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Compresso: Structured Pruning with Collaborative Prompting Learns Compact Large Language Models

1 code implementation8 Oct 2023 Song Guo, Jiahang Xu, Li Lyna Zhang, Mao Yang

To this end, Compresso prunes LLaMA-7B to 5. 4B, maintaining original performance and even surpassing LLaMA-7B in reading comprehension by 2. 62%.

Quantization Reading Comprehension

Constraint-aware and Ranking-distilled Token Pruning for Efficient Transformer Inference

1 code implementation26 Jun 2023 Junyan Li, Li Lyna Zhang, Jiahang Xu, Yujing Wang, Shaoguang Yan, Yunqing Xia, Yuqing Yang, Ting Cao, Hao Sun, Weiwei Deng, Qi Zhang, Mao Yang

Deploying pre-trained transformer models like BERT on downstream tasks in resource-constrained scenarios is challenging due to their high inference cost, which grows rapidly with input sequence length.

Model Compression

ElasticViT: Conflict-aware Supernet Training for Deploying Fast Vision Transformer on Diverse Mobile Devices

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Chen Tang, Li Lyna Zhang, Huiqiang Jiang, Jiahang Xu, Ting Cao, Quanlu Zhang, Yuqing Yang, Zhi Wang, Mao Yang

However, prior supernet training methods that rely on uniform sampling suffer from the gradient conflict issue: the sampled subnets can have vastly different model sizes (e. g., 50M vs. 2G FLOPs), leading to different optimization directions and inferior performance.

Neural Architecture Search

SpaceEvo: Hardware-Friendly Search Space Design for Efficient INT8 Inference

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Li Lyna Zhang, Xudong Wang, Jiahang Xu, Quanlu Zhang, Yujing Wang, Yuqing Yang, Ningxin Zheng, Ting Cao, Mao Yang

The combination of Neural Architecture Search (NAS) and quantization has proven successful in automatically designing low-FLOPs INT8 quantized neural networks (QNN).

Neural Architecture Search Quantization

Improving Hypernasality Estimation with Automatic Speech Recognition in Cleft Palate Speech

no code implementations10 Aug 2022 Kaitao Song, Teng Wan, Bixia Wang, Huiqiang Jiang, Luna Qiu, Jiahang Xu, Liping Jiang, Qun Lou, Yuqing Yang, Dongsheng Li, Xudong Wang, Lili Qiu

Specifically, we first pre-train an encoder-decoder framework in an automatic speech recognition (ASR) objective by using speech-to-text dataset, and then fine-tune ASR encoder on the cleft palate dataset for hypernasality estimation.

Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) +1

KLDivNet: An unsupervised neural network for multi-modality image registration

no code implementations23 Aug 2019 Yechong Huang, Tao Song, Jiahang Xu, Yinan Chen, Xiahai Zhuang

We then embed the KLDivNet into a registration network to achieve the unsupervised deformable registration for multi-modality images.

Image Registration Medical Image Registration

A Fully-Automatic Framework for Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis by Multi-Modality Images

no code implementations26 Feb 2019 Jiahang Xu, Fangyang Jiao, Yechong Huang, Xinzhe Luo, Qian Xu, Ling Li, Xueling Liu, Chuantao Zuo, Ping Wu, Xiahai Zhuang

Methods: In this paper, we proposed an automatic, end-to-end, multi-modality diagnosis framework, including segmentation, registration, feature generation and machine learning, to process the information of the striatum for the diagnosis of PD.

General Classification Segmentation

Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease via Multi-modality 3D Convolutional Neural Network

no code implementations26 Feb 2019 Yechong Huang, Jiahang Xu, Yuncheng Zhou, Tong Tong, Xiahai Zhuang, the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

In this paper, we propose a novel convolutional neural network (CNN) to fuse the multi-modality information including T1-MRI and FDG-PDT images around the hippocampal area for the diagnosis of AD.

Image Classification

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