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EasySpider: A No-Code Visual System for Crawling the Web

1 code implementation ACM The Web Conference 2023 Naibo Wang, Wenjie Feng, Jianwei Yin, See-Kiong Ng

As such, web-crawling is an essential tool for both computational and non-computational scientists to conduct research.


FreeEagle: Detecting Complex Neural Trojans in Data-Free Cases

no code implementations28 Feb 2023 Chong Fu, Xuhong Zhang, Shouling Ji, Ting Wang, Peng Lin, Yanghe Feng, Jianwei Yin

Thus, in this paper, we propose FreeEagle, the first data-free backdoor detection method that can effectively detect complex backdoor attacks on deep neural networks, without relying on the access to any clean samples or samples with the trigger.

Backdoor Attack

VL-CheckList: Evaluating Pre-trained Vision-Language Models with Objects, Attributes and Relations

1 code implementation1 Jul 2022 Tiancheng Zhao, Tianqi Zhang, Mingwei Zhu, Haozhan Shen, Kyusong Lee, Xiaopeng Lu, Jianwei Yin

Inspired by the CheckList for testing natural language processing, we introduce VL-CheckList, a novel framework to understand the capabilities of VLP models.

Differentiable and Scalable Generative Adversarial Models for Data Imputation

no code implementations10 Jan 2022 Yangyang Wu, Jun Wang, Xiaoye Miao, Wenjia Wang, Jianwei Yin

DIM leverages a new masking Sinkhorn divergence function to make an arbitrary generative adversarial imputation model differentiable, while for such a differentiable imputation model, SSE can estimate an appropriate sample size to ensure the user-specified imputation accuracy of the final model.


Towards Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Deep Neural Network via Algorithmic-Cryptographic Co-design

no code implementations17 Dec 2020 Jun Zhou, Longfei Zheng, Chaochao Chen, Yan Wang, Xiaolin Zheng, Bingzhe Wu, Cen Chen, Li Wang, Jianwei Yin

In this paper, we propose SPNN - a Scalable and Privacy-preserving deep Neural Network learning framework, from algorithmic-cryptographic co-perspective.

Privacy Preserving

Joint Partial Optimal Transport for Open Set Domain Adaptation

no code implementations11 Jul 2020 Renjun Xu, Pelen Liu, Yin Zhang, Fang Cai, Jindong Wang, Shuoying Liang, Heting Ying, Jianwei Yin

However, in a general setting when the target domain contains classes that are never observed in the source domain, namely in Open Set Domain Adaptation (OSDA), existing DA methods failed to work because of the interference of the extra unknown classes.

Domain Adaptation

Service Wrapper: a system for converting web data into web services

1 code implementation17 Oct 2019 Naibo Wang, Zhiling Luo, Xiya Lyu, Zitong Yang, Jianwei Yin

In this work, we construct a service wrapper system to convert available data in web pages into web services.

Context-Aware Deep Spatio-Temporal Network for Hand Pose Estimation from Depth Images

no code implementations6 Oct 2018 Yiming Wu, Wei Ji, Xi Li, Gang Wang, Jianwei Yin, Fei Wu

As a fundamental and challenging problem in computer vision, hand pose estimation aims to estimate the hand joint locations from depth images.

Hand Pose Estimation

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