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Reaching Through Latent Space: From Joint Statistics to Path Planning in Manipulation

no code implementations21 Oct 2022 Chia-Man Hung, Shaohong Zhong, Walter Goodwin, Oiwi Parker Jones, Martin Engelcke, Ioannis Havoutis, Ingmar Posner

We present a novel approach to path planning for robotic manipulators, in which paths are produced via iterative optimisation in the latent space of a generative model of robot poses.

Learning Low-Frequency Motion Control for Robust and Dynamic Robot Locomotion

no code implementations29 Sep 2022 Siddhant Gangapurwala, Luigi Campanaro, Ioannis Havoutis

Robotic locomotion is often approached with the goal of maximizing robustness and reactivity by increasing motion control frequency.

Learning and Deploying Robust Locomotion Policies with Minimal Dynamics Randomization

no code implementations26 Sep 2022 Luigi Campanaro, Siddhant Gangapurwala, Wolfgang Merkt, Ioannis Havoutis

As an alternative, we investigate a simple strategy of random force injection (RFI) to perturb system dynamics during training.

Domain Adaptation

Zero-Shot Category-Level Object Pose Estimation

1 code implementation7 Apr 2022 Walter Goodwin, Sagar Vaze, Ioannis Havoutis, Ingmar Posner

Object pose estimation is an important component of most vision pipelines for embodied agents, as well as in 3D vision more generally.

Pose Estimation

Agile Maneuvers in Legged Robots: a Predictive Control Approach

no code implementations14 Mar 2022 Carlos Mastalli, Wolfgang Merkt, Guiyang Xin, Jaehyun Shim, Michael Mistry, Ioannis Havoutis, Sethu Vijayakumar

To the best of our knowledge, our predictive controller is the first to handle actuation limits, generate agile locomotion maneuvers, and execute optimal feedback policies for low level torque control without the use of a separate whole-body controller.

Next Steps: Learning a Disentangled Gait Representation for Versatile Quadruped Locomotion

no code implementations9 Dec 2021 Alexander L. Mitchell, Wolfgang Merkt, Mathieu Geisert, Siddhant Gangapurwala, Martin Engelcke, Oiwi Parker Jones, Ioannis Havoutis, Ingmar Posner

This encourages disentanglement such that application of a drive signal to a single dimension of the latent state induces holistic plans synthesising a continuous variety of trot styles.


Semantically Grounded Object Matching for Robust Robotic Scene Rearrangement

1 code implementation15 Nov 2021 Walter Goodwin, Sagar Vaze, Ioannis Havoutis, Ingmar Posner

Object rearrangement has recently emerged as a key competency in robot manipulation, with practical solutions generally involving object detection, recognition, grasping and high-level planning.

Language Modelling object-detection +2

Introspective Visuomotor Control: Exploiting Uncertainty in Deep Visuomotor Control for Failure Recovery

no code implementations22 Mar 2021 Chia-Man Hung, Li Sun, Yizhe Wu, Ioannis Havoutis, Ingmar Posner

To recover from high uncertainty cases, the robot monitors its uncertainty along a trajectory and explores possible actions in the state-action space to bring itself to a more certain state.

Imitation Learning Robot Manipulation

CPG-ACTOR: Reinforcement Learning for Central Pattern Generators

no code implementations25 Feb 2021 Luigi Campanaro, Siddhant Gangapurwala, Daniele De Martini, Wolfgang Merkt, Ioannis Havoutis

Our results on a locomotion task using a single-leg hopper demonstrate that explicitly using the CPG as the Actor rather than as part of the environment results in a significant increase in the reward gained over time (6x more) compared with previous approaches.


A Passive Navigation Planning Algorithm for Collision-free Control of Mobile Robots

no code implementations1 Nov 2020 Carlo Tiseo, Vladimir Ivan, Wolfgang Merkt, Ioannis Havoutis, Michael Mistry, Sethu Vijayakumar

In literature, there are multiple model- and learning-based approaches that require significant computational resources to be effectively deployed and they may have limited generality.


Memory Clustering using Persistent Homology for Multimodality- and Discontinuity-Sensitive Learning of Optimal Control Warm-starts

no code implementations2 Oct 2020 Wolfgang Merkt, Vladimir Ivan, Traiko Dinev, Ioannis Havoutis, Sethu Vijayakumar

We demonstrate our method on a cart-pole toy problem and a quadrotor avoiding obstacles, and show that clustering samples based on inherent structure improves the warm-start quality.

Predicted Composite Signed-Distance Fields for Real-Time Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 Mark Nicholas Finean, Wolfgang Merkt, Ioannis Havoutis

We present a novel framework for motion planning in dynamic environments that accounts for the predicted trajectories of moving objects in the scene.

Motion Planning Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control

Guided Constrained Policy Optimization for Dynamic Quadrupedal Robot Locomotion

no code implementations22 Feb 2020 Siddhant Gangapurwala, Alexander Mitchell, Ioannis Havoutis

Deep reinforcement learning (RL) uses model-free techniques to optimize task-specific control policies.

On-line and on-board planning and perception for quadrupedal locomotion

no code implementations7 Apr 2019 Carlos Mastalli, Ioannis Havoutis, Alexander W. Winkler, Darwin G. Caldwell, Claudio Semini

We use a lattice representation together with a set of defined body movement primitives for computing a body action plan.

Motion Planning

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