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Patchwork++: Fast and Robust Ground Segmentation Solving Partial Under-Segmentation Using 3D Point Cloud

1 code implementation25 Jul 2022 Seungjae Lee, Hyungtae Lim, Hyun Myung

Moreover, even if the parameters are well adjusted, a partial under-segmentation problem can still emerge, which implies ground segmentation failures in some regions.

Object Recognition

eCDT: Event Clustering for Simultaneous Feature Detection and Tracking-

no code implementations19 Jul 2022 Sumin Hu, Yeeun Kim, Hyungtae Lim, Alex Junho Lee, Hyun Myung

Thanks to our clustering approach in spatio-temporal space, our method automatically solves feature detection and feature tracking simultaneously.

PaGO-LOAM: Robust Ground-Optimized LiDAR Odometry

1 code implementation1 Jun 2022 Dong-Uk Seo, Hyungtae Lim, Seungjae Lee, Hyun Myung

In this paper, a robust ground-optimized LiDAR odometry framework is proposed to facilitate the study to check the effect of ground segmentation on LiDAR SLAM based on the state-of-the-art (SOTA) method.

Struct-MDC: Mesh-Refined Unsupervised Depth Completion Leveraging Structural Regularities from Visual SLAM

1 code implementation29 Apr 2022 Jinwoo Jeon, Hyunjun Lim, Dong-Uk Seo, Hyun Myung

To solve this sparsity problem, depth completion tasks that estimate a dense depth from a sparse depth have gained significant importance in robotic applications like exploration.

Depth Completion Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

ViViD++: Vision for Visibility Dataset

no code implementations13 Apr 2022 Alex Junho Lee, Younggun Cho, Young-Sik Shin, Ayoung Kim, Hyun Myung

In this paper, we present a dataset capturing diverse visual data formats that target varying luminance conditions.

A Single Correspondence Is Enough: Robust Global Registration to Avoid Degeneracy in Urban Environments

no code implementations13 Mar 2022 Hyungtae Lim, Suyong Yeon, Soohyun Ryu, Yonghan Lee, Youngji Kim, JaeSeong Yun, Euigon Jung, Donghwan Lee, Hyun Myung

As verified in indoor and outdoor 3D LiDAR datasets, our proposed method yields robust global registration performance compared with other global registration methods, even for distant point cloud pairs.

Adversarial Attack for Asynchronous Event-based Data

no code implementations27 Dec 2021 Wooju Lee, Hyun Myung

First, null events are added to the event-based data to generate additional adversarial events.

Adversarial Attack Autonomous Driving

Gesture Recognition with a Skeleton-Based Keyframe Selection Module

no code implementations3 Dec 2021 Yunsoo Kim, Hyun Myung

The BCCN consists of two pathways: (i) a keyframe pathway and (ii) a temporal-attention pathway.

Gesture Recognition

Patchwork: Concentric Zone-based Region-wise Ground Segmentation with Ground Likelihood Estimation Using a 3D LiDAR Sensor

2 code implementations12 Aug 2021 Hyungtae Lim, Minho Oh, Hyun Myung

Ground segmentation is crucial for terrestrial mobile platforms to perform navigation or neighboring object recognition.

Object Recognition

Low-level Pose Control of Tilting Multirotor for Wall Perching Tasks Using Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations11 Aug 2021 Hyungyu Lee, Myeongwoo Jeong, Chanyoung Kim, Hyungtae Lim, Changgue Park, Sungwon Hwang, Hyun Myung

In this paper, a novel reinforcement learning-based method is proposed to control a tilting multirotor on real-world applications, which is the first attempt to apply reinforcement learning to a tilting multirotor.


Equivariance-bridged SO(2)-Invariant Representation Learning using Graph Convolutional Network

2 code implementations18 Jun 2021 Sungwon Hwang, Hyungtae Lim, Hyun Myung

Training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to be robust against rotation has mostly been done with data augmentation.

Data Augmentation Image Classification +2

ERASOR: Egocentric Ratio of Pseudo Occupancy-based Dynamic Object Removal for Static 3D Point Cloud Map Building

3 code implementations7 Mar 2021 Hyungtae Lim, Sungwon Hwang, Hyun Myung

However, when it comes to constructing a 3D point cloud map with sequential accumulations of the scan data, the dynamic objects often leave unwanted traces in the map.

Avoiding Degeneracy for Monocular Visual SLAM with Point and Line Features

no code implementations2 Mar 2021 Hyunjun Lim, Yeeun Kim, Kwangik Jung, Sumin Hu, Hyun Myung

In this paper, a degeneracy avoidance method for a point and line based visual SLAM algorithm is proposed.

Optical Flow Estimation

MSDPN: Monocular Depth Prediction with Partial Laser Observation using Multi-stage Neural Networks

no code implementations4 Aug 2020 Hyungtae Lim, Hyeonjae Gil, Hyun Myung

In this study, a deep-learning-based multi-stage network architecture called Multi-Stage Depth Prediction Network (MSDPN) is proposed to predict a dense depth map using a 2D LiDAR and a monocular camera.

Depth Estimation Depth Prediction

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