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Language Resource Efficient Learning for Captioning

no code implementations Findings (EMNLP) 2021 Jia Chen, Yike Wu, Shiwan Zhao, Qin Jin

Our analysis of caption models with SC loss shows that the performance degradation is caused by the increasingly noisy estimation of reward and baseline with fewer language resources.

Resistive Memory-based Neural Differential Equation Solver for Score-based Diffusion Model

1 code implementation8 Apr 2024 Jichang Yang, Hegan Chen, Jia Chen, Songqi Wang, Shaocong Wang, Yifei Yu, Xi Chen, Bo wang, Xinyuan Zhang, Binbin Cui, Ning Lin, Meng Xu, Yi Li, Xiaoxin Xu, Xiaojuan Qi, Zhongrui Wang, Xumeng Zhang, Dashan Shang, Han Wang, Qi Liu, Kwang-Ting Cheng, Ming Liu

Demonstrating equivalent generative quality to the software baseline, our system achieved remarkable enhancements in generative speed for both unconditional and conditional generation tasks, by factors of 64. 8 and 156. 5, respectively.


Capability-aware Prompt Reformulation Learning for Text-to-Image Generation

1 code implementation27 Mar 2024 Jingtao Zhan, Qingyao Ai, Yiqun Liu, Jia Chen, Shaoping Ma

Our in-depth analysis of these logs reveals that user prompt reformulation is heavily dependent on the individual user's capability, resulting in significant variance in the quality of reformulation pairs.

Text-to-Image Generation

BLADE: Enhancing Black-box Large Language Models with Small Domain-Specific Models

no code implementations27 Mar 2024 Haitao Li, Qingyao Ai, Jia Chen, Qian Dong, Zhijing Wu, Yiqun Liu, Chong Chen, Qi Tian

However, general LLMs, which are developed on open-domain data, may lack the domain-specific knowledge essential for tasks in vertical domains, such as legal, medical, etc.

Bayesian Optimization

DELTA: Pre-train a Discriminative Encoder for Legal Case Retrieval via Structural Word Alignment

no code implementations27 Mar 2024 Haitao Li, Qingyao Ai, Xinyan Han, Jia Chen, Qian Dong, Yiqun Liu, Chong Chen, Qi Tian

Most of the existing works focus on improving the representation ability for the contextualized embedding of the [CLS] token and calculate relevance using textual semantic similarity.

Retrieval Semantic Similarity +2

Scaling Laws For Dense Retrieval

no code implementations27 Mar 2024 Yan Fang, Jingtao Zhan, Qingyao Ai, Jiaxin Mao, Weihang Su, Jia Chen, Yiqun Liu

In this study, we investigate whether the performance of dense retrieval models follows the scaling law as other neural models.

Data Augmentation Retrieval +1

Wikiformer: Pre-training with Structured Information of Wikipedia for Ad-hoc Retrieval

1 code implementation17 Dec 2023 Weihang Su, Qingyao Ai, Xiangsheng Li, Jia Chen, Yiqun Liu, Xiaolong Wu, Shengluan Hou

With the development of deep learning and natural language processing techniques, pre-trained language models have been widely used to solve information retrieval (IR) problems.

Information Retrieval Retrieval +1

Random resistive memory-based deep extreme point learning machine for unified visual processing

no code implementations14 Dec 2023 Shaocong Wang, Yizhao Gao, Yi Li, Woyu Zhang, Yifei Yu, Bo wang, Ning Lin, Hegan Chen, Yue Zhang, Yang Jiang, Dingchen Wang, Jia Chen, Peng Dai, Hao Jiang, Peng Lin, Xumeng Zhang, Xiaojuan Qi, Xiaoxin Xu, Hayden So, Zhongrui Wang, Dashan Shang, Qi Liu, Kwang-Ting Cheng, Ming Liu

Our random resistive memory-based deep extreme point learning machine may pave the way for energy-efficient and training-friendly edge AI across various data modalities and tasks.

Towards Aligned Canonical Correlation Analysis: Preliminary Formulation and Proof-of-Concept Results

no code implementations1 Dec 2023 Biqian Cheng, Evangelos E. Papalexakis, Jia Chen

Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) has been widely applied to jointly embed multiple views of data in a maximally correlated latent space.

