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JOTR: 3D Joint Contrastive Learning with Transformers for Occluded Human Mesh Recovery

1 code implementation ICCV 2023 Jiahao Li, Zongxin Yang, Xiaohan Wang, Jianxin Ma, Chang Zhou, Yi Yang

Our method includes an encoder-decoder transformer architecture to fuse 2D and 3D representations for achieving 2D$\&$3D aligned results in a coarse-to-fine manner and a novel 3D joint contrastive learning approach for adding explicitly global supervision for the 3D feature space.

Contrastive Learning Human Mesh Recovery

Communicative Agents for Software Development

1 code implementation16 Jul 2023 Chen Qian, Xin Cong, Wei Liu, Cheng Yang, Weize Chen, Yusheng Su, Yufan Dang, Jiahao Li, Juyuan Xu, Dahai Li, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun

At the core of this paradigm lies ChatDev, a virtual chat-powered software development company that mirrors the established waterfall model, meticulously dividing the development process into four distinct chronological stages: designing, coding, testing, and documenting.

Decision Making

ZJU ReLER Submission for EPIC-KITCHEN Challenge 2023: Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation

no code implementations5 Jul 2023 Jiahao Li, Yuanyou Xu, Zongxin Yang, Yi Yang, Yueting Zhuang

The Associating Objects with Transformers (AOT) framework has exhibited exceptional performance in a wide range of complex scenarios for video object segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation +1

DAGrid: Directed Accumulator Grid

no code implementations5 Jun 2023 Hang Zhang, Renjiu Hu, Xiang Chen, Rongguang Wang, Jinwei Zhang, Jiahao Li

Specifically, the network incorporating DAGrid has realized a 70. 8% reduction in network parameter size and a 96. 8% decrease in FLOPs, while concurrently improving the Dice score for skin lesion segmentation by 1. 0% compared to state-of-the-art transformers.

Image Registration Lesion Segmentation +1

Online Portfolio Management via Deep Reinforcement Learning with High-Frequency Data

1 code implementation Information Processing & Management 2023 Jiahao Li, Yong Zhang, Xingyu Yang, LiangWei Chen

In addition, while the vast majority of SOTA strategies maintain a poor turnover rate of approximately greater than 50% on average, our framework enjoys a relatively low turnover rate on all datasets, efficiency analysis illustrates that our framework no longer has the quadratic dependency limitation.

Management Policy Gradient Methods +3

mcLARO: Multi-Contrast Learned Acquisition and Reconstruction Optimization for simultaneous quantitative multi-parametric mapping

no code implementations7 Apr 2023 Jinwei Zhang, Thanh D. Nguyen, Eddy Solomon, Chao Li, Qihao Zhang, Jiahao Li, Hang Zhang, Pascal Spincemaille, Yi Wang

Results: The retrospective ablation study showed improved image sharpness of mcLARO compared to the baseline network without multi-contrast sampling pattern optimization or image feature fusion, and negligible bias and narrow 95% limits of agreement on regional T1, T2, T2* and QSM values were obtained by the under-sampled reconstructions compared to the fully sampled reconstruction.

Image Reconstruction

DeDA: Deep Directed Accumulator

no code implementations15 Mar 2023 Hang Zhang, Rongguang Wang, Renjiu Hu, Jinwei Zhang, Jiahao Li

Chronic active multiple sclerosis lesions, also termed as rim+ lesions, can be characterized by a hyperintense rim at the edge of the lesion on quantitative susceptibility maps.

Neural Video Compression with Diverse Contexts

2 code implementations CVPR 2023 Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Yan Lu

Better yet, our codec has surpassed the under-developing next generation traditional codec/ECM in both RGB and YUV420 colorspaces, in terms of PSNR.

Optical Flow Estimation Video Compression

EVC: Towards Real-Time Neural Image Compression with Mask Decay

1 code implementation10 Feb 2023 Guo-Hua Wang, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Yan Lu

Both mask decay and residual representation learning greatly improve the RD performance of our scalable encoder.

Image Compression Representation Learning

Spatially Covariant Lesion Segmentation

no code implementations19 Jan 2023 Hang Zhang, Rongguang Wang, Jinwei Zhang, Dongdong Liu, Chao Li, Jiahao Li

Compared to natural images, medical images usually show stronger visual patterns and therefore this adds flexibility and elasticity to resource-limited clinical applications by injecting proper priors into neural networks.

Lesion Segmentation Tumor Segmentation

Motion Information Propagation for Neural Video Compression

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Linfeng Qi, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Houqiang Li, Yan Lu

Meanwhile, besides assisting frame coding at the current time step, the feature from context generation will be propagated as motion condition when coding the subsequent motion latent.

Video Compression

VideoTrack: Learning To Track Objects via Video Transformer

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Fei Xie, Lei Chu, Jiahao Li, Yan Lu, Chao Ma

Existing Siamese tracking methods, which are built on pair-wise matching between two single frames, heavily rely on additional sophisticated mechanism to exploit temporal information among successive video frames, hindering them from high efficiency and industrial deployments.

Visual Tracking

iEnhancer-ELM: improve enhancer identification by extracting position-related multiscale contextual information based on enhancer language models

1 code implementation3 Dec 2022 Jiahao Li, Zhourun Wu, Wenhao Lin, Jiawei Luo, Jun Zhang, Qingcai Chen, Junjie Chen

Although many feature extraction methods have been proposed to improve the performance of enhancer identification, they cannot learn position-related multiscale contextual information from raw DNA sequences.

