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GenBench: A Benchmarking Suite for Systematic Evaluation of Genomic Foundation Models

1 code implementation1 Jun 2024 Zicheng Liu, Jiahui Li, Siyuan Li, Zelin Zang, Cheng Tan, Yufei Huang, Yajing Bai, Stan Z. Li

The Genomic Foundation Model (GFM) paradigm is expected to facilitate the extraction of generalizable representations from massive genomic data, thereby enabling their application across a spectrum of downstream applications.


Collaborative Ground-Space Communications via Evolutionary Multi-objective Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations11 Apr 2024 Jiahui Li, Geng Sun, Qingqing Wu, Dusit Niyato, Jiawen Kang, Abbas Jamalipour, Victor C. M. Leung

Specifically, it is found that DCB enables terminals that cannot reach the uplink achievable threshold to achieve efficient direct uplink transmission, which thus reveals that DCB is an effective solution for enabling direct ground-space communications.

UAV-enabled Collaborative Beamforming via Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations11 Apr 2024 Saichao Liu, Geng Sun, Jiahui Li, Shuang Liang, Qingqing Wu, Pengfei Wang, Dusit Niyato

To improve the work efficiency of the UVAA, we formulate a UAV-enabled collaborative beamforming multi-objective optimization problem (UCBMOP) to simultaneously maximize the transmission rate of the UVAA and minimize the energy consumption of all UAVs by optimizing the positions and excitation current weights of all UAVs.


Spiking Semantic Communication for Feature Transmission with HARQ

no code implementations13 Oct 2023 Mengyang Wang, Jiahui Li, Mengyao Ma, Xiaopeng Fan

In Collaborative Intelligence (CI), the Artificial Intelligence (AI) model is divided between the edge and the cloud, with intermediate features being sent from the edge to the cloud for inference.

Semantic Communication

UAV Swarm-enabled Collaborative Secure Relay Communications with Time-domain Colluding Eavesdropper

no code implementations3 Oct 2023 Chuang Zhang, Geng Sun, Qingqing Wu, Jiahui Li, Shuang Liang, Dusit Niyato, Victor C. M. Leung

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as aerial relays are practically appealing for assisting Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Joint Scheduling and Trajectory Optimization of Charging UAV in Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks

no code implementations30 Sep 2023 Yanheng Liu, Hongyang Pan, Geng Sun, Aimin Wang, Jiahui Li, Shuang Liang

Wireless rechargeable sensor networks with a charging unmanned aerial vehicle (CUAV) have the broad application prospects in the power supply of the rechargeable sensor nodes (SNs).


Joint Task Offloading and Resource Allocation in Aerial-Terrestrial UAV Networks with Edge and Fog Computing for Post-Disaster Rescue

no code implementations17 Aug 2023 Geng Sun, Long He, Zemin Sun, Qingqing Wu, Shuang Liang, Jiahui Li, Dusit Niyato, Victor C. M. Leung

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) play an increasingly important role in assisting fast-response post-disaster rescue due to their fast deployment, flexible mobility, and low cost.


Multi-Objective Optimization for UAV Swarm-Assisted IoT with Virtual Antenna Arrays

no code implementations3 Aug 2023 Jiahui Li, Geng Sun, Lingjie Duan, Qingqing Wu

The existing UAV-assisted data harvesting and dissemination schemes largely require UAVs to frequently fly between the IoTs and access points, resulting in extra energy and time costs.

OSP: Boosting Distributed Model Training with 2-stage Synchronization

no code implementations29 Jun 2023 Zixuan Chen, Lei Shi, Xuandong Liu, Jiahui Li, Sen Liu, Yang Xu

However, these two types of methods can result in accuracy loss due to discarded gradients and have limited enhancement on the throughput of model synchronization, respectively.

Window Normalization: Enhancing Point Cloud Understanding by Unifying Inconsistent Point Densities

1 code implementation5 Dec 2022 Qi Wang, Sheng Shi, Jiahui Li, Wuming Jiang, Xiangde Zhang

Existing methods are limited by the inconsistent point densities of different parts in the point cloud.

