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Fast Two-step Blind Optical Aberration Correction

no code implementations1 Aug 2022 Thomas Eboli, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo

The optics of any camera degrades the sharpness of photographs, which is a key visual quality criterion.


Investigating Neural Architectures by Synthetic Dataset Design

1 code implementation23 Apr 2022 Adrien Courtois, Jean-Michel Morel, Pablo Arias

It is therefore impossible to know what cues a given neural structure is taking advantage of in such data.

Depth Estimation

Non-Semantic Evaluation of Image Forensics Tools: Methodology and Database

no code implementations4 May 2021 Quentin Bammey, Tina Nikoukhah, Marina Gardella, Rafael Grompone, Miguel Colom, Jean-Michel Morel

With the aim of evaluating image forensics tools, we propose a methodology to create forgeries traces, leaving intact the semantics of the image.

Image Forensics

Robust Rational Polynomial Camera Modelling for SAR and Pushbroom Imaging

2 code implementations26 Feb 2021 Roland Akiki, Roger Marí, Carlo de Franchis, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo

The Rational Polynomial Camera (RPC) model can be used to describe a variety of image acquisition systems in remote sensing, notably optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensors.

Residual Learning for Effective joint Demosaicing-Denoising

no code implementations14 Sep 2020 Yu Guo, Qiyu Jin, Gabriele Facciolo, Tieyong Zeng, Jean-Michel Morel

Moreover, it is very difficult to change this order, because once the image is demosaicked, the statistical properties of the noise will be changed dramatically.

Demosaicking Denoising

A Review of an Old Dilemma: Demosaicking First, or Denoising First?

no code implementations24 Apr 2020 Qiyu Jin, Gabriele Facciolo, Jean-Michel Morel

In this paper, we review the main variants of these strategies and carry-out an extensive evaluation to find the best way to reconstruct full color images from a noisy mosaic.

Demosaicking Image Denoising

Reducing Anomaly Detection in Images to Detection in Noise

no code implementations25 Apr 2019 Axel Davy, Thibaud Ehret, Jean-Michel Morel, Mauricio Delbracio

Anomaly detectors address the difficult problem of detecting automatically exceptions in an arbitrary background image.

Anomaly Detection

Non-Local Video Denoising by CNN

2 code implementations30 Nov 2018 Axel Davy, Thibaud Ehret, Jean-Michel Morel, Pablo Arias, Gabriele Facciolo

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first successful application of a CNN to video denoising.

Image Denoising Video Denoising

Model-blind Video Denoising Via Frame-to-frame Training

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Thibaud Ehret, Axel Davy, Jean-Michel Morel, Gabriele Facciolo, Pablo Arias

Modeling the processing chain that has produced a video is a difficult reverse engineering task, even when the camera is available.

Denoising Video Denoising

Image Anomalies: a Review and Synthesis of Detection Methods

no code implementations7 Aug 2018 Thibaud Ehret, Axel Davy, Jean-Michel Morel, Mauricio Delbracio

We review the broad variety of methods that have been proposed for anomaly detection in images.

Anomaly Detection

Psychophysics, Gestalts and Games

no code implementations25 May 2018 José Lezama, Samy Blusseau, Jean-Michel Morel, Gregory Randall, Rafael Grompone von Gioi

Using a computational quantitative version of the non-accidentalness principle, we raise the possibility that the psychophysical and the (older) gestaltist setups, both applicable on dot or Gabor patterns, find a useful complement in a Turing test.

Human Detection

A survey of exemplar-based texture synthesis

no code implementations22 Jul 2017 Lara Raad, Axel Davy, Agnès Desolneux, Jean-Michel Morel

The two main approaches are statistics-based methods and patch re-arrangement methods.

Texture Synthesis

Accurate Motion Estimation through Random Sample Aggregated Consensus

no code implementations19 Jan 2017 Martin Rais, Gabriele Facciolo, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis, Jean-Michel Morel, Antoni Buades, Bartomeu Coll

This yields RANSAAC, a framework that improves systematically over RANSAC and its state-of-the-art variants by statistically aggregating hypotheses.

Motion Estimation

From line segments to more organized Gestalts

no code implementations18 Mar 2016 Boshra Rajaei, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Jean-Michel Morel

In this paper, we reconsider the early computer vision bottom-up program, according to which higher level features (geometric structures) in an image could be built up recursively from elementary features by simple grouping principles coming from Gestalt theory.

An analysis of the factors affecting keypoint stability in scale-space

no code implementations26 Nov 2015 Ives Rey-Otero, Jean-Michel Morel, Mauricio Delbracio

In practice, however, scale invariance may be weakened by various sources of error inherent to the SIFT implementation affecting the stability and accuracy of keypoint detection.

Keypoint Detection

Comparing Feature Detectors: A bias in the repeatability criteria, and how to correct it

no code implementations8 Sep 2014 Ives Rey-Otero, Mauricio Delbracio, Jean-Michel Morel

We apply this variant to revisit the popular benchmark by Mikolajczyk et al., on classic and new feature detectors.

Finding Vanishing Points via Point Alignments in Image Primal and Dual Domains

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Jose Lezama, Rafael Grompone von Gioi, Gregory Randall, Jean-Michel Morel

We present a novel method for automatic vanishing point detection based on primal and dual point alignment detection.

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