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AI-Generated Text Detection and Classification Based on BERT Deep Learning Algorithm

no code implementations26 May 2024 Hao Wang, Jianwei Li, Zhengyu Li

In conclusion, the AI-generated text detection model based on the BERT algorithm proposed in this study shows high accuracy and stability in experiments, providing an effective solution for related fields.

Text Detection

FP8-BERT: Post-Training Quantization for Transformer

no code implementations10 Dec 2023 Jianwei Li, Tianchi Zhang, Ian En-Hsu Yen, Dongkuan Xu

Transformer-based models, such as BERT, have been widely applied in a wide range of natural language processing tasks.


Beyond Gradient and Priors in Privacy Attacks: Leveraging Pooler Layer Inputs of Language Models in Federated Learning

no code implementations10 Dec 2023 Jianwei Li, Sheng Liu, Qi Lei

Language models trained via federated learning (FL) demonstrate impressive capabilities in handling complex tasks while protecting user privacy.

CoLA Federated Learning +3

Breaking through Deterministic Barriers: Randomized Pruning Mask Generation and Selection

no code implementations19 Oct 2023 Jianwei Li, Weizhi Gao, Qi Lei, Dongkuan Xu

It is widely acknowledged that large and sparse models have higher accuracy than small and dense models under the same model size constraints.

Towards Robust Pruning: An Adaptive Knowledge-Retention Pruning Strategy for Language Models

no code implementations19 Oct 2023 Jianwei Li, Qi Lei, Wei Cheng, Dongkuan Xu

The pruning objective has recently extended beyond accuracy and sparsity to robustness in language models.

Accelerating Vision Transformers Based on Heterogeneous Attention Patterns

no code implementations11 Oct 2023 Deli Yu, Teng Xi, Jianwei Li, Baopu Li, Gang Zhang, Haocheng Feng, Junyu Han, Jingtuo Liu, Errui Ding, Jingdong Wang

On one hand, different images share more similar attention patterns in early layers than later layers, indicating that the dynamic query-by-key self-attention matrix may be replaced with a static self-attention matrix in early layers.

Dimensionality Reduction

TaiChi Action Capture and Performance Analysis with Multi-view RGB Cameras

no code implementations26 Jun 2023 Jianwei Li, Siyu Mo, Yanfei Shen

Recent advances in computer vision and deep learning have influenced the field of sports performance analysis for researchers to track and reconstruct freely moving humans without any marker attachment.

Surface Reconstruction

A Badminton Recognition and Tracking System Based on Context Multi-feature Fusion

no code implementations26 Jun 2023 Xinyu Wang, Jianwei Li

Ball recognition and tracking have traditionally been the main focus of computer vision researchers as a crucial component of sports video analysis.

Learning Motion-Robust Remote Photoplethysmography through Arbitrary Resolution Videos

1 code implementation30 Nov 2022 Jianwei Li, Zitong Yu, Jingang Shi

Remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) enables non-contact heart rate (HR) estimation from facial videos which gives significant convenience compared with traditional contact-based measurements.

Face Alignment Optical Flow Estimation

Modeling COVID-19 vaccine-induced immunological memory development and its links to antibody level and infectiousness

no code implementations5 Apr 2022 Xin Gao, Jianwei Li, Dianjie Li

By introducing the maximum viral load and recovery time after viral infection, we quantitatively studied the protective effect of vaccines against viral infection.

Voltage-Based State of Charge Correction at Charge-End

no code implementations7 Jan 2022 Ali Abdollahi, Jianwei Li, Xiaojun Li, Trevor Jones, Asif Habeebullah

The amount of correction is a function of maximum cell voltage and the charge current C-rate.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Fixed-Text Keystroke Dynamics

no code implementations1 Jul 2021 Han-Chih Chang, Jianwei Li, Ching-Seh Wu, Mark Stamp

Keystroke dynamics can be used to analyze the way that users type by measuring various aspects of keyboard input.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics for User Authentication

no code implementations1 Jul 2021 Jianwei Li, Han-Chih Chang, Mark Stamp

In this research, we consider the problem of verifying user identity based on keystroke dynamics obtained from free-text.

Feature Engineering

Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics

no code implementations1 Jul 2021 Han-Chih Chang, Jianwei Li, Mark Stamp

Keystroke dynamics can be used to analyze the way that a user types based on various keyboard input.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Data-driven Thermal Anomaly Detection for Batteries using Unsupervised Shape Clustering

no code implementations16 Mar 2021 Xiaojun Li, Jianwei Li, Ali Abdollahi, Trevor Jones

We propose a data-driven method to detect battery thermal anomaly based on comparing shape-similarity between thermal measurements.

Anomaly Detection Clustering

Model-based cellular kinetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection: different immune response modes and treatment strategies

no code implementations12 Jan 2021 Zhengqing Zhou, Zhiheng Zhao, Shuyu Shi, Jianghua Wu, Dianjie Li, Jianwei Li, Jingpeng Zhang, Ke Gui, Yu Zhang, Heng Mei, Yu Hu, Qi Ouyang, Fangting Li

Integrating theoretical results with clinical COVID-19 patients' data, we classified the COVID-19 development processes into three typical modes of immune responses, correlated with the clinical classification of mild & moderate, severe and critical patients.

Learning a Single Model with a Wide Range of Quality Factors for JPEG Image Artifacts Removal

1 code implementation15 Sep 2020 Jianwei Li, Yongtao Wang, Haihua Xie, Kai-Kuang Ma

Our proposed network is a single model approach that can be trained for handling a wide range of quality factors while consistently delivering superior or comparable image artifacts removal performance.

Blocking JPEG Artifact Correction +1

Balance Scene Learning Mechanism for Offshore and Inshore Ship Detection in SAR Images

no code implementations21 Jul 2020 Tianwen Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Jun Shi, Shunjun Wei, Jianguo Wang, Jianwei Li, Hao Su, Yue Zhou

Huge imbalance of different scenes' sample numbers seriously reduces Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) ship detection accuracy.

SAR Ship Detection

Conformal and Low-Rank Sparse Representation for Image Restoration

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Jianwei Li, Xiaowu Chen, Dongqing Zou, Bo Gao, Wei Teng

In this paper, we propose a novel sparse representation approach called conformal and low-rank sparse representation (CLRSR) for image restoration problems.

Dictionary Learning Image Restoration

Sparse Dictionary Learning for Edit Propagation of High-Resolution Images

no code implementations CVPR 2014 Xiaowu Chen, Dongqing Zou, Jianwei Li, Xiaochun Cao, Qinping Zhao, Hao Zhang

Previous approaches for edit propagation typically employ a global optimization over the whole set of image pixels, incurring a prohibitively high memory and time consumption for high-resolution images.

Dictionary Learning Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

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