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Prompt a Robot to Walk with Large Language Models

1 code implementation18 Sep 2023 Yen-Jen Wang, Bike Zhang, Jianyu Chen, Koushil Sreenath

Large language models (LLMs) pre-trained on vast internet-scale data have showcased remarkable capabilities across diverse domains.

The CALLA Dataset: Probing LLMs' Interactive Knowledge Acquisition from Chinese Medical Literature

1 code implementation8 Sep 2023 Yanrui Du, Sendong Zhao, MuZhen Cai, Jianyu Chen, Haochun Wang, Yuhan Chen, Haoqiang Guo, Bing Qin

Recent studies have focused on constructing Instruction Fine-Tuning (IFT) data through medical knowledge graphs to enrich the interactive medical knowledge of LLMs.

Fact Checking Knowledge Graphs

DoReMi: Grounding Language Model by Detecting and Recovering from Plan-Execution Misalignment

no code implementations1 Jul 2023 Yanjiang Guo, Yen-Jen Wang, Lihan Zha, Zheyuan Jiang, Jianyu Chen

Large language models (LLMs) encode a vast amount of semantic knowledge and possess remarkable understanding and reasoning capabilities.

Language Modelling Question Answering +1

Decentralized Motor Skill Learning for Complex Robotic Systems

no code implementations30 Jun 2023 Yanjiang Guo, Zheyuan Jiang, Yen-Jen Wang, Jingyue Gao, Jianyu Chen

Experiments on quadruped and humanoid robots demonstrate that the learned policy is robust against local motor malfunctions and can be transferred to new tasks.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Asking Before Action: Gather Information in Embodied Decision Making with Language Models

no code implementations25 May 2023 Xiaoyu Chen, Shenao Zhang, Pushi Zhang, Li Zhao, Jianyu Chen

With strong capabilities of reasoning and a generic understanding of the world, Large Language Models (LLMs) have shown great potential in building versatile embodied decision making agents capable of performing diverse tasks.

Imitation Learning

Towards Generalizable Reinforcement Learning for Trade Execution

no code implementations12 May 2023 Chuheng Zhang, Yitong Duan, Xiaoyu Chen, Jianyu Chen, Jian Li, Li Zhao

To evaluate our algorithms, we also implement a carefully designed simulator based on historical limit order book (LOB) data to provide a high-fidelity benchmark for different algorithms.

Offline RL reinforcement-learning +1

Learning Robust, Agile, Natural Legged Locomotion Skills in the Wild

no code implementations21 Apr 2023 Yikai Wang, Zheyuan Jiang, Jianyu Chen

In this paper, we propose a new framework for learning robust, agile and natural legged locomotion skills over challenging terrain.


An Adaptive Deep RL Method for Non-Stationary Environments with Piecewise Stable Context

no code implementations24 Dec 2022 Xiaoyu Chen, Xiangming Zhu, Yufeng Zheng, Pushi Zhang, Li Zhao, Wenxue Cheng, Peng Cheng, Yongqiang Xiong, Tao Qin, Jianyu Chen, Tie-Yan Liu

One of the key challenges in deploying RL to real-world applications is to adapt to variations of unknown environment contexts, such as changing terrains in robotic tasks and fluctuated bandwidth in congestion control.

Decomposed Mutual Information Optimization for Generalized Context in Meta-Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation9 Oct 2022 Yao Mu, Yuzheng Zhuang, Fei Ni, Bin Wang, Jianyu Chen, Jianye Hao, Ping Luo

This paper addresses such a challenge by Decomposed Mutual INformation Optimization (DOMINO) for context learning, which explicitly learns a disentangled context to maximize the mutual information between the context and historical trajectories, while minimizing the state transition prediction error.

Decision Making Meta Reinforcement Learning +2

Enhance Sample Efficiency and Robustness of End-to-end Urban Autonomous Driving via Semantic Masked World Model

no code implementations8 Oct 2022 Zeyu Gao, Yao Mu, Ruoyan Shen, Chen Chen, Yangang Ren, Jianyu Chen, Shengbo Eben Li, Ping Luo, YanFeng Lu

End-to-end autonomous driving provides a feasible way to automatically maximize overall driving system performance by directly mapping the raw pixels from a front-facing camera to control signals.

Autonomous Driving

Performance-Driven Controller Tuning via Derivative-Free Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations11 Sep 2022 YuHeng Lei, Jianyu Chen, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng

Choosing an appropriate parameter set for the designed controller is critical for the final performance but usually requires a tedious and careful tuning process, which implies a strong need for automatic tuning methods.

Autonomous Driving reinforcement-learning +1

A Contact-Safe Reinforcement Learning Framework for Contact-Rich Robot Manipulation

no code implementations27 Jul 2022 Xiang Zhu, Shucheng Kang, Jianyu Chen

In this paper, we propose a contact-safe reinforcement learning framework for contact-rich robot manipulation, which maintains safety in both the task space and joint space.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +2

CtrlFormer: Learning Transferable State Representation for Visual Control via Transformer

1 code implementation17 Jun 2022 Yao Mu, Shoufa Chen, Mingyu Ding, Jianyu Chen, Runjian Chen, Ping Luo

In visual control, learning transferable state representation that can transfer between different control tasks is important to reduce the training sample size.

Transfer Learning

Flow-based Recurrent Belief State Learning for POMDPs

no code implementations23 May 2022 Xiaoyu Chen, Yao Mu, Ping Luo, Shengbo Li, Jianyu Chen

Furthermore, we show that the learned belief states can be plugged into downstream RL algorithms to improve performance.

