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Revisiting CNNs for Trajectory Similarity Learning

1 code implementation30 May 2024 Zhihao Chang, Linzhu Yu, Huan Li, Sai Wu, Gang Chen, Dongxiang Zhang

To mitigate the computational burden for long trajectories, neural networks have been widely employed for similarity learning and each trajectory is encoded as a high-dimensional vector for similarity search with linear complexity.

LightTR: A Lightweight Framework for Federated Trajectory Recovery

1 code implementation6 May 2024 Ziqiao Liu, Hao Miao, Yan Zhao, Chenxi Liu, Kai Zheng, Huan Li

Due to the limited acquisition capabilities of edge devices, a lot of trajectories are recorded at a low sampling rate, which may lead to the effectiveness drop of urban applications.

Computational Efficiency Federated Learning +1

Task-Driven Exploration: Decoupling and Inter-Task Feedback for Joint Moment Retrieval and Highlight Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2024 Jin Yang, Ping Wei, Huan Li, Ziyang Ren

Video moment retrieval and highlight detection are two highly valuable tasks in video understanding, but until recently they have been jointly studied.

Highlight Detection Moment Retrieval +2

On the $O(\frac{\sqrt{d}}{T^{1/4}})$ Convergence Rate of RMSProp and Its Momentum Extension Measured by $\ell_1$ Norm

no code implementations1 Feb 2024 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

Although adaptive gradient methods have been extensively used in deep learning, their convergence rates proved in the literature are all slower than that of SGD, particularly with respect to their dependence on the dimension.

Missing Value Imputation for Multi-attribute Sensor Data Streams via Message Propagation (Extended Version)

1 code implementation13 Nov 2023 Xiao Li, Huan Li, Hua Lu, Christian S. Jensen, Varun Pandey, Volker Markl

First, we propose a message propagation imputation network (MPIN) that is able to recover the missing values of data instances in a time window.

Attribute Imputation

DVFO: Learning-Based DVFS for Energy-Efficient Edge-Cloud Collaborative Inference

no code implementations2 Jun 2023 Ziyang Zhang, Yang Zhao, Huan Li, Changyao Lin, Jie Liu

Due to limited resources on edge and different characteristics of deep neural network (DNN) models, it is a big challenge to optimize DNN inference performance in terms of energy consumption and end-to-end latency on edge devices.

Collaborative Inference

BCEdge: SLO-Aware DNN Inference Services with Adaptive Batching on Edge Platforms

no code implementations1 May 2023 Ziyang Zhang, Huan Li, Yang Zhao, Changyao Lin, Jie Liu

As deep neural networks (DNNs) are being applied to a wide range of edge intelligent applications, it is critical for edge inference platforms to have both high-throughput and low-latency at the same time.


LightCTS: A Lightweight Framework for Correlated Time Series Forecasting

1 code implementation23 Feb 2023 Zhichen Lai, Dalin Zhang, Huan Li, Christian S. Jensen, Hua Lu, Yan Zhao

Many deep learning models have been proposed to improve the accuracy of CTS forecasting.

 Ranked #1 on Traffic Prediction on PeMS04 (FLOPs(M) metric, using extra training data)

Computational Efficiency Correlated Time Series Forecasting +4

Inverse Compositional Learning for Weakly-supervised Relation Grounding

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Huan Li, Ping Wei, Zeyu Ma, Nanning Zheng

In this study, we introduce a novel approach called inverse compositional learning (ICL) for weakly-supervised video relation grounding.

Relation Video Understanding

Adan: Adaptive Nesterov Momentum Algorithm for Faster Optimizing Deep Models

4 code implementations13 Aug 2022 Xingyu Xie, Pan Zhou, Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin, Shuicheng Yan

Adan first reformulates the vanilla Nesterov acceleration to develop a new Nesterov momentum estimation (NME) method, which avoids the extra overhead of computing gradient at the extrapolation point.

Sublinear Algorithms for Hierarchical Clustering

no code implementations15 Jun 2022 Arpit Agarwal, Sanjeev Khanna, Huan Li, Prathamesh Patil

At the heart of our algorithmic results is a view of the objective in terms of cuts in the graph, which allows us to use a relaxed notion of cut sparsifiers to do hierarchical clustering while introducing only a small distortion in the objective function.

Clustering Information Retrieval +1

Restarted Nonconvex Accelerated Gradient Descent: No More Polylogarithmic Factor in the $O(ε^{-7/4})$ Complexity

1 code implementation27 Jan 2022 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

They do not invoke negative curvature exploitation or minimization of regularized surrogate functions as the subroutines.

Approximate optimization of convex functions with outlier noise

no code implementations NeurIPS 2021 Anindya De, Sanjeev Khanna, Huan Li, MohammadHesam NikpeySalekde

We study the problem of minimizing a convex function given by a zeroth order oracle that is possibly corrupted by {\em outlier noise}.

