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Flooding Spread of Manipulated Knowledge in LLM-Based Multi-Agent Communities

1 code implementation10 Jul 2024 Tianjie Ju, Yiting Wang, Xinbei Ma, Pengzhou Cheng, Haodong Zhao, Yulong Wang, Lifeng Liu, Jian Xie, Zhuosheng Zhang, Gongshen Liu

The rapid adoption of large language models (LLMs) in multi-agent systems has highlighted their impressive capabilities in various applications, such as collaborative problem-solving and autonomous negotiation.

counterfactual Fact Checking +2

3D-Properties: Identifying Challenges in DPO and Charting a Path Forward

no code implementations11 Jun 2024 Yuzi Yan, Yibo Miao, Jialian Li, Yipin Zhang, Jian Xie, Zhijie Deng, Dong Yan

Aligning large language models (LLMs) with human preference has recently gained tremendous attention, with the canonical yet costly RLHF-PPO and the simple and straightforward Direct Preference Optimization (DPO) as two examples.

Instruction Following

SPO: Multi-Dimensional Preference Sequential Alignment With Implicit Reward Modeling

1 code implementation21 May 2024 Xingzhou Lou, Junge Zhang, Jian Xie, Lifeng Liu, Dong Yan, Kaiqi Huang

Human preference alignment is critical in building powerful and reliable large language models (LLMs).

From Persona to Personalization: A Survey on Role-Playing Language Agents

no code implementations28 Apr 2024 Jiangjie Chen, Xintao Wang, Rui Xu, Siyu Yuan, Yikai Zhang, Wei Shi, Jian Xie, Shuang Li, Ruihan Yang, Tinghui Zhu, Aili Chen, Nianqi Li, Lida Chen, Caiyu Hu, Siye Wu, Scott Ren, Ziquan Fu, Yanghua Xiao

Through this work, we aim to establish a clear taxonomy of RPLA research and applications, and facilitate future research in this critical and ever-evolving field, and pave the way for a future where humans and RPLAs coexist in harmony.

In-Context Learning Instruction Following

How Easily do Irrelevant Inputs Skew the Responses of Large Language Models?

1 code implementation4 Apr 2024 Siye Wu, Jian Xie, Jiangjie Chen, Tinghui Zhu, Kai Zhang, Yanghua Xiao

By leveraging the retrieval of information from external knowledge databases, Large Language Models (LLMs) exhibit enhanced capabilities for accomplishing many knowledge-intensive tasks.


Interpreting Key Mechanisms of Factual Recall in Transformer-Based Language Models

1 code implementation28 Mar 2024 Ang Lv, Yuhan Chen, Kaiyi Zhang, Yulong Wang, Lifeng Liu, Ji-Rong Wen, Jian Xie, Rui Yan

In this paper, we delve into several mechanisms employed by Transformer-based language models (LLMs) for factual recall tasks.

TravelPlanner: A Benchmark for Real-World Planning with Language Agents

1 code implementation2 Feb 2024 Jian Xie, Kai Zhang, Jiangjie Chen, Tinghui Zhu, Renze Lou, Yuandong Tian, Yanghua Xiao, Yu Su

Are these language agents capable of planning in more complex settings that are out of the reach of prior AI agents?

Deductive Beam Search: Decoding Deducible Rationale for Chain-of-Thought Reasoning

1 code implementation31 Jan 2024 Tinghui Zhu, Kai Zhang, Jian Xie, Yu Su

Recent advancements have significantly augmented the reasoning capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) through various methodologies, especially chain-of-thought (CoT) reasoning.

MUFFIN: Curating Multi-Faceted Instructions for Improving Instruction-Following

no code implementations5 Dec 2023 Renze Lou, Kai Zhang, Jian Xie, Yuxuan Sun, Janice Ahn, Hanzi Xu, Yu Su, Wenpeng Yin

In the realm of large language models (LLMs), enhancing instruction-following capability often involves curating expansive training data.

Instruction Following

Adaptive Chameleon or Stubborn Sloth: Revealing the Behavior of Large Language Models in Knowledge Conflicts

1 code implementation22 May 2023 Jian Xie, Kai Zhang, Jiangjie Chen, Renze Lou, Yu Su

By providing external information to large language models (LLMs), tool augmentation (including retrieval augmentation) has emerged as a promising solution for addressing the limitations of LLMs' static parametric memory.


Dialogue State Distillation Network with Inter-slot Contrastive Learning for Dialogue State Tracking

no code implementations16 Feb 2023 Jing Xu, Dandan song, Chong Liu, Siu Cheung Hui, Fei Li, Qiang Ju, Xiaonan He, Jian Xie

In this paper, we propose a Dialogue State Distillation Network (DSDN) to utilize relevant information of previous dialogue states and migrate the gap of utilization between training and testing.

Contrastive Learning Dialogue State Tracking +1

A Transformer-Based User Satisfaction Prediction for Proactive Interaction Mechanism in DuerOS

no code implementations5 Dec 2022 Wei Shen, Xiaonan He, Chuheng Zhang, Xuyun Zhang, Jian Xie

Moreover, they are trained and evaluated on the benchmark datasets with adequate labels, which are expensive to obtain in a commercial dialogue system.

Spoken Dialogue Systems

Shift Convolution Network for Stereo Matching

no code implementations20 Nov 2019 Jian Xie

In this paper, we present Shift Convolution Network (ShiftConvNet) to provide matching capability between two feature maps for stereo estimation.

Stereo Matching

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