Language Modelling

Score Jacobian Chaining: Lifting Pretrained 2D Diffusion Models for 3D Generation

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Haochen Wang, Xiaodan Du, Jiahao Li, Raymond A. Yeh, Greg Shakhnarovich

We propose to apply chain rule on the learned gradients, and back-propagate the score of a diffusion model through the Jacobian of a differentiable renderer, which we instantiate to be a voxel radiance field.

LARO: Learned Acquisition and Reconstruction Optimization to accelerate Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping

1 code implementation1 Nov 2022 Jinwei Zhang, Pascal Spincemaille, Hang Zhang, Thanh D. Nguyen, Chao Li, Jiahao Li, Ilhami Kovanlikaya, Mert R. Sabuncu, Yi Wang

In this paper, we present our new framework, called Learned Acquisition and Reconstruction Optimization (LARO), which aims to accelerate the multi-echo gradient echo (mGRE) pulse sequence for QSM.

Improving Chinese Spelling Check by Character Pronunciation Prediction: The Effects of Adaptivity and Granularity

1 code implementation20 Oct 2022 Jiahao Li, Quan Wang, Zhendong Mao, Junbo Guo, Yanyan Yang, Yongdong Zhang

In this paper, we consider introducing an auxiliary task of Chinese pronunciation prediction (CPP) to improve CSC, and, for the first time, systematically discuss the adaptivity and granularity of this auxiliary task.

Hybrid Spatial-Temporal Entropy Modelling for Neural Video Compression

1 code implementation13 Jul 2022 Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Yan Lu

Besides estimating the probability distribution, our entropy model also generates the quantization step at spatial-channel-wise.

Quantization Video Compression

Adapting CLIP For Phrase Localization Without Further Training

1 code implementation7 Apr 2022 Jiahao Li, Greg Shakhnarovich, Raymond A. Yeh

Our method for phrase localization requires no human annotations or additional training.

Neural Compression-Based Feature Learning for Video Restoration

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Cong Huang, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Dong Liu, Yan Lu

The temporal features usually contain various noisy and uncorrelated information, and they may interfere with the restoration of the current frame.

Denoising Quantization +3

Temporal Context Mining for Learned Video Compression

1 code implementation27 Nov 2021 Xihua Sheng, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Li Li, Dong Liu, Yan Lu

From the stored propagated features, we propose to learn multi-scale temporal contexts, and re-fill the learned temporal contexts into the modules of our compression scheme, including the contextual encoder-decoder, the frame generator, and the temporal context encoder.


User Based Design and Evaluation Pipeline for Indoor Airships

no code implementations19 Oct 2021 Zhaoliang Zheng, Jiahao Li, Parth Agrawal, Zhao Lei, Aaron John-Sabu, Ankur Mehta

Designing a controllable airship for non-expert users or preemptively evaluating the performance of desired airships has always been a very challenging problem.

Deep Contextual Video Compression

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2021 Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Yan Lu

In this paper, we propose a deep contextual video compression framework to enable a paradigm shift from predictive coding to conditional coding.

Video Compression

Uncertainty-Aware Deep Video Compression with Ensembles

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Wufei Ma, Jiahao Li, Bin Li, Yan Lu

Deep learning-based video compression is a challenging task and many previous state-of-the-art learning-based video codecs use optical flows to exploit the temporal correlation between successive frames and then compress the residual error.

Video Compression

Curvy: An Interactive Design Tool for Varying Density Support Structures

no code implementations19 Feb 2021 Erva Ulu, Nurcan Gecer Ulu, Jiahao Li, Walter Hsiao

Combined with the build orientation optimization, Curvy provides a practical solution to the design of support structures with minimal perceptual or functional impact on the target part to be printed.

Graphics Computational Geometry

Separable Structure Modeling for Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation

1 code implementation18 Feb 2021 Wencheng Zhu, Jiahao Li, Jiwen Lu, Jie zhou

Specifically, we first compute a pixel-wise similarity matrix by using representations of reference and target pixels and then select top-rank reference pixels for target pixel classification.

One-shot visual object segmentation Video Semantic Segmentation

STS-GAN: Can We Synthesize Solid Texture with High Fidelity from Arbitrary 2D Exemplar?

no code implementations8 Feb 2021 Xin Zhao, Jifeng Guo, Lin Wang, Fanqi Li, Jiahao Li, Junteng Zheng, Bo Yang

Solid texture synthesis (STS), an effective way to extend a 2D exemplar to a 3D solid volume, exhibits advantages in computational photography.

STS Texture Synthesis

DSNet: A Flexible Detect-to-Summarize Network for Video Summarization

1 code implementation1 Dec 2020 Wencheng Zhu, Jiwen Lu, Jiahao Li, and Jie Zhou

In this paper, we propose a Detect-to-Summarize network (DSNet) framework for supervised video summarization.

regression Supervised Video Summarization

Adaptive Generation Model: A New Ensemble Method

no code implementations14 Sep 2020 Jiacheng Ruan, Jiahao Li

As a common method in Machine Learning, Ensemble Method is used to train multiple models from a data set and obtain better results through certain combination strategies.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Ensemble Learning

Constructing Financial Sentimental Factors in Chinese Market Using Natural Language Processing

2 code implementations22 Sep 2018 Junfeng Jiang, Jiahao Li

Especially during the Chinese market crash in 2015, the Pearson correlation coefficient of adjusted sentimental factor with SSE is 0. 5844, which suggests that our model can provide a solid guidance, especially in the special period when the market is influenced greatly by public sentiment.

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