Accelerated Gradient Tracking over Time-varying Graphs for Decentralized Optimization

no code implementations6 Apr 2021 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

We prove the $O((\frac{\gamma}{1-\sigma_{\gamma}})^2\sqrt{\frac{L}{\epsilon}})$ and $O((\frac{\gamma}{1-\sigma_{\gamma}})^{1. 5}\sqrt{\frac{L}{\mu}}\log\frac{1}{\epsilon})$ complexities for the practical single loop accelerated gradient tracking over time-varying graphs when the problems are nonstrongly convex and strongly convex, respectively, where $\gamma$ and $\sigma_{\gamma}$ are two common constants charactering the network connectivity, $\epsilon$ is the desired precision, and $L$ and $\mu$ are the smoothness and strong convexity constants, respectively.

Federated Learning

An Experimental Analysis of Indoor Spatial Queries: Modeling, Indexing, and Processing

1 code implementation8 Oct 2020 Tiantian Liu, Huan Li, Hua Lu, Muhammad Aamir Cheema, Lidan Shou

Indoor location-based services (LBS), such as POI search and routing, are often built on top of typical indoor spatial queries.

Databases Data Structures and Algorithms

Variance Reduced EXTRA and DIGing and Their Optimal Acceleration for Strongly Convex Decentralized Optimization

no code implementations9 Sep 2020 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin, Yongchun Fang

Our stochastic gradient computation complexities are the same as the ones of single-machine VR methods, such as SAG, SAGA, and SVRG, and our communication complexities keep the same as those of EXTRA and DIGing, respectively.

Revisiting EXTRA for Smooth Distributed Optimization

no code implementations24 Feb 2020 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

EXTRA is a popular method for dencentralized distributed optimization and has broad applications.

Distributed Optimization

AIBench: An Industry Standard Internet Service AI Benchmark Suite

no code implementations13 Aug 2019 Wanling Gao, Fei Tang, Lei Wang, Jianfeng Zhan, Chunxin Lan, Chunjie Luo, Yunyou Huang, Chen Zheng, Jiahui Dai, Zheng Cao, Daoyi Zheng, Haoning Tang, Kunlin Zhan, Biao Wang, Defei Kong, Tong Wu, Minghe Yu, Chongkang Tan, Huan Li, Xinhui Tian, Yatao Li, Junchao Shao, Zhenyu Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Hainan Ye

On the basis of the AIBench framework, abstracting the real-world data sets and workloads from one of the top e-commerce providers, we design and implement the first end-to-end Internet service AI benchmark, which contains the primary modules in the critical paths of an industry scale application and is scalable to deploy on different cluster scales.

Benchmarking Learning-To-Rank

Hermitian matrices for clustering directed graphs: insights and applications

no code implementations6 Aug 2019 Mihai Cucuringu, Huan Li, He Sun, Luca Zanetti

Graph clustering is a basic technique in machine learning, and has widespread applications in different domains.

Clustering Graph Clustering +1

Optimization Algorithm Inspired Deep Neural Network Structure Design

no code implementations3 Oct 2018 Huan Li, Yibo Yang, Dongmin Chen, Zhouchen Lin

In this paper, we propose the hypothesis that the neural network structure design can be inspired by optimization algorithms and a faster optimization algorithm may lead to a better neural network structure.

Strategies for Searching Video Content with Text Queries or Video Examples

no code implementations17 Jun 2016 Shoou-I Yu, Yi Yang, Zhongwen Xu, Shicheng Xu, Deyu Meng, Zexi Mao, Zhigang Ma, Ming Lin, Xuanchong Li, Huan Li, Zhenzhong Lan, Lu Jiang, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Chuang Gan, Xingzhong Du, Xiaojun Chang

The large number of user-generated videos uploaded on to the Internet everyday has led to many commercial video search engines, which mainly rely on text metadata for search.

Event Detection Retrieval +1

Accelerated Proximal Gradient Methods for Nonconvex Programming

no code implementations NeurIPS 2015 Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

However, it is still unknown whether the usual APG can ensure the convergence to a critical point in nonconvex programming.

Fast Proximal Linearized Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier with Parallel Splitting

no code implementations14 Nov 2015 Canyi Lu, Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin, Shuicheng Yan

The Augmented Lagragian Method (ALM) and Alternating Direction Method of Multiplier (ADMM) have been powerful optimization methods for general convex programming subject to linear constraint.

Optimized Projections for Compressed Sensing via Direct Mutual Coherence Minimization

no code implementations13 Aug 2015 Canyi Lu, Huan Li, Zhouchen Lin

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work which directly minimizes the mutual coherence of the projected dictionary with a convergence guarantee.

Linearized Alternating Direction Method with Parallel Splitting and Adaptive Penalty for Separable Convex Programs in Machine Learning

no code implementations18 Oct 2013 Zhouchen Lin, Risheng Liu, Huan Li

However, the traditional alternating direction method (ADM) and its linearized version (LADM, obtained by linearizing the quadratic penalty term) are for the two-block case and cannot be naively generalized to solve the multi-block case.

Distributed Computing

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