SNN-SC: A Spiking Semantic Communication Framework for Feature Transmission

1 code implementation13 Oct 2022 Mengyang Wang, Jiahui Li, Mengyao Ma, Xiaopeng Fan, Yonghong Tian

However, most of the existing SC works only transmit analog information on the AWGN channel and cannot be directly used for digital channels.

Classification Quantization +1

S2RL: Do We Really Need to Perceive All States in Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning?

no code implementations20 Jun 2022 Shuang Luo, Yinchuan Li, Jiahui Li, Kun Kuang, Furui Liu, Yunfeng Shao, Chao Wu

To this end, we propose a sparse state based MARL (S2RL) framework, which utilizes a sparse attention mechanism to discard irrelevant information in local observations.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +2

Deep Joint Source-Channel Coding for Multi-Task Network

no code implementations13 Sep 2021 Mengyang Wang, Zhicong Zhang, Jiahui Li, Mengyao Ma, Xiaopeng Fan

The feature generated by the mobile device is transmitted through the wireless channel to the edge server.

Multi-Task Learning object-detection +2

Instance-wise or Class-wise? A Tale of Neighbor Shapley for Concept-based Explanation

no code implementations3 Sep 2021 Jiahui Li, Kun Kuang, Lin Li, Long Chen, Songyang Zhang, Jian Shao, Jun Xiao

Deep neural networks have demonstrated remarkable performance in many data-driven and prediction-oriented applications, and sometimes even perform better than humans.

Financial Analysis Medical Diagnosis

Hybrid Supervision Learning for Pathology Whole Slide Image Classification

1 code implementation2 Jul 2021 Jiahui Li, Wen Chen, Xiaodi Huang, Zhiqiang Hu, Qi Duan, Hongsheng Li, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Shaoting Zhang

To handle this problem, we propose a hybrid supervision learning framework for this kind of high resolution images with sufficient image-level coarse annotations and a few pixel-level fine labels.

Classification Image Classification +3

Shapley Counterfactual Credits for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations1 Jun 2021 Jiahui Li, Kun Kuang, Baoxiang Wang, Furui Liu, Long Chen, Fei Wu, Jun Xiao

Specifically, Shapley Value and its desired properties are leveraged in deep MARL to credit any combinations of agents, which grants us the capability to estimate the individual credit for each agent.

counterfactual Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning +4

SNR-adaptive deep joint source-channel coding for wireless image transmission

no code implementations30 Jan 2021 Mingze Ding, Jiahui Li, Mengyao Ma, Xiaopeng Fan

Considering the problem of joint source-channel coding (JSCC) for multi-user transmission of images over noisy channels, an autoencoder-based novel deep joint source-channel coding scheme is proposed in this paper.


Attention-Aware Age-Agnostic Visual Place Recognition

no code implementations11 Sep 2019 Ziqi Wang, Jiahui Li, Seyran Khademi, Jan van Gemert

Different from conventional VPR settings where the query images and gallery images come from the same domain, we propose a more common but challenging setup where the query images are collected under a new unseen condition.

Domain Adaptation Image Retrieval +2

Accurate Nuclear Segmentation with Center Vector Encoding

no code implementations9 Jul 2019 Jiahui Li, Zhiqiang Hu, Shuang Yang

Nuclear segmentation is important and frequently demanded for pathology image analysis, yet is also challenging due to nuclear crowdedness and possible occlusion.

Nuclear Segmentation Segmentation

Signet Ring Cell Detection With a Semi-supervised Learning Framework

1 code implementation9 Jul 2019 Jiahui Li, Shuang Yang, Xiaodi Huang, Qian Da, Xiaoqun Yang, Zhiqiang Hu, Qi Duan, Chaofu Wang, Hongsheng Li

Our framework achieves accurate signet ring cell detection and can be readily applied in the clinical trails.

Cell Detection

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