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LLMs with Chain-of-Thought Are Non-Causal Reasoners

1 code implementation25 Feb 2024 Guangsheng Bao, Hongbo Zhang, Linyi Yang, Cunxiang Wang, Yue Zhang

We further examine the factors influencing the causal structure of the implied SCM, revealing that in-context learning, supervised fine-tuning, and reinforcement learning on human feedback significantly impact the causal relations.

In-Context Learning

Self-supervised Event-based Monocular Depth Estimation using Cross-modal Consistency

no code implementations14 Jan 2024 Junyu Zhu, Lina Liu, Bofeng Jiang, Feng Wen, Hongbo Zhang, Wanlong Li, Yong liu

In this paper, to lower the annotation cost, we propose a self-supervised event-based monocular depth estimation framework named EMoDepth.

Depth Prediction Monocular Depth Estimation

Efficient Quantization Strategies for Latent Diffusion Models

no code implementations9 Dec 2023 Yuewei Yang, Xiaoliang Dai, Jialiang Wang, Peizhao Zhang, Hongbo Zhang

By treating the quantization discrepancy as relative noise and identifying sensitive part(s) of a model, we propose an efficient quantization approach encompassing both global and local strategies.

Quantization Text-to-Image Generation

HuatuoGPT-II, One-stage Training for Medical Adaption of LLMs

1 code implementation16 Nov 2023 Junying Chen, Xidong Wang, Anningzhe Gao, Feng Jiang, Shunian Chen, Hongbo Zhang, Dingjie Song, Wenya Xie, Chuyi Kong, Jianquan Li, Xiang Wan, Haizhou Li, Benyou Wang

We validate the new protocol in the domains where proprietary LLMs like ChatGPT perform relatively poorly, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Domain Adaptation Language Modelling

An Early Evaluation of GPT-4V(ision)

1 code implementation25 Oct 2023 Yang Wu, Shilong Wang, Hao Yang, Tian Zheng, Hongbo Zhang, Yanyan Zhao, Bing Qin

In this paper, we evaluate different abilities of GPT-4V including visual understanding, language understanding, visual puzzle solving, and understanding of other modalities such as depth, thermal, video, and audio.


Multi-step prediction of chlorophyll concentration based on Adaptive Graph-Temporal Convolutional Network with Series Decomposition

no code implementations13 Sep 2023 Ying Chen, Xiao Li, Hongbo Zhang, Wenyang Song, Chongxuan Xv

The adaptive graph convolution learns the relationship between different water quality parameters, updates the state information of each parameter, and improves the learning ability of the update relationship between nodes.

Decision Making

Enhancing Dialogue Generation via Dynamic Graph Knowledge Aggregation

1 code implementation28 Jun 2023 Chen Tang, Hongbo Zhang, Tyler Loakman, Chenghua Lin, Frank Guerin

Further analysis also shows that our representation learning framework can fill the semantic gap by coagulating representations of both text and graph knowledge.

Dialogue Generation Graph Attention +2

Injecting Knowledge into Biomedical Pre-trained Models via Polymorphism and Synonymous Substitution

1 code implementation24 May 2023 Hongbo Zhang, Xiang Wan, Benyou Wang

This gives us a hint that relational knowledge might not be redundant to the stored knowledge of PLMs, but rather be complementary.

HuatuoGPT, towards Taming Language Model to Be a Doctor

1 code implementation24 May 2023 Hongbo Zhang, Junying Chen, Feng Jiang, Fei Yu, Zhihong Chen, Jianquan Li, Guiming Chen, Xiangbo Wu, Zhiyi Zhang, Qingying Xiao, Xiang Wan, Benyou Wang, Haizhou Li

Experimental results demonstrate that HuatuoGPT achieves state-of-the-art results in performing medical consultation among open-source LLMs in GPT-4 evaluation, human evaluation, and medical benchmark datasets.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

CADGE: Context-Aware Dialogue Generation Enhanced with Graph-Structured Knowledge Aggregation

1 code implementation10 May 2023 Hongbo Zhang, Chen Tang, Tyler Loakman, Chenghua Lin, Stefan Goetze

In this paper, we propose a novel context-aware graph-attention model (Context-aware GAT), which can effectively incorporate global features of relevant knowledge graphs based on a context-enhanced knowledge aggregation process.

