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Learning a Patent-Informed Biomedical Knowledge Graph Reveals Technological Potential of Drug Repositioning Candidates

1 code implementation4 Sep 2023 Yongseung Jegal, Jaewoong Choi, Jiho Lee, Ki-Su Park, Seyoung Lee, Janghyeok Yoon

This study presents a novel protocol to comprehensively analyse various sources such as pharmaceutical patents and biomedical databases, and identify drug repositioning candidates with both technological potential and scientific evidence.

Graph Embedding

Accelerated materials language processing enabled by GPT

no code implementations18 Aug 2023 Jaewoong Choi, Byungju Lee

Finally, we develop an GPT-enabled extractive QA model, which provides improved performance and shows the possibility of automatically correcting annotations.

Document Classification Extractive Question-Answering +6

Understanding the Latent Space of Diffusion Models through the Lens of Riemannian Geometry

no code implementations24 Jul 2023 Yong-Hyun Park, Mingi Kwon, Jaewoong Choi, Junghyo Jo, Youngjung Uh

Second, we investigate how the geometric structure changes based on text conditioning in Stable Diffusion.

Generative Modeling through the Semi-dual Formulation of Unbalanced Optimal Transport

1 code implementation24 May 2023 Jaemoo Choi, Jaewoong Choi, Myungjoo Kang

In this paper, we propose a novel generative model based on the semi-dual formulation of Unbalanced Optimal Transport (UOT).

Finding the global semantic representation in GAN through Frechet Mean

no code implementations11 Oct 2022 Jaewoong Choi, Geonho Hwang, Hyunsoo Cho, Myungjoo Kang

This semantic basis represents sample-independent meaningful perturbations that change the same semantic attribute of an image on the entire latent space.

Time-aware topic identification in social media with pre-trained language models: A case study of electric vehicles

no code implementations11 Oct 2022 Byeongki Jeong, Janghyeok Yoon, Jaewoong Choi

Recent extensively competitive business environment makes companies to keep their eyes on social media, as there is a growing recognition over customer languages (e. g., needs, interests, and complaints) as source of future opportunities.

Analyzing the Latent Space of GAN through Local Dimension Estimation

no code implementations26 May 2022 Jaewoong Choi, Geonho Hwang, Hyunsoo Cho, Myungjoo Kang

In this paper, we approach this problem through a geometric analysis of latent spaces as a manifold.

Disentanglement Image Generation

Do Not Escape From the Manifold: Discovering the Local Coordinates on the Latent Space of GANs

2 code implementations ICLR 2022 Jaewoong Choi, Junho Lee, Changyeon Yoon, Jung Ho Park, Geonho Hwang, Myungjoo Kang

The global warpage implies that the latent space is not well-aligned globally and therefore the global traversal directions are bound to show limited success on it.

Disentanglement Image Generation +1

Deep learning-based citation recommendation system for patents

no code implementations21 Oct 2020 Jaewoong Choi, Sion Jang, Jaeyoung Kim, Jiho Lee, Janghyeok Yoona, Sungchul Choi

In this study, we address the challenges in developing a deep learning-based automatic patent citation recommendation system.

Citation Recommendation Recommendation Systems

Discond-VAE: Disentangling Continuous Factors from the Discrete

no code implementations17 Sep 2020 Jaewoong Choi, Geonho Hwang, Myungjoo Kang

To represent these generative factors of data, we introduce two sets of continuous latent variables, private variable and public variable.


Attention routing between capsules

2 code implementations3 Jul 2019 Jaewoong Choi, Hyun Seo, Suii Im, Myungjoo Kang

We replace the dynamic routing and squash activation function of the capsule network with dynamic routing (CapsuleNet) with the attention routing and capsule activation.

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