Can SAM recognize crops? Quantifying the zero-shot performance of a semantic segmentation foundation model on generating crop-type maps using satellite imagery for precision agriculture

no code implementations25 Nov 2023 Rutuja Gurav, Het Patel, Zhuocheng Shang, Ahmed Eldawy, Jia Chen, Elia Scudiero, Evangelos Papalexakis

This paper attempts to highlight a use-case of state-of-the-art image segmentation models like SAM for crop-type mapping and related specific needs of the agriculture industry, offering a potential avenue for automatic, efficient, and cost-effective data products for precision agriculture practices.

Crop Classification Crop Type Mapping +2

THUIR at WSDM Cup 2023 Task 1: Unbiased Learning to Rank

1 code implementation25 Apr 2023 Jia Chen, Haitao Li, Weihang Su, Qingyao Ai, Yiqun Liu

This paper introduces the approaches we have used to participate in the WSDM Cup 2023 Task 1: Unbiased Learning to Rank.


SAILER: Structure-aware Pre-trained Language Model for Legal Case Retrieval

1 code implementation22 Apr 2023 Haitao Li, Qingyao Ai, Jia Chen, Qian Dong, Yueyue Wu, Yiqun Liu, Chong Chen, Qi Tian

Moreover, in contrast to the general retrieval, the relevance in the legal domain is sensitive to key legal elements.

Language Modelling Retrieval

Functional-Coefficient Quantile Regression for Panel Data with Latent Group Structure

no code implementations23 Mar 2023 Xiaorong Yang, Jia Chen, Degui Li, Runze Li

A latent group structure is imposed on the heterogenous quantile regression models so that the number of nonparametric functional coefficients to be estimated can be reduced considerably.


A Unified and Efficient Coordinating Framework for Autonomous DBMS Tuning

no code implementations10 Mar 2023 Xinyi Zhang, Zhuo Chang, Hong Wu, Yang Li, Jia Chen, Jian Tan, Feifei Li, Bin Cui

To tune different components for DBMS, a coordinating mechanism is needed to make the multiple agents cognizant of each other.

Thompson Sampling

Towards Better Web Search Performance: Pre-training, Fine-tuning and Learning to Rank

no code implementations28 Feb 2023 Haitao Li, Jia Chen, Weihang Su, Qingyao Ai, Yiqun Liu

This paper describes the approach of the THUIR team at the WSDM Cup 2023 Pre-training for Web Search task.


A Dynamic-Neighbor Particle Swarm Optimizer for Accurate Latent Factor Analysis

no code implementations23 Feb 2023 Jia Chen, Yixian Chun, Yuanyi Liu, Renyu Zhang, Yang Hu

High-Dimensional and Incomplete matrices, which usually contain a large amount of valuable latent information, can be well represented by a Latent Factor Analysis model.

An Adam-enhanced Particle Swarm Optimizer for Latent Factor Analysis

no code implementations23 Feb 2023 Jia Chen, Renyu Zhang, Yuanyi Liu

Recently, Swarm Intelligence-related LFA models have been proposed and adopted widely to improve the optimization process of LFA with high efficiency, i. e., the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)-LFA model.

A Differential Evolution-Enhanced Latent Factor Analysis Model for High-dimensional and Sparse Data

no code implementations2 Apr 2022 Jia Chen, Di wu, Xin Luo

High-dimensional and sparse (HiDS) matrices are frequently adopted to describe the complex relationships in various big data-related systems and applications.


Pre-training Methods in Information Retrieval

no code implementations27 Nov 2021 Yixing Fan, Xiaohui Xie, Yinqiong Cai, Jia Chen, Xinyu Ma, Xiangsheng Li, Ruqing Zhang, Jiafeng Guo

The core of information retrieval (IR) is to identify relevant information from large-scale resources and return it as a ranked list to respond to the user's information need.

Information Retrieval Re-Ranking +1

Deep Fraud Detection on Non-attributed Graph

no code implementations4 Oct 2021 Chen Wang, Yingtong Dou, Min Chen, Jia Chen, Zhiwei Liu, Philip S. Yu

The successes of most previous methods heavily rely on rich node features and high-fidelity labels.

Contrastive Learning Fraud Detection

Cross-Level Cross-Scale Cross-Attention Network for Point Cloud Representation

no code implementations27 Apr 2021 Xian-Feng Han, Zhang-Yue He, Jia Chen, Guo-Qiang Xiao

First, a point-wise feature pyramid module is introduced to hierarchically extract features from different scales or resolutions.

