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Multi-Scale Local-Temporal Similarity Fusion for Continuous Sign Language Recognition

no code implementations27 Jul 2021 Pan Xie, Zhi Cui, Yao Du, Mengyi Zhao, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang, Xiaohui Hu

Continuous sign language recognition (cSLR) is a public significant task that transcribes a sign language video into an ordered gloss sequence.

Sign Language Recognition

Improving Tree-Structured Decoder Training for Code Generation via Mutual Learning

no code implementations31 May 2021 Binbin Xie, Jinsong Su, Yubin Ge, Xiang Li, Jianwei Cui, Junfeng Yao, Bin Wang

However, such a decoder only exploits the preorder traversal based preceding actions, which are insufficient to ensure correct action predictions.

Code Generation

Towards an Online Empathetic Chatbot with Emotion Causes

no code implementations11 May 2021 Yanran Li, Ke Li, Hongke Ning, Xiaoqiang Xia, Yalong Guo, Chen Wei, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang

Existing emotion-aware conversational models usually focus on controlling the response contents to align with a specific emotion class, whereas empathy is the ability to understand and concern the feelings and experience of others.


Writing Polishment with Simile: Task, Dataset and A Neural Approach

1 code implementation15 Dec 2020 Jiayi Zhang, Zhi Cui, Xiaoqiang Xia, Yalong Guo, Yanran Li, Chen Wei, Jianwei Cui

In this paper, we propose a new task of Writing Polishment with Simile (WPS) to investigate whether machines are able to polish texts with similes as we human do.

Reasoning in Dialog: Improving Response Generation by Context Reading Comprehension

1 code implementation14 Dec 2020 Xiuying Chen, Zhi Cui, Jiayi Zhang, Chen Wei, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang, Dongyan Zhao, Rui Yan

Hence, in this paper, we propose to improve the response generation performance by examining the model's ability to answer a reading comprehension question, where the question is focused on the omitted information in the dialog.

Multi-Task Learning Reading Comprehension

Infusing Sequential Information into Conditional Masked Translation Model with Self-Review Mechanism

1 code implementation COLING 2020 Pan Xie, Zhi Cui, Xiuyin Chen, Xiaohui Hu, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang

Concretely, we insert a left-to-right mask to the same decoder of CMTM, and then induce it to autoregressively review whether each generated word from CMTM is supposed to be replaced or kept.

Knowledge Distillation Translation

Xiaomi's Submissions for IWSLT 2020 Open Domain Translation Task

no code implementations WS 2020 Yuhui Sun, Mengxue Guo, Xiang Li, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang

This paper describes the Xiaomi{'}s submissions to the IWSLT20 shared open domain translation task for Chinese{\textless}-{\textgreater}Japanese language pair.

Domain Adaptation Knowledge Distillation +2

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