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Prompted Contrast with Masked Motion Modeling: Towards Versatile 3D Action Representation Learning

no code implementations8 Aug 2023 Jiahang Zhang, Lilang Lin, Jiaying Liu

Moreover, combining these two paradigms in a naive manner leaves the synergy between them untapped and can lead to interference in training.

Action Understanding Contrastive Learning +2

Similarity Min-Max: Zero-Shot Day-Night Domain Adaptation

no code implementations17 Jul 2023 Rundong Luo, Wenjing Wang, Wenhan Yang, Jiaying Liu

Low-light conditions not only hamper human visual experience but also degrade the model's performance on downstream vision tasks.

Action Recognition Domain Adaptation +3

Solving Diffusion ODEs with Optimal Boundary Conditions for Better Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations24 May 2023 Yiyang Ma, Huan Yang, Wenhan Yang, Jianlong Fu, Jiaying Liu

Diffusion models, as a kind of powerful generative model, have given impressive results on image super-resolution (SR) tasks.

Efficient Exploration Image Super-Resolution

Actionlet-Dependent Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Skeleton-Based Action Recognition

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Lilang Lin, Jiahang Zhang, Jiaying Liu

However, these methods treat the motion and static parts equally, and lack an adaptive design for different parts, which has a negative impact on the accuracy of action recognition.

Action Recognition Contrastive Learning +2

Hierarchical Consistent Contrastive Learning for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition with Growing Augmentations

no code implementations24 Nov 2022 Jiahang Zhang, Lilang Lin, Jiaying Liu

In this paper, we investigate the potential of adopting strong augmentations and propose a general hierarchical consistent contrastive learning framework (HiCLR) for skeleton-based action recognition.

Action Recognition Contrastive Learning +1

Self-Aligned Concave Curve: Illumination Enhancement for Unsupervised Adaptation

no code implementations7 Oct 2022 Wenjing Wang, Zhengbo Xu, Haofeng Huang, Jiaying Liu

Low light conditions not only degrade human visual experience, but also reduce the performance of downstream machine analytics.

Action Recognition Optical Flow Estimation

AI Illustrator: Translating Raw Descriptions into Images by Prompt-based Cross-Modal Generation

1 code implementation7 Sep 2022 Yiyang Ma, Huan Yang, Bei Liu, Jianlong Fu, Jiaying Liu

To address this issue, we propose a Prompt-based Cross-Modal Generation Framework (PCM-Frame) to leverage two powerful pre-trained models, including CLIP and StyleGAN.

Image Generation

Learning Hierarchical Dynamics with Spatial Adjacency for Image Enhancement