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High-performance Passive Eigen-model-based Detectors of Single Emitter Using Massive MIMO Receivers

no code implementations3 Aug 2021 Qijuan Jie, Xichao Zhan, Feng Shu, Yaohui Ding, Baihua Shi, YiFan Li, Jiangzhou Wang

The test statistic (TS) of the first method is defined as the ratio of maximum eigen-value (Max-EV) to minimum eigen-value (R-MaxEV-MinEV) while that of the second one is defined as the ratio of Max-EV to noise variance (R-MaxEV-NV).

Communication-efficient Coordinated RSS-based Distributed Passive Localization via Drone Cluster

no code implementations1 Apr 2021 Xin Cheng, Weiping Shi, Wenlong Cai, Weiqiang Zhu, Tong Shen, Feng Shu, Jiangzhou Wang

Simulation results show that the proposed DMM performs better than the existing distributed Gauss-Newton method (DGN) in terms of root of mean square error (RMSE) under a limited low communication overhead constraint.

UAV-enabled optimal position selection for secure and precise wireless transmission

no code implementations31 Mar 2021 Tong Shen, Wenlong Cai, Yan Lin, Shuo Zhang, Jinyong Lin, Feng Shu, Jiangzhou Wang

The proposed schemes find the optimal transmission positions based on putting the eavesdropper at the null point.

Self-Sustainable Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Simultaneous Terahertz Information and Power Transfer (STIPT)

no code implementations8 Feb 2021 Yijin Pan, Kezhi Wang, Cunhua Pan, Huiling Zhu, Jiangzhou Wang

This paper proposes a new simultaneous terahertz (THz) information and power transfer (STIPT) system, which is assisted by reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) for both the information data and power transmission.

Performance Comparison between Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface and Relays: Theoretical Methods and a Perspective from Operator

no code implementations28 Jan 2021 Qi Gu, Dan Wu, Xin Su, Jing Jin, Yifei Yuan, Jiangzhou Wang

On the other hand, a relay node in a traditional relay network has to be active, which indicates that it will consume energy when it is relaying the signal or information between the source and destination nodes.

Information Theory Information Theory

Multi-Intelligent-Reflecting-Surfaces-Aided Secure Precise Wireless Transmission in 3D Scenario

no code implementations23 Nov 2020 Tong Shen, Wenlong Cai, Yan Lin, Shuo Zhang, Jinyong Lin, Feng Shu, Jiangzhou Wang

Moreover, MSLNR scheme has a lower complexity than the MSR scheme, while the SR performance is close to that of the MSR scheme.

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 6G Systems: Principles, Applications, and Research Directions

no code implementations9 Nov 2020 Cunhua Pan, Hong Ren, Kezhi Wang, Jonas Florentin Kolb, Maged Elkashlan, Ming Chen, Marco Di Renzo, Yang Hao, Jiangzhou Wang, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Xiaohu You, Lajos Hanzo

Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs) or intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs), are regarded as one of the most promising and revolutionizing techniques for enhancing the spectrum and/or energy efficiency of wireless systems.

Time-dependent Performance Analysis of the 802.11p-based Platooning Communications Under Disturbance

1 code implementation5 Nov 2020 Qiong Wu, Hongmei Ge, Pingyi Fan, Jiangzhou Wang, Qiang Fan, Zhengquan Li

However, one vehicle in platoons inevitably suffers from a disturbance resulting from the leader vehicle acceleration/deceleration, wind gust and uncertainties in a platoon control system, i. e., aerodynamics drag and rolling resistance moment etc.

Networking and Internet Architecture

Enhanced RSS-based UAV Localization via Trajectory and Multi-base Stations

no code implementations3 Nov 2020 YiFan Li, Feng Shu, Baihua Shi, Xin Cheng, Yaoliang Song, Jiangzhou Wang

First, fixing the nth BS, by exploiting multiple measurements along trajectory, the position of UAV is computed by ML rule.

Fast Network Community Detection with Profile-Pseudo Likelihood Methods

1 code implementation1 Nov 2020 Jiangzhou Wang, Jingfei Zhang, Binghui Liu, Ji Zhu, Jianhua Guo

In this article, we propose a novel likelihood based approach that decouples row and column labels in the likelihood function, which enables a fast alternating maximization; the new method is computationally efficient, performs well for both small and large scale networks, and has provable convergence guarantee.

Community Detection Stochastic Block Model

Impact of Low-Resolution ADC on DOA Estimation Performance for Massive MIMO Receive Array

no code implementations1 Nov 2020 Baihua Shi, Nuo Chen, Xicheng Zhu, Yuwen Qian, Yijin Zhang, Feng Shu, Jiangzhou Wang

In this paper, we present a new scenario of direction of arrival (DOA) estimation using massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) receive array with low-resolution analog-to-digital convertors (ADCs), which can strike a good balance between performance and circuit cost.

Information Theory Signal Processing Information Theory

UAV-Assisted and Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces-Supported Terahertz Communications

no code implementations27 Oct 2020 Yijin Pan, Kezhi Wang, Cunhua Pan, Huiling Zhu, Jiangzhou Wang

In this paper, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and intelligent reflective surface (IRS) are utilized to support terahertz (THz) communications.

A Machine Learning Framework for Resource Allocation Assisted by Cloud Computing

no code implementations16 Dec 2017 Jun-Bo Wang, Junyuan Wang, Yongpeng Wu, Jin-Yuan Wang, Huiling Zhu, Min Lin, Jiangzhou Wang

Moreover, optimal or near-optimal solutions of historical scenarios can be searched offline and stored in advance.

On Consideration of Content Preference and Sharing Willingness in D2D Assisted Offloading

1 code implementation1 Feb 2017 Yijin Pan, Cunhua Pan, Huiling Zhu, Qasim Zeeshan Ahmed, Ming Chen, Jiangzhou Wang

Furthermore, an alternative group optimization (AGO) algorithm is proposed to solve the general case of the optimization problem.

Networking and Internet Architecture

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