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A Coarse-to-Fine Labeling Framework for Joint Word Segmentation, POS Tagging, and Constituent Parsing

1 code implementation CoNLL (EMNLP) 2021 Yang Hou, Houquan Zhou, Zhenghua Li, Yu Zhang, Min Zhang, Zhefeng Wang, Baoxing Huai, Nicholas Jing Yuan

In the coarse labeling stage, the joint model outputs a bracketed tree, in which each node corresponds to one of four labels (i. e., phrase, subphrase, word, subword).

Part-Of-Speech Tagging POS +2

How Well Do Large Language Models Understand Syntax? An Evaluation by Asking Natural Language Questions

1 code implementation14 Nov 2023 Houquan Zhou, Yang Hou, Zhenghua Li, Xuebin Wang, Zhefeng Wang, Xinyu Duan, Min Zhang

While recent advancements in large language models (LLMs) bring us closer to achieving artificial general intelligence, the question persists: Do LLMs truly understand language, or do they merely mimic comprehension through pattern recognition?

Prepositional Phrase Attachment Question Answering +1

Improving Seq2Seq Grammatical Error Correction via Decoding Interventions

1 code implementation23 Oct 2023 Houquan Zhou, Yumeng Liu, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang, Bo Zhang, Chen Li, Ji Zhang, Fei Huang

In this paper, we propose a unified decoding intervention framework that employs an external critic to assess the appropriateness of the token to be generated incrementally, and then dynamically influence the choice of the next token.

Decoder Grammatical Error Correction +1

Learning node embeddings via summary graphs: a brief theoretical analysis

no code implementations4 Jul 2022 Houquan Zhou, Shenghua Liu, Danai Koutra, HuaWei Shen, Xueqi Cheng

Recent works try to improve scalability via graph summarization -- i. e., they learn embeddings on a smaller summary graph, and then restore the node embeddings of the original graph.

Graph Mining Graph Representation Learning

An In-depth Study on Internal Structure of Chinese Words

1 code implementation ACL 2021 Chen Gong, Saihao Huang, Houquan Zhou, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang, Zhefeng Wang, Baoxing Huai, Nicholas Jing Yuan

Several previous works on syntactic parsing propose to annotate shallow word-internal structures for better utilizing character-level information.


Summarizing graphs using configuration model

no code implementations19 Oct 2020 Houquan Zhou, Shenghua Liu, Kyuhan Lee, Kijung Shin, HuaWei Shen, Xueqi Cheng

As a solution, graph summarization, which aims to find a compact representation that preserves the important properties of a given graph, has received much attention, and numerous algorithms have been developed for it.

Social and Information Networks

Is POS Tagging Necessary or Even Helpful for Neural Dependency Parsing?

1 code implementation6 Mar 2020 Houquan Zhou, Yu Zhang, Zhenghua Li, Min Zhang

In the pre deep learning era, part-of-speech tags have been considered as indispensable ingredients for feature engineering in dependency parsing.

Dependency Parsing Feature Engineering +4

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