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Reslicing Ultrasound Images for Data Augmentation and Vessel Reconstruction

no code implementations18 Jan 2023 Cecilia Morales, Jason Yao, Tejas Rane, Robert Edman, Howie Choset, Artur Dubrawski

Robot-guided catheter insertion has the potential to deliver urgent medical care in situations where medical personnel are unavailable.

Data Augmentation Semantic Segmentation

Enhanced Multi-Objective A* with Partial Expansion

no code implementations6 Dec 2022 Valmiki Kothare, Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

The Multi-Objective Shortest Path Problem, typically posed on a graph, determines a set of paths from a start vertex to a destination vertex while optimizing multiple objectives.

Learning Modular Robot Locomotion from Demonstrations

no code implementations31 Oct 2022 Julian Whitman, Howie Choset

This work presents a method that uses demonstrations from one set of designs to accelerate policy learning for additional designs.

Imitation Learning

Mathematical Justification of Hard Negative Mining via Isometric Approximation Theorem

no code implementations20 Oct 2022 Albert Xu, Jhih-Yi Hsieh, Bhaskar Vundurthy, Eliana Cohen, Howie Choset, Lu Li

In this paper, we utilize the mathematical theory of isometric approximation to show an equivalence between the Triplet Loss sampled by hard negative mining and an optimization problem that minimizes a Hausdorff-like distance between the neural network and its ideal counterpart function.

Contrastive Learning Metric Learning +2

GLSO: Grammar-guided Latent Space Optimization for Sample-efficient Robot Design Automation

1 code implementation23 Sep 2022 Jiaheng Hu, Julian Whiman, Howie Choset

In this work, we present Grammar-guided Latent Space Optimization (GLSO), a framework that transforms design automation into a low-dimensional continuous optimization problem by training a graph variational autoencoder (VAE) to learn a mapping between the graph-structured design space and a continuous latent space.

Bayesian Optimization

iSimLoc: Visual Global Localization for Previously Unseen Environments with Simulated Images

no code implementations14 Sep 2022 Peng Yin, Ivan Cisneros, Ji Zhang, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer

The visual camera is an attractive device in beyond visual line of sight (B-VLOS) drone operation, since they are low in size, weight, power, and cost, and can provide redundant modality to GPS failures.

Retrieval Visual Localization

RGB-X Classification for Electronics Sorting

no code implementations8 Sep 2022 FNU Abhimanyu, Tejas Zodage, Umesh Thillaivasan, Xinyue Lai, Rahul Chakwate, Javier Santillan, Emma Oti, Ming Zhao, Ralph Boirum, Howie Choset, Matthew Travers

Conventional recycling processes rely on shredding and sorting waste streams, but for WEEE, which is comprised of numerous dissimilar materials, we explore targeted disassembly of numerous objects for improved material recovery.

Classification Image Classification

ALTO: A Large-Scale Dataset for UAV Visual Place Recognition and Localization

1 code implementation19 Jul 2022 Ivan Cisneros, Peng Yin, Ji Zhang, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer

We present the ALTO dataset, a vision-focused dataset for the development and benchmarking of Visual Place Recognition and Localization methods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Benchmarking Image Registration +2

Enhanced Multi-Objective A* Using Balanced Binary Search Trees

1 code implementation18 Feb 2022 Zhongqiang Ren, Richard Zhan, Sivakumar Rathinam, Maxim Likhachev, Howie Choset

This work addresses a Multi-Objective Shortest Path Problem (MO-SPP) on a graph where the goal is to find a set of Pareto-optimal solutions from a start node to a destination in the graph.

Learning Cooperative Multi-Agent Policies with Partial Reward Decoupling

no code implementations23 Dec 2021 Benjamin Freed, Aditya Kapoor, Ian Abraham, Jeff Schneider, Howie Choset

One of the preeminent obstacles to scaling multi-agent reinforcement learning to large numbers of agents is assigning credit to individual agents' actions.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Subdimensional Expansion Using Attention-Based Learning For Multi-Agent Path Finding

1 code implementation29 Sep 2021 Lakshay Virmani, Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

By leveraging a Visual Transformer, we develop a learning-based single-agent planner, which plans for a single agent while paying attention to both the structure of the map and other agents with whom conflicts may happen.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

Multi-Objective Path-Based D* Lite

no code implementations2 Aug 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Maxim Likhachev, Howie Choset

Incremental graph search algorithms such as D* Lite reuse previous, and perhaps partial, searches to expedite subsequent path planning tasks.

Multi-objective Conflict-based Search Using Safe-interval Path Planning

1 code implementation2 Aug 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Maxim Likhachev, Howie Choset

This paper addresses a generalization of the well known multi-agent path finding (MAPF) problem that optimizes multiple conflicting objectives simultaneously such as travel time and path risk.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

3D Segmentation Learning from Sparse Annotations and Hierarchical Descriptors

no code implementations27 May 2021 Peng Yin, Lingyun Xu, Jianmin Ji, Sebastian Scherer, Howie Choset

One of the main obstacles to 3D semantic segmentation is the significant amount of endeavor required to generate expensive point-wise annotations for fully supervised training.

