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STNet: Spatial and Temporal feature fusion network for change detection in remote sensing images

no code implementations22 Apr 2023 Xiaowen Ma, Jiawei Yang, Tingfeng Hong, Mengting Ma, Ziyan Zhao, Tian Feng, Wei zhang

As an important task in remote sensing image analysis, remote sensing change detection (RSCD) aims to identify changes of interest in a region from spatially co-registered multi-temporal remote sensing images, so as to monitor the local development.

Binary Classification Change Detection

Neighborhood Averaging for Improving Outlier Detectors

no code implementations17 Mar 2023 Jiawei Yang, Susanto Rahardja, Pasi Franti

To verify our proposed hypothesis, we propose an outlier score post-processing technique for outlier detectors, called neighborhood averaging(NA), which pays attention to objects and their neighbors and guarantees them to have more similar outlier scores than their original scores.

FreeNeRF: Improving Few-shot Neural Rendering with Free Frequency Regularization

2 code implementations CVPR 2023 Jiawei Yang, Marco Pavone, Yue Wang

One is to regularize the frequency range of NeRF's inputs, while the other is to penalize the near-camera density fields.

Neural Rendering Novel View Synthesis

Deep-learning-based on-chip rapid spectral imaging with high spatial resolution

no code implementations16 Jan 2023 Jiawei Yang, Kaiyu Cui, Yidong Huang, Wei zhang, Xue Feng, Fang Liu

Spectral imaging extends the concept of traditional color cameras to capture images across multiple spectral channels and has broad application prospects.

Autonomous Driving Metamerism +1

Human-machine Interactive Tissue Prototype Learning for Label-efficient Histopathology Image Segmentation

1 code implementation26 Nov 2022 Wentao Pan, Jiangpeng Yan, Hanbo Chen, Jiawei Yang, Zhe Xu, Xiu Li, Jianhua Yao

Then, the encoder is used to map the images into the embedding space and generate pixel-level pseudo tissue masks by querying the tissue prototype dictionary.

Contrastive Learning Image Segmentation +4

mmFormer: Multimodal Medical Transformer for Incomplete Multimodal Learning of Brain Tumor Segmentation

1 code implementation6 Jun 2022 Yao Zhang, Nanjun He, Jiawei Yang, Yuexiang Li, Dong Wei, Yawen Huang, Yang Zhang, Zhiqiang He, Yefeng Zheng

Concretely, we propose a novel multimodal Medical Transformer (mmFormer) for incomplete multimodal learning with three main components: the hybrid modality-specific encoders that bridge a convolutional encoder and an intra-modal Transformer for both local and global context modeling within each modality; an inter-modal Transformer to build and align the long-range correlations across modalities for modality-invariant features with global semantics corresponding to tumor region; a decoder that performs a progressive up-sampling and fusion with the modality-invariant features to generate robust segmentation.

Brain Tumor Segmentation Tumor Segmentation

Decoupled Pyramid Correlation Network for Liver Tumor Segmentation from CT images

no code implementations26 May 2022 Yao Zhang, Jiawei Yang, Yang Liu, Jiang Tian, Siyun Wang, Cheng Zhong, Zhongchao shi, Yang Zhang, Zhiqiang He

In this paper, we propose a Decoupled Pyramid Correlation Network (DPC-Net) that exploits attention mechanisms to fully leverage both low- and high-level features embedded in FCN to segment liver tumor.

Computed Tomography (CT) Image Segmentation +2

X2Teeth: 3D Teeth Reconstruction from a Single Panoramic Radiograph

no code implementations30 Aug 2021 Yuan Liang, Weinan Song, Jiawei Yang, Liang Qiu, Kun Wang, Lei He

Different from single object reconstruction from photos, this task has the unique challenge of constructing multiple objects at high resolutions.

3D Reconstruction Anatomy +2

Modality-aware Mutual Learning for Multi-modal Medical Image Segmentation

2 code implementations21 Jul 2021 Yao Zhang, Jiawei Yang, Jiang Tian, Zhongchao shi, Cheng Zhong, Yang Zhang, Zhiqiang He

To this end, we propose a novel mutual learning (ML) strategy for effective and robust multi-modal liver tumor segmentation.

Computed Tomography (CT) Image Segmentation +2

TumorCP: A Simple but Effective Object-Level Data Augmentation for Tumor Segmentation

1 code implementation21 Jul 2021 Jiawei Yang, Yao Zhang, Yuan Liang, Yang Zhang, Lei He, Zhiqiang He

Experiments on kidney tumor segmentation task demonstrate that TumorCP surpasses the strong baseline by a remarkable margin of 7. 12% on tumor Dice.

