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Common Sense Bias in Semantic Role Labeling

no code implementations WNUT (ACL) 2021 Heather Lent, Anders Søgaard

Large-scale language models such as ELMo and BERT have pushed the horizon of what is possible in semantic role labeling (SRL), solving the out-of-vocabulary problem and enabling end-to-end systems, but they have also introduced significant biases.

Common Sense Reasoning Semantic Role Labeling +1

Sociolinguistically Informed Interpretability: A Case Study on Hinglish Emotion Classification

no code implementations5 Feb 2024 Kushal Tatariya, Heather Lent, Johannes Bjerva, Miryam de Lhoneux

Emotion classification is a challenging task in NLP due to the inherent idiosyncratic and subjective nature of linguistic expression, especially with code-mixed data.

Emotion Classification

Text Embedding Inversion Security for Multilingual Language Models

no code implementations22 Jan 2024 Yiyi Chen, Heather Lent, Johannes Bjerva

However, storing sensitive information as embeddings can be vulnerable to security breaches, as research shows that text can be reconstructed from embeddings, even without knowledge of the underlying model.

Ancestor-to-Creole Transfer is Not a Walk in the Park

no code implementations insights (ACL) 2022 Heather Lent, Emanuele Bugliarello, Anders Søgaard

We aim to learn language models for Creole languages for which large volumes of data are not readily available, and therefore explore the potential transfer from ancestor languages (the 'Ancestry Transfer Hypothesis').

What a Creole Wants, What a Creole Needs

no code implementations LREC 2022 Heather Lent, Kelechi Ogueji, Miryam de Lhoneux, Orevaoghene Ahia, Anders Søgaard

We demonstrate, through conversations with Creole experts and surveys of Creole-speaking communities, how the things needed from language technology can change dramatically from one language to another, even when the languages are considered to be very similar to each other, as with Creoles.

On Language Models for Creoles

1 code implementation CoNLL (EMNLP) 2021 Heather Lent, Emanuele Bugliarello, Miryam de Lhoneux, Chen Qiu, Anders Søgaard

Creole languages such as Nigerian Pidgin English and Haitian Creole are under-resourced and largely ignored in the NLP literature.

Compositional Generalization in Multilingual Semantic Parsing over Wikidata

1 code implementation7 Aug 2021 Ruixiang Cui, Rahul Aralikatte, Heather Lent, Daniel Hershcovich

We introduce such a dataset, which we call Multilingual Compositional Wikidata Questions (MCWQ), and use it to analyze the compositional generalization of semantic parsers in Hebrew, Kannada, Chinese and English.

Semantic Parsing Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer

Joint Semantic Analysis with Document-Level Cross-Task Coherence Rewards

1 code implementation12 Oct 2020 Rahul Aralikatte, Mostafa Abdou, Heather Lent, Daniel Hershcovich, Anders Søgaard

Coreference resolution and semantic role labeling are NLP tasks that capture different aspects of semantics, indicating respectively, which expressions refer to the same entity, and what semantic roles expressions serve in the sentence.

coreference-resolution Natural Language Understanding +2

Rewarding Coreference Resolvers for Being Consistent with World Knowledge

1 code implementation IJCNLP 2019 Rahul Aralikatte, Heather Lent, Ana Valeria Gonzalez, Daniel Hershcovich, Chen Qiu, Anders Sandholm, Michael Ringaard, Anders Søgaard

Unresolved coreference is a bottleneck for relation extraction, and high-quality coreference resolvers may produce an output that makes it a lot easier to extract knowledge triples.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +3

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