3D Object Classification Point Cloud Segmentation +1

Dynamic Network Embedding Survey

no code implementations29 Mar 2021 Guotong Xue, Ming Zhong, JianXin Li, Jia Chen, Chengshuai Zhai, Ruochen Kong

Due to the lack of comprehensive investigation of them, we give a survey of dynamic network embedding in this paper.

Network Embedding

Towards Playing Full MOBA Games with Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations NeurIPS 2020 Deheng Ye, Guibin Chen, Wen Zhang, Sheng Chen, Bo Yuan, Bo Liu, Jia Chen, Zhao Liu, Fuhao Qiu, Hongsheng Yu, Yinyuting Yin, Bei Shi, Liang Wang, Tengfei Shi, Qiang Fu, Wei Yang, Lanxiao Huang, Wei Liu

However, existing work falls short in handling the raw game complexity caused by the explosion of agent combinations, i. e., lineups, when expanding the hero pool in case that OpenAI's Dota AI limits the play to a pool of only 17 heroes.

Dota 2 reinforcement-learning +1

Boundary Guidance Hierarchical Network for Real-Time Tongue Segmentation

no code implementations14 Mar 2020 Xinyi Zeng, Qian Zhang, Jia Chen, Guixu Zhang, Aimin Zhou, Yiqin Wang

Finally, the proposed hybrid loss in a four hierarchy-pixel, patch, map and boundary guides the network to effectively segment the tongue regions and accurate tongue boundaries.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Better Captioning with Sequence-Level Exploration

no code implementations CVPR 2020 Jia Chen, Qin Jin

In this work, we show the limitation of the current sequence-level learning objective for captioning tasks from both theory and empirical result.

Image Captioning

Improving Captioning for Low-Resource Languages by Cycle Consistency

no code implementations21 Aug 2019 Yike Wu, Shiwan Zhao, Jia Chen, Ying Zhang, Xiaojie Yuan, Zhong Su

Improving the captioning performance on low-resource languages by leveraging English caption datasets has received increasing research interest in recent years.


Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Discriminative Analytics of Multiple Datasets

no code implementations15 May 2018 Jia Chen, Gang Wang, Georgios B. Giannakis

Under certain conditions, dPCA is proved to be least-squares optimal in recovering the component vector unique to the target data relative to background data.

Dimensionality Reduction

Canonical Correlation Analysis of Datasets with a Common Source Graph

no code implementations27 Mar 2018 Jia Chen, Gang Wang, Yanning Shen, Georgios B. Giannakis

Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) is a powerful technique for discovering whether or not hidden sources are commonly present in two (or more) datasets.

Clustering Dimensionality Reduction +3

DPCA: Dimensionality Reduction for Discriminative Analytics of Multiple Large-Scale Datasets

no code implementations25 Oct 2017 Gang Wang, Jia Chen, Georgios B. Giannakis

Principal component analysis (PCA) has well-documented merits for data extraction and dimensionality reduction.

Dimensionality Reduction

Generating Video Descriptions with Topic Guidance

no code implementations31 Aug 2017 Shizhe Chen, Jia Chen, Qin Jin

In addition to predefined topics, i. e., category tags crawled from the web, we also mine topics in a data-driven way based on training captions by an unsupervised topic mining model.

Decoder Image Captioning +1

Video Captioning with Guidance of Multimodal Latent Topics

no code implementations31 Aug 2017 Shizhe Chen, Jia Chen, Qin Jin, Alexander Hauptmann

For the topic prediction task, we use the mined topics as the teacher to train a student topic prediction model, which learns to predict the latent topics from multimodal contents of videos.

Caption Generation Decoder +2

Unified Structured Learning for Simultaneous Human Pose Estimation and Garment Attribute Classification

no code implementations19 Apr 2014 Jie Shen, Guangcan Liu, Jia Chen, Yuqiang Fang, Jianbin Xie, Yong Yu, Shuicheng Yan

In this paper, we utilize structured learning to simultaneously address two intertwined problems: human pose estimation (HPE) and garment attribute classification (GAC), which are valuable for a variety of computer vision and multimedia applications.

Attribute General Classification +1

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