Data Augmentation Tumor Segmentation

Atlas-aware ConvNetfor Accurate yet Robust Anatomical Segmentation

no code implementations2 Feb 2021 Yuan Liang, Weinan Song, Jiawei Yang, Liang Qiu, Kun Wang, Lei He

Second, we can largely boost the robustness of existing ConvNets, proved by: (i) testing on scans with synthetic pathologies, and (ii) training and evaluation on scans of different scanning setups across datasets.

Semi-supervised Cardiac Image Segmentation via Label Propagation and Style Transfer

1 code implementation29 Dec 2020 Yao Zhang, Jiawei Yang, Feng Hou, Yang Liu, Yixin Wang, Jiang Tian, Cheng Zhong, Yang Zhang, Zhiqiang He

Accurate segmentation of cardiac structures can assist doctors to diagnose diseases, and to improve treatment planning, which is highly demanded in the clinical practice.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

Exploring Instance-Level Uncertainty for Medical Detection

no code implementations23 Dec 2020 Jiawei Yang, Yuan Liang, Yao Zhang, Weinan Song, Kun Wang, Lei He

The ability of deep learning to predict with uncertainty is recognized as key for its adoption in clinical routines.

Lung Nodule Detection

Loss-analysis via Attention-scale for Physiologic Time Series

no code implementations23 Oct 2020 Jiawei Yang, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff

Physiologic signals have properties across multiple spatial and temporal scales, which can be shown by the complexity-analysis of the coarse-grained physiologic signals by scaling techniques such as the multiscale.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

Simple Neighborhood Representative Pre-processing Boosts Outlier Detectors

no code implementations11 Oct 2020 Jiawei Yang, Yu Chen, Sylwan Rahardja

Over the decades, traditional outlier detectors have ignored the group-level factor when calculating outlier scores for objects in data by evaluating only the object-level factor, failing to capture the collective outliers.

Oral-3D: Reconstructing the 3D Bone Structure of Oral Cavity from 2D Panoramic X-ray

no code implementations18 Mar 2020 Weinan Song, Yuan Liang, Jiawei Yang, Kun Wang, Lei He

In this paper, we propose a framework, named Oral-3D, to reconstruct the 3D oral cavity from a single PX image and prior information of the dental arch.

3D Reconstruction

T-Net: Learning Feature Representation with Task-specific Supervision for Biomedical Image Analysis

no code implementations19 Feb 2020 Weinan Song, Yuan Liang, Jiawei Yang, Kun Wang, Lei He

The encoder-decoder network is widely used to learn deep feature representations from pixel-wise annotations in biomedical image analysis.

Region Proposal Representation Learning

Cascaded Volumetric Convolutional Network for Kidney Tumor Segmentation from CT volumes

no code implementations5 Oct 2019 Yao Zhang, Yixin Wang, Feng Hou, Jiawei Yang, Guangwei Xiong, Jiang Tian, Cheng Zhong

Automated segmentation of kidney and tumor from 3D CT scans is necessary for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment planning of the disease.

Tumor Segmentation

A Generalised Seizure Prediction with Convolutional Neural Networks for Intracranial and Scalp Electroencephalogram Data Analysis

no code implementations6 Jul 2017 Nhan Duy Truong, Anh Duy Nguyen, Levin Kuhlmann, Mohammad Reza Bonyadi, Jiawei Yang, Omid Kavehei

The proposed approach achieves sensitivity of 81. 4%, 81. 2%, 82. 3% and false prediction rate (FPR) of 0. 06/h, 0. 16/h, 0. 22/h on Freiburg Hospital intracranial EEG (iEEG) dataset, Children's Hospital of Boston-MIT scalp EEG (sEEG) dataset, and Kaggle American Epilepsy Society Seizure Prediction Challenge's dataset, respectively.

EEG Electroencephalogram (EEG) +2

Supervised Learning in Automatic Channel Selection for Epileptic Seizure Detection

no code implementations31 Jan 2017 Nhan Truong, Levin Kuhlmann, Mohammad Reza Bonyadi, Jiawei Yang, Andrew Faulks, Omid Kavehei

We present a novel method for automatic seizure detection based on iEEG data that outperforms current state-of-the-art seizure detection methods in terms of computational efficiency while maintaining the accuracy.

General Classification Seizure Detection +1

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