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UniEX: An Effective and Efficient Framework for Unified Information Extraction via a Span-extractive Perspective

no code implementations17 May 2023 Ping Yang, Junyu Lu, Ruyi Gan, Junjie Wang, Yuxiang Zhang, Jiaxing Zhang, Pingjian Zhang

We propose a new paradigm for universal information extraction (IE) that is compatible with any schema format and applicable to a list of IE tasks, such as named entity recognition, relation extraction, event extraction and sentiment analysis.

Event Extraction named-entity-recognition +3

Self-Consistent Learning: Cooperation between Generators and Discriminators

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Tong Wu, Hao Wang, Zhongshen Zeng, Wei Wang, Hai-Tao Zheng, Jiaxing Zhang

As a result, the generated samples can easily deviate from the real data distribution, while the improvement of the discriminative model quickly reaches saturation.

TCBERT: A Technical Report for Chinese Topic Classification BERT

no code implementations21 Nov 2022 Ting Han, Kunhao Pan, Xinyu Chen, Dingjie Song, Yuchen Fan, Xinyu Gao, Ruyi Gan, Jiaxing Zhang

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT~\cite{devlin-etal-2019-bert} has been one of the base models for various NLP tasks due to its remarkable performance.

Classification Contrastive Learning +1

Solving Math Word Problems via Cooperative Reasoning induced Language Models

1 code implementation28 Oct 2022 Xinyu Zhu, Junjie Wang, Lin Zhang, Yuxiang Zhang, Yongfeng Huang, Ruyi Gan, Jiaxing Zhang, Yujiu Yang

This inspires us to develop a cooperative reasoning-induced PLM for solving MWPs, called Cooperative Reasoning (CoRe), resulting in a human-like reasoning architecture with system 1 as the generator and system 2 as the verifier.

Arithmetic Reasoning

Zero-Shot Learners for Natural Language Understanding via a Unified Multiple Choice Perspective

1 code implementation16 Oct 2022 Ping Yang, Junjie Wang, Ruyi Gan, Xinyu Zhu, Lin Zhang, Ziwei Wu, Xinyu Gao, Jiaxing Zhang, Tetsuya Sakai

We propose a new paradigm for zero-shot learners that is format agnostic, i. e., it is compatible with any format and applicable to a list of language tasks, such as text classification, commonsense reasoning, coreference resolution, and sentiment analysis.

Coreference Resolution Multiple-choice +5

Unified BERT for Few-shot Natural Language Understanding

no code implementations24 Jun 2022 Junyu Lu, Ping Yang, Ruyi Gan, Jing Yang, Jiaxing Zhang

Even as pre-trained language models share a semantic encoder, natural language understanding suffers from a diversity of output schemas.

Natural Language Understanding

BioBART: Pretraining and Evaluation of A Biomedical Generative Language Model

1 code implementation BioNLP (ACL) 2022 Hongyi Yuan, Zheng Yuan, Ruyi Gan, Jiaxing Zhang, Yutao Xie, Sheng Yu

Furthermore, we conduct ablation studies on the pretraining tasks for BioBART and find that sentence permutation has negative effects on downstream tasks.

Entity Linking Language Modelling +5

Long Short-Term Sample Distillation

no code implementations2 Mar 2020 Liang Jiang, Zujie Wen, Zhongping Liang, Yafang Wang, Gerard de Melo, Zhe Li, Liangzhuang Ma, Jiaxing Zhang, Xiaolong Li, Yuan Qi

The long-term teacher draws on snapshots from several epochs ago in order to provide steadfast guidance and to guarantee teacher--student differences, while the short-term one yields more up-to-date cues with the goal of enabling higher-quality updates.

Accelerating Reinforcement Learning with a Directional-Gaussian-Smoothing Evolution Strategy

no code implementations21 Feb 2020 Jiaxing Zhang, Hoang Tran, Guannan Zhang

Evolution strategy (ES) has been shown great promise in many challenging reinforcement learning (RL) tasks, rivaling other state-of-the-art deep RL methods.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Scale-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations24 Nov 2014 Yichong Xu, Tianjun Xiao, Jiaxing Zhang, Kuiyuan Yang, Zheng Zhang

Even though convolutional neural networks (CNN) has achieved near-human performance in various computer vision tasks, its ability to tolerate scale variations is limited.

Data Augmentation General Classification

The Application of Two-level Attention Models in Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-grained Image Classification

no code implementations CVPR 2015 Tianjun Xiao, Yichong Xu, Kuiyuan Yang, Jiaxing Zhang, Yuxin Peng, Zheng Zhang

Our pipeline integrates three types of attention: the bottom-up attention that propose candidate patches, the object-level top-down attention that selects relevant patches to a certain object, and the part-level top-down attention that localizes discriminative parts.

Classification Fine-Grained Image Classification +1

Attentional Neural Network: Feature Selection Using Cognitive Feedback

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2014 Qian Wang, Jiaxing Zhang, Sen Song, Zheng Zhang

Attentional Neural Network is a new framework that integrates top-down cognitive bias and bottom-up feature extraction in one coherent architecture.

feature selection General Classification

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