Decision Making Variational Inference

Reachability Constrained Reinforcement Learning

2 code implementations16 May 2022 Dongjie Yu, Haitong Ma, Shengbo Eben Li, Jianyu Chen

Recent studies incorporate feasible sets into CRL with energy-based methods such as control barrier function (CBF), safety index (SI), and leverage prior conservative estimations of feasible sets, which harms the performance of the learned policy.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +1

Scale-Equivalent Distillation for Semi-Supervised Object Detection

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Qiushan Guo, Yao Mu, Jianyu Chen, Tianqi Wang, Yizhou Yu, Ping Luo

Further, we overcome these challenges by introducing a novel approach, Scale-Equivalent Distillation (SED), which is a simple yet effective end-to-end knowledge distillation framework robust to large object size variance and class imbalance.

Knowledge Distillation object-detection +2

Zeroth-Order Actor-Critic

no code implementations29 Jan 2022 YuHeng Lei, Jianyu Chen, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng

The recent advanced evolution-based zeroth-order optimization methods and the policy gradient-based first-order methods are two promising alternatives to solve reinforcement learning (RL) problems with complementary advantages.

Continuous Control Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Learn Zero-Constraint-Violation Policy in Model-Free Constrained Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation25 Nov 2021 Haitong Ma, Changliu Liu, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng, Wenchao Sun, Jianyu Chen

Existing methods mostly use the posterior penalty for dangerous actions, which means that the agent is not penalized until experiencing danger.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Joint Synthesis of Safety Certificate and Safe Control Policy using Constrained Reinforcement Learning

1 code implementation15 Nov 2021 Haitong Ma, Changliu Liu, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng, Jianyu Chen

This paper proposes a novel approach that simultaneously synthesizes the energy-function-based safety certificate and learns the safe control policy with CRL.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +1

Feasible Actor-Critic: Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Ensuring Statewise Safety

3 code implementations22 May 2021 Haitong Ma, Yang Guan, Shegnbo Eben Li, Xiangteng Zhang, Sifa Zheng, Jianyu Chen

The safety constraints commonly used by existing safe reinforcement learning (RL) methods are defined only on expectation of initial states, but allow each certain state to be unsafe, which is unsatisfying for real-world safety-critical tasks.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL) +2

Model-based Constrained Reinforcement Learning using Generalized Control Barrier Function

1 code implementation2 Mar 2021 Haitong Ma, Jianyu Chen, Shengbo Eben Li, Ziyu Lin, Yang Guan, Yangang Ren, Sifa Zheng

Model information can be used to predict future trajectories, so it has huge potential to avoid dangerous region when implementing reinforcement learning (RL) on real-world tasks, like autonomous driving.

Autonomous Driving Collision Avoidance +3

Mixed Policy Gradient

2 code implementations23 Feb 2021 Yang Guan, Jingliang Duan, Shengbo Eben Li, Jie Li, Jianyu Chen, Bo Cheng

MPG contains two types of PG: 1) data-driven PG, which is obtained by directly calculating the derivative of the learned Q-value function with respect to actions, and 2) model-driven PG, which is calculated using BPTT based on the model-predictive return.

Decision Making Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Separated Proportional-Integral Lagrangian for Chance Constrained Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations17 Feb 2021 Baiyu Peng, Yao Mu, Jingliang Duan, Yang Guan, Shengbo Eben Li, Jianyu Chen

Taking a control perspective, we first interpret the penalty method and the Lagrangian method as proportional feedback and integral feedback control, respectively.

Autonomous Driving reinforcement-learning +1

Steadily Learn to Drive with Virtual Memory

no code implementations16 Feb 2021 Yuhang Zhang, Yao Mu, Yujie Yang, Yang Guan, Shengbo Eben Li, Qi Sun, Jianyu Chen

Reinforcement learning has shown great potential in developing high-level autonomous driving.

Autonomous Driving

A Safe Hierarchical Planning Framework for Complex Driving Scenarios based on Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations17 Jan 2021 Jinning Li, Liting Sun, Jianyu Chen, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Wei Zhan

To address this challenge, we propose a hierarchical behavior planning framework with a set of low-level safe controllers and a high-level reinforcement learning algorithm (H-CtRL) as a coordinator for the low-level controllers.

Autonomous Vehicles reinforcement-learning +1

Efficient Deep Learning of Non-local Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification

1 code implementation2 Aug 2020 Yu Shen, Sijie Zhu, Chen Chen, Qian Du, Liang Xiao, Jianyu Chen, Delu Pan

Therefore, to incorporate the long-range contextual information, a deep fully convolutional network (FCN) with an efficient non-local module, named ENL-FCN, is proposed for HSI classification.

General Classification Hyperspectral Image Classification

The Design and Implementation of a Real Time Visual Search System on JD E-commerce Platform

1 code implementation19 Aug 2019 Jie Li, Haifeng Liu, Chuanghua Gui, Jianyu Chen, Zhenyun Ni, Ning Wang

We present the design and implementation of a visual search system for real time image retrieval on JD. com, the world's third largest and China's largest e-commerce site.

Image Retrieval Retrieval

Intention-aware Long Horizon Trajectory Prediction of Surrounding Vehicles using Dual LSTM Networks

no code implementations6 Jun 2019 Long Xin, Pin Wang, Ching-Yao Chan, Jianyu Chen, Shengbo Eben Li, Bo Cheng

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) need to interact with other road users, it is of importance to comprehensively understand the dynamic traffic environment, especially the future possible trajectories of surrounding vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles feature selection +3

Model-free Deep Reinforcement Learning for Urban Autonomous Driving

2 code implementations20 Apr 2019 Jianyu Chen, Bodi Yuan, Masayoshi Tomizuka

Urban autonomous driving decision making is challenging due to complex road geometry and multi-agent interactions.

Autonomous Driving Decision Making +2

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