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A Scenario-oriented Approach to Multi-period Energy-Reserve Joint Procurement and Pricing

no code implementations24 Sep 2021 Jiantao Shi, Ye Guo, Lang Tong, Wenchuan Wu, Hongbin Sun

In [1], a single-period co-optimization model of energy and reserve is considered to better illustrate the properties of the co-optimization model and the associated market mechanism.

MMOCR: A Comprehensive Toolbox for Text Detection, Recognition and Understanding

1 code implementation14 Aug 2021 Zhanghui Kuang, Hongbin Sun, Zhizhong Li, Xiaoyu Yue, Tsui Hin Lin, Jianyong Chen, Huaqiang Wei, Yiqin Zhu, Tong Gao, Wenwei Zhang, Kai Chen, Wayne Zhang, Dahua Lin

We present MMOCR-an open-source toolbox which provides a comprehensive pipeline for text detection and recognition, as well as their downstream tasks such as named entity recognition and key information extraction.

Key Information Extraction Named Entity Recognition +1

Two-stage Planning for Electricity-Gas Coupled Integrated Energy System with CCUS Considering Carbon Tax and Price Uncertainty

no code implementations19 Jul 2021 Ang Xuan, Xinwei Shen, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun

In this article, we propose two-stage planning models for Electricity-Gas Coupled Integrated Energy System (EGC-IES), in which traditional thermal power plants (TTPPs) are considered to be retrofitted into carbon capture power plants (CCPPs), with power to gas (PtG) coupling CCPPs to gas system.

A Scenario-oriented Approach to Energy-Reserve Joint Procurement and Pricing

no code implementations16 Jul 2021 Jiantao Shi, Ye Guo, Lang Tong, Wenchuan Wu, Hongbin Sun

We consider some crucial problems related to the secure and reliable operation of power systems with high renewable penetrations: how much reserve should we procure, how should reserve resources distribute among different locations, and how should we price reserve and charge uncertainty sources.

Neural Code Summarization: How Far Are We?

no code implementations15 Jul 2021 Ensheng Shi, Yanlin Wang, Lun Du, Junjie Chen, Shi Han, Hongyu Zhang, Dongmei Zhang, Hongbin Sun

Based on the experimental results, we give some actionable guidelines on more systematic ways for evaluating code summarization and choosing the best method in different scenarios.

Code Summarization Source Code Summarization

An Integration and Operation Framework of Geothermal Heat Pumps in Distribution Networks

no code implementations12 Jun 2021 Lei Liang, Xuan Zhang, Hongbin Sun

Besides, in the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) system, the demand response of clustered GHP systems can improve the operating flexibility of the power grid.

A Multivariate Density Forecast Approach for Online Power System Security Assessment

no code implementations7 May 2021 Zichao Meng, Ye Guo, Wenjun Tang, Hongbin Sun, Wenqi Huang

A multivariate density forecast model based on deep learning is designed in this paper to forecast the joint cumulative distribution functions (JCDFs) of multiple security margins in power systems.

A Conditional Value-at-Risk Based Planning Model for Integrated Energy System with Energy Storage and Renewables

no code implementations22 Apr 2021 Ang Xuan, Xinwei Shen, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun

Owing to the potential higher energy supply efficiency and operation flexibility, integrated energy system (IES), which usually includes electric power, gas and heating/cooling systems, is considered as one of the primary forms of energy carrier in the future.

Spatial Dual-Modality Graph Reasoning for Key Information Extraction

1 code implementation26 Mar 2021 Hongbin Sun, Zhanghui Kuang, Xiaoyu Yue, Chenhao Lin, Wayne Zhang

In order to roundly evaluate our proposed method as well as boost the future research, we release a new dataset named WildReceipt, which is collected and annotated tailored for the evaluation of key information extraction from document images of unseen templates in the wild.

Key Information Extraction Template Matching

A Federated Learning Framework for Smart Grids: Securing Power Traces in Collaborative Learning

no code implementations22 Mar 2021 Haizhou Liu, Xuan Zhang, Xinwei Shen, Hongbin Sun

For example, power consumption data are stored in numerous transformer stations across cities; mobility data of the population, which are important indicators of power consumption, are held by mobile companies.

Federated Learning

Fine-Grained Dynamic Head for Object Detection

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Lin Song, Yanwei Li, Zhengkai Jiang, Zeming Li, Hongbin Sun, Jian Sun, Nanning Zheng

To this end, we propose a fine-grained dynamic head to conditionally select a pixel-level combination of FPN features from different scales for each instance, which further releases the ability of multi-scale feature representation.

Object Detection

End-to-End Object Detection with Fully Convolutional Network

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 JianFeng Wang, Lin Song, Zeming Li, Hongbin Sun, Jian Sun, Nanning Zheng

Mainstream object detectors based on the fully convolutional network has achieved impressive performance.

Object Detection

ADCPNet: Adaptive Disparity Candidates Prediction Network for Efficient Real-Time Stereo Matching

no code implementations18 Nov 2020 He Dai, Xuchong Zhang, Yongli Zhao, Hongbin Sun

The evaluation results on multiple datasets and platforms clearly demonstrate that, the proposed network outperforms the state-of-the-art lightweight models especially for mobile devices in terms of accuracy and speed.

Disparity Estimation Stereo Matching

RobustScanner: Dynamically Enhancing Positional Clues for Robust Text Recognition

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Xiaoyu Yue, Zhanghui Kuang, Chenhao Lin, Hongbin Sun, Wayne Zhang

Theoretically, our proposed method, dubbed \emph{RobustScanner}, decodes individual characters with dynamic ratio between context and positional clues, and utilizes more positional ones when the decoding sequences with scarce context, and thus is robust and practical.

Irregular Text Recognition Scene Text +1

TACNet: Transition-Aware Context Network for Spatio-Temporal Action Detection

no code implementations CVPR 2019 Lin Song, Shiwei Zhang, Gang Yu, Hongbin Sun

In this paper, we define these ambiguous samples as "transitional states", and propose a Transition-Aware Context Network (TACNet) to distinguish transitional states.

Action Detection

SCAN: Self-and-Collaborative Attention Network for Video Person Re-identification

no code implementations16 Jul 2018 Ruimao Zhang, Hongbin Sun, Jingyu Li, Yuying Ge, Liang Lin, Ping Luo, Xiaogang Wang

To address the above issues, we present a novel and practical deep architecture for video person re-identification termed Self-and-Collaborative Attention Network (SCAN).

Video-Based Person Re-Identification

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