3D Semantic Segmentation

i3dLoc: Image-to-range Cross-domain Localization Robust to Inconsistent Environmental Conditions

no code implementations27 May 2021 Peng Yin, Lingyun Xu, Ji Zhang, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer

Based on such features, we further design a spherical convolution network to learn viewpoint-invariant symmetric place descriptors.

Visual Localization

Learning Modular Robot Control Policies

no code implementations20 May 2021 Julian Whitman, Matthew Travers, Howie Choset

One could craft a policy from scratch for each new design, but such an approach is not scalable, especially given the large number of designs that can be generated from even a small set of modules.

Model-based Reinforcement Learning

MS*: A New Exact Algorithm for Multi-agent Simultaneous Multi-goal Sequencing and Path Finding

no code implementations18 Mar 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

In multi-agent applications such as surveillance and logistics, fleets of mobile agents are often expected to coordinate and safely visit a large number of goal locations as efficiently as possible.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

Loosely Synchronized Search for Multi-agent Path Finding with Asynchronous Actions

no code implementations8 Mar 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

Multi-agent path finding (MAPF) determines an ensemble of collision-free paths for multiple agents between their respective start and goal locations.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

Subdimensional Expansion for Multi-objective Multi-agent Path Finding

1 code implementation2 Feb 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

One example of subdimensional expansion, when applied to A*, is called M* and M* was limited to a single objective function.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

Interleaving Graph Search and Trajectory Optimization for Aggressive Quadrotor Flight

no code implementations29 Jan 2021 Ramkumar Natarajan, Howie Choset, Maxim Likhachev

We introduce a framework for aggressive quadrotor trajectory generation with global reasoning capabilities that combines the best of trajectory optimization and discrete graph search.


A Conflict-Based Search Framework for Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Path Finding

1 code implementation11 Jan 2021 Zhongqiang Ren, Sivakumar Rathinam, Howie Choset

Naively applying existing multi-objective search algorithms, such as multi-objective A* (MOA*), to multi-agent path finding may prove to be inefficient as the dimensionality of the search space grows exponentially with the number of agents.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

A Study of Domain Generalization on Ultrasound-based Multi-Class Segmentation of Arteries, Veins, Ligaments, and Nerves Using Transfer Learning

no code implementations13 Nov 2020 Edward Chen, Tejas Sudharshan Mathai, Vinit Sarode, Howie Choset, John Galeotti

Identifying landmarks in the femoral area is crucial for ultrasound (US) -based robot-guided catheter insertion, and their presentation varies when imaged with different scanners.

Domain Generalization Transfer Learning

Correspondence Matrices are Underrated

1 code implementation30 Oct 2020 Tejas Zodage, Rahul Chakwate, Vinit Sarode, Rangaprasad Arun Srivatsan, Howie Choset

The loss functions that are optimized in these networks are based on the error in the transformation parameters.

Point Cloud Registration

One Framework to Register Them All: PointNet Encoding for Point Cloud Alignment

1 code implementation12 Dec 2019 Vinit Sarode, Xueqian Li, Hunter Goforth, Yasuhiro Aoki, Animesh Dhagat, Rangaprasad Arun Srivatsan, Simon Lucey, Howie Choset

We perform extensive simulation and real-world experiments to validate the efficacy of our approach and compare the performance with state-of-art approaches.

3D Reconstruction object-detection +2

Adversary A3C for Robust Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations ICLR 2018 Zhaoyuan Gu, Zhenzhong Jia, Howie Choset

Asynchronous Advantage Actor Critic (A3C) is an effective Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithm for a wide range of tasks, such as Atari games and robot control.

Atari Games reinforcement-learning +1

xBD: A Dataset for Assessing Building Damage from Satellite Imagery

4 code implementations21 Nov 2019 Ritwik Gupta, Richard Hosfelt, Sandra Sajeev, Nirav Patel, Bryce Goodman, Jigar Doshi, Eric Heim, Howie Choset, Matthew Gaston

xBD is the largest building damage assessment dataset to date, containing 850, 736 building annotations across 45, 362 km\textsuperscript{2} of imagery.

2D Semantic Segmentation Change Detection +2

Globally optimal registration of noisy point clouds

1 code implementation22 Aug 2019 Rangaprasad Arun Srivatsan, Tejas Zodage, Howie Choset

Registration of 3D point clouds is a fundamental task in several applications of robotics and computer vision.

PCRNet: Point Cloud Registration Network using PointNet Encoding

5 code implementations21 Aug 2019 Vinit Sarode, Xueqian Li, Hunter Goforth, Yasuhiro Aoki, Rangaprasad Arun Srivatsan, Simon Lucey, Howie Choset

PointNet has recently emerged as a popular representation for unstructured point cloud data, allowing application of deep learning to tasks such as object detection, segmentation and shape completion.

3D Reconstruction object-detection +3

Rapid Randomized Restarts for Multi-Agent Path Finding Solvers

no code implementations8 Jun 2017 Liron Cohen, Glenn Wagner, T. K. Satish Kumar, Howie Choset, Sven Koenig

Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF) is an NP-hard problem well studied in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Multi-Agent Path Finding

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