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IEPile: Unearthing Large-Scale Schema-Based Information Extraction Corpus

1 code implementation22 Feb 2024 Honghao Gui, Lin Yuan, Hongbin Ye, Ningyu Zhang, Mengshu Sun, Lei Liang, Huajun Chen

Large Language Models (LLMs) demonstrate remarkable potential across various domains; however, they exhibit a significant performance gap in Information Extraction (IE).

Zero-shot Generalization

Beyond Isolation: Multi-Agent Synergy for Improving Knowledge Graph Construction

1 code implementation5 Dec 2023 Hongbin Ye, Honghao Gui, Aijia Zhang, Tong Liu, Wei Hua, Weiqiang Jia

Knowledge graph construction (KGC) is a multifaceted undertaking involving the extraction of entities, relations, and events.

Event Extraction graph construction

Cognitive Mirage: A Review of Hallucinations in Large Language Models

1 code implementation13 Sep 2023 Hongbin Ye, Tong Liu, Aijia Zhang, Wei Hua, Weiqiang Jia

Our contribution are threefold: (1) We provide a detailed and complete taxonomy for hallucinations appearing in text generation tasks; (2) We provide theoretical analyses of hallucinations in LLMs and provide existing detection and improvement methods; (3) We propose several research directions that can be developed in the future.

Hallucination Text Generation

InstructIE: A Bilingual Instruction-based Information Extraction Dataset

3 code implementations19 May 2023 Honghao Gui, Shuofei Qiao, Jintian Zhang, Hongbin Ye, Mengshu Sun, Lei Liang, Jeff Z. Pan, Huajun Chen, Ningyu Zhang

Large language models can perform well on general natural language tasks, but their effectiveness is still not optimal for information extraction.

Schema-adaptable Knowledge Graph Construction

1 code implementation15 May 2023 Hongbin Ye, Honghao Gui, Xin Xu, Xi Chen, Huajun Chen, Ningyu Zhang

This necessitates a system that can handle evolving schema automatically to extract information for KGC.

graph construction UIE

Generative Knowledge Graph Construction: A Review

1 code implementation23 Oct 2022 Hongbin Ye, Ningyu Zhang, Hui Chen, Huajun Chen

Our contributions are threefold: (1) We present a detailed, complete taxonomy for the generative KGC methods; (2) We provide a theoretical and empirical analysis of the generative KGC methods; (3) We propose several research directions that can be developed in the future.

graph construction Knowledge Graphs

Ontology-enhanced Prompt-tuning for Few-shot Learning

no code implementations27 Jan 2022 Hongbin Ye, Ningyu Zhang, Shumin Deng, Xiang Chen, Hui Chen, Feiyu Xiong, Xi Chen, Huajun Chen

Specifically, we develop the ontology transformation based on the external knowledge graph to address the knowledge missing issue, which fulfills and converts structure knowledge to text.

Event Extraction Few-Shot Learning +1

Learning to Ask for Data-Efficient Event Argument Extraction

no code implementations1 Oct 2021 Hongbin Ye, Ningyu Zhang, Zhen Bi, Shumin Deng, Chuanqi Tan, Hui Chen, Fei Huang, Huajun Chen

Event argument extraction (EAE) is an important task for information extraction to discover specific argument roles.

Event Argument Extraction

Disentangled Contrastive Learning for Learning Robust Textual Representations

1 code implementation11 Apr 2021 Xiang Chen, Xin Xie, Zhen Bi, Hongbin Ye, Shumin Deng, Ningyu Zhang, Huajun Chen

Although the self-supervised pre-training of transformer models has resulted in the revolutionizing of natural language processing (NLP) applications and the achievement of state-of-the-art results with regard to various benchmarks, this process is still vulnerable to small and imperceptible permutations originating from legitimate inputs.

Contrastive Learning

Text-guided Legal Knowledge Graph Reasoning

1 code implementation6 Apr 2021 Luoqiu Li, Zhen Bi, Hongbin Ye, Shumin Deng, Hui Chen, Huaixiao Tou

In this paper, we propose a novel legal application of legal provision prediction (LPP), which aims to predict the related legal provisions of affairs.

Knowledge Graph Completion

Bridging Text and Knowledge with Multi-Prototype Embedding for Few-Shot Relational Triple Extraction

no code implementations COLING 2020 Haiyang Yu, Ningyu Zhang, Shumin Deng, Hongbin Ye, Wei zhang, Huajun Chen

Current supervised relational triple extraction approaches require huge amounts of labeled data and thus suffer from poor performance in few-shot settings.

On Robustness and Bias Analysis of BERT-based Relation Extraction

1 code implementation14 Sep 2020 Luoqiu Li, Xiang Chen, Hongbin Ye, Zhen Bi, Shumin Deng, Ningyu Zhang, Huajun Chen

Fine-tuning pre-trained models have achieved impressive performance on standard natural language processing benchmarks.

counterfactual Relation +1

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