Dialogue Generation Graph Attention +2

Natural Language Reasoning, A Survey

1 code implementation26 Mar 2023 Fei Yu, Hongbo Zhang, Prayag Tiwari, Benyou Wang

This survey paper proposes a clearer view of natural language reasoning in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), both conceptually and practically.

Logical Reasoning Mathematical Reasoning +4

FG-Depth: Flow-Guided Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation

no code implementations20 Jan 2023 Junyu Zhu, Lina Liu, Yong liu, Wanlong Li, Feng Wen, Hongbo Zhang

The great potential of unsupervised monocular depth estimation has been demonstrated by many works due to low annotation cost and impressive accuracy comparable to supervised methods.

Image Reconstruction Monocular Depth Estimation +2

Terminology-aware Medical Dialogue Generation

1 code implementation27 Oct 2022 Chen Tang, Hongbo Zhang, Tyler Loakman, Chenghua Lin, Frank Guerin

In this paper, we propose a novel framework to improve medical dialogue generation by considering features centered on domain-specific terminology.

Dialogue Generation

GenLoco: Generalized Locomotion Controllers for Quadrupedal Robots

1 code implementation12 Sep 2022 Gilbert Feng, Hongbo Zhang, Zhongyu Li, Xue Bin Peng, Bhuvan Basireddy, Linzhu Yue, Zhitao Song, Lizhi Yang, Yunhui Liu, Koushil Sreenath, Sergey Levine

In this work, we introduce a framework for training generalized locomotion (GenLoco) controllers for quadrupedal robots.

Semantic Segmentation-assisted Scene Completion for LiDAR Point Clouds

1 code implementation23 Sep 2021 Xuemeng Yang, Hao Zou, Xin Kong, Tianxin Huang, Yong liu, Wanlong Li, Feng Wen, Hongbo Zhang

Specifically, the network takes a raw point cloud as input, and merges the features from the segmentation branch into the completion branch hierarchically to provide semantic information.

3D Semantic Scene Completion 3D Semantic Segmentation +3

SA-LOAM: Semantic-aided LiDAR SLAM with Loop Closure

no code implementations22 Jun 2021 Lin Li, Xin Kong, Xiangrui Zhao, Wanlong Li, Feng Wen, Hongbo Zhang, Yong liu

LiDAR-based SLAM system is admittedly more accurate and stable than others, while its loop closure detection is still an open issue.

3D Semantic Segmentation Loop Closure Detection

Uncertainty-aware INVASE: Enhanced Breast Cancer Diagnosis Feature Selection

1 code implementation4 May 2021 Jia-Xing Zhong, Hongbo Zhang

In this paper, we present an uncertainty-aware INVASE to quantify predictive confidence of healthcare problem.

feature selection Uncertainty Quantification

Open-set Intersection Intention Prediction for Autonomous Driving

no code implementations27 Feb 2021 Fei Li, Xiangxu Li, Jun Luo, Shiwei Fan, Hongbo Zhang

We capture map-centric features that correspond to intersection structures under a spatial-temporal graph representation, and use two MAAMs (mutually auxiliary attention module) that cover respectively lane-level and exitlevel intentions to predict a target that best matches intersection elements in map-centric feature space.

Autonomous Driving

Triple-GAIL: A Multi-Modal Imitation Learning Framework with Generative Adversarial Nets

no code implementations19 May 2020 Cong Fei, Bin Wang, Yuzheng Zhuang, Zongzhang Zhang, Jianye Hao, Hongbo Zhang, Xuewu Ji, Wulong Liu

Generative adversarial imitation learning (GAIL) has shown promising results by taking advantage of generative adversarial nets, especially in the field of robot learning.

Autonomous Vehicles Data Augmentation +1

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