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Attention and Prediction Guided Motion Detection for Low-Contrast Small Moving Targets

no code implementations27 Apr 2021 Hongxin Wang, Jiannan Zhao, Huatian Wang, Cheng Hu, Jigen Peng, Shigang Yue

The developed visual system comprises three main subsystems, namely, an attention module, an STMD-based neural network, and a prediction module.

Motion Detection

Enhancing LGMD's Looming Selectivity for UAV with Spatial-temporal Distributed Presynaptic Connections

no code implementations9 May 2020 Jiannan Zhao, Hongxin Wang, Shigang Yue

The results have demonstrated that this new model enhances the looming selectivity in complex flying scenes considerably, and has potential to be implemented on embedded collision detection systems for small or micro UAVs.


A Time-Delay Feedback Neural Network for Discriminating Small, Fast-Moving Targets in Complex Dynamic Environments

no code implementations29 Dec 2019 Hongxin Wang, Huatian Wang, Jiannan Zhao, Cheng Hu, Jigen Peng, Shigang Yue

Discriminating small moving objects within complex visual environments is a significant challenge for autonomous micro robots that are generally limited in computational power.

Motion Detection

A Robust Visual System for Small Target Motion Detection Against Cluttered Moving Backgrounds

1 code implementation8 Apr 2019 Hongxin Wang, Jigen Peng, Xuqiang Zheng, Shigang Yue

The directional contrast and the extracted motion information by the motion pathway are integrated in the mushroom body for small target discrimination.

Motion Detection

A Visual Neural Network for Robust Collision Perception in Vehicle Driving Scenarios

no code implementations3 Apr 2019 Qinbing Fu, Nicola Bellotto, Huatian Wang, F. Claire Rind, Hongxin Wang, Shigang Yue

This research addresses the challenging problem of visual collision detection in very complex and dynamic real physical scenes, specifically, the vehicle driving scenarios.

Autonomous Vehicles

Visual Cue Integration for Small Target Motion Detection in Natural Cluttered Backgrounds

no code implementations18 Mar 2019 Hongxin Wang, Jigen Peng, Qinbing Fu, Huatian Wang, Shigang Yue

To address this issue, we develop a new visual system model for small target motion detection against cluttered moving backgrounds.

Motion Detection

A Feedback Neural Network for Small Target Motion Detection in Cluttered Backgrounds

no code implementations1 May 2018 Hongxin Wang, Jigen Peng, Shigang Yue

However, if there exists a feedback loop in the STMD visual pathway or if a feedback loop could significantly improve the detection performance of STMD neurons, is unclear.

Motion Detection

An Improved LPTC Neural Model for Background Motion Direction Estimation

no code implementations22 Jan 2018 Hongxin Wang, Jigen Peng, Shigang Yue

A class of specialized neurons, called lobula plate tangential cells (LPTCs) has been shown to respond strongly to wide-field motion.

A Directionally Selective Small Target Motion Detecting Visual Neural Network in Cluttered Backgrounds

1 code implementation20 Jan 2018 Hongxin Wang, Jigen Peng, Shigang Yue

Discriminating targets moving against a cluttered background is a huge challenge, let alone detecting a target as small as one or a few pixels and tracking it in flight.

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