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Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Image Segmentation

1 code implementation6 Aug 2021 Mathilde Bateson, Hoel Kervadec, Jose Dolz, Hervé Lombaert, Ismail Ben Ayed

Our method yields comparable results to several state of the art adaptation techniques, despite having access to much less information, as the source images are entirely absent in our adaptation phase.

Cardiac Segmentation Domain Adaptation +1

Beyond pixel-wise supervision for segmentation: A few global shape descriptors might be surprisingly good!

1 code implementation3 May 2021 Hoel Kervadec, Houda Bahig, Laurent Letourneau-Guillon, Jose Dolz, Ismail Ben Ayed

We also found that shape descriptors can be a valid way to encode anatomical priors about the task, enabling to leverage expert knowledge without additional annotations.

Medical Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Few-Shot Segmentation Without Meta-Learning: A Good Transductive Inference Is All You Need?

2 code implementations CVPR 2021 Malik Boudiaf, Hoel Kervadec, Ziko Imtiaz Masud, Pablo Piantanida, Ismail Ben Ayed, Jose Dolz

We show that the way inference is performed in few-shot segmentation tasks has a substantial effect on performances -- an aspect often overlooked in the literature in favor of the meta-learning paradigm.

Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation

Source-Relaxed Domain Adaptation for Image Segmentation

4 code implementations7 May 2020 Mathilde Bateson, Hoel Kervadec, Jose Dolz, Herve Lombaert, Ismail Ben Ayed

Our formulation is based on minimizing a label-free entropy loss defined over target-domain data, which we further guide with a domain invariant prior on the segmentation regions.

Domain Adaptation Semantic Segmentation

Laplacian pyramid-based complex neural network learning for fast MR imaging

no code implementations MIDL 2019 Haoyun Liang, Yu Gong, Hoel Kervadec, Jing Yuan, Hairong Zheng, Shanshan Wang

A Laplacian pyramid-based complex neural network, CLP-Net, is proposed to reconstruct high-quality magnetic resonance images from undersampled k-space data.

Constrained domain adaptation for Image segmentation

1 code implementation8 Aug 2019 Mathilde Bateson, Jose Dolz, Hoel Kervadec, Hervé Lombaert, Ismail Ben Ayed

We propose to adapt segmentation networks with a constrained formulation, which embeds domain-invariant prior knowledge about the segmentation regions.

Domain Adaptation Semantic Segmentation

Curriculum semi-supervised segmentation

1 code implementation10 Apr 2019 Hoel Kervadec, Jose Dolz, Eric Granger, Ismail Ben Ayed

This study investigates a curriculum-style strategy for semi-supervised CNN segmentation, which devises a regression network to learn image-level information such as the size of a target region.

Left Ventricle Segmentation Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation

Constrained Deep Networks: Lagrangian Optimization via Log-Barrier Extensions

1 code implementation8 Apr 2019 Hoel Kervadec, Jose Dolz, Jing Yuan, Christian Desrosiers, Eric Granger, Ismail Ben Ayed

While sub-optimality is not guaranteed for non-convex problems, this result shows that log-barrier extensions are a principled way to approximate Lagrangian optimization for constrained CNNs via implicit dual variables.

Semantic Segmentation Stochastic Optimization +1

Constrained-CNN losses for weakly supervised segmentation

4 code implementations12 May 2018 Hoel Kervadec, Jose Dolz, Meng Tang, Eric Granger, Yuri Boykov, Ismail Ben Ayed

To the best of our knowledge, the method of [Pathak et al., 2015] is the only prior work that addresses deep CNNs with linear constraints in weakly supervised segmentation.

Medical Image Segmentation Weakly supervised segmentation +1

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