method directly processes the dynamic 3D data that involve both clutter and crowd.

Iteratively reweighted penalty alternating minimization methods with continuation for image deblurring

no code implementations9 Feb 2019 Tao Sun, Dongsheng Li, Hao Jiang, Zhe Quan

In this paper, we consider a class of nonconvex problems with linear constraints appearing frequently in the area of image processing.

Deblurring Image Deblurring

Ego-Downward and Ambient Video based Person Location Association

no code implementations2 Dec 2018 Liang Yang, Hao Jiang, Jizhong Xiao, Zhouyuan Huo

To provide a possible solution to this problem, this paper proposes a camera system with both ego-downward and third-static view to perform localization and tracking in a learning approach.

Non-ergodic Convergence Analysis of Heavy-Ball Algorithms

no code implementations5 Nov 2018 Tao Sun, Penghang Yin, Dongsheng Li, Chun Huang, Lei Guan, Hao Jiang

For objective functions satisfying a relaxed strongly convex condition, the linear convergence is established under weaker assumptions on the step size and inertial parameter than made in the existing literature.

A Detection and Segmentation Architecture for Skin Lesion Segmentation on Dermoscopy Images

no code implementations11 Sep 2018 Chengyao Qian, Ting Liu, Hao Jiang, Zhe Wang, Pengfei Wang, Mingxin Guan, Biao Sun

This report summarises our method and validation results for the ISIC Challenge 2018 - Skin Lesion Analysis Towards Melanoma Detection - Task 1: Lesion Segmentation.

Lesion Segmentation

Action4D: Real-time Action Recognition in the Crowd and Clutter

no code implementations6 Jun 2018 Quanzeng You, Hao Jiang

In this paper, we propose a real-time action recognition method, Action4D, which gives reliable and accurate results in the real-world settings.

Action Recognition

Long short-term memory networks in memristor crossbars

1 code implementation30 May 2018 Can Li, Zhongrui Wang, Mingyi Rao, Daniel Belkin, Wenhao Song, Hao Jiang, Peng Yan, Yunning Li, Peng Lin, Miao Hu, Ning Ge, John Paul Strachan, Mark Barnell, Qing Wu, R. Stanley Williams, J. Joshua Yang, Qiangfei Xia

Recent breakthroughs in recurrent deep neural networks with long short-term memory (LSTM) units has led to major advances in artificial intelligence.

Emerging Technologies Applied Physics

A convergence framework for inexact nonconvex and nonsmooth algorithms and its applications to several iterations

no code implementations12 Sep 2017 Tao Sun, Hao Jiang, Li-Zhi Cheng, Wei Zhu

In fact, a lot of classical inexact nonconvex and nonsmooth algorithms allow these three conditions.

Iteratively Linearized Reweighted Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for a Class of Nonconvex Problems

no code implementations1 Sep 2017 Tao Sun, Hao Jiang, Lizhi Cheng, Wei Zhu

The traditional alternating direction method of multipliers encounters troubles in both mathematics and computations in solving the nonconvex and nonsmooth subproblem.

Research on Bi-mode Biometrics Based on Deep Learning

no code implementations16 May 2017 Hao Jiang

In view of the fact that biological characteristics have excellent independent distinguishing characteristics, biometric identification technology involves almost all the relevant areas of human distinction.

Detangling People: Individuating Multiple Close People and Their Body Parts via Region Assembly

no code implementations CVPR 2017 Hao Jiang, Kristen Grauman

In addition, we demonstrate its impact on a proxemics recognition task, which demands a precise representation of "whose body part is where" in crowded images.

Human Detection Semantic Segmentation

Matching Bags of Regions in RGBD images

no code implementations CVPR 2015 Hao Jiang

We study the new problem of matching regions between a pair of RGBD images given a large set of overlapping region proposals.

A Linear Approach to Matching Cuboids in RGBD Images

no code implementations CVPR 2013 Hao Jiang, Jianxiong Xiao

We propose a novel linear method to match cuboids in indoor scenes using RGBD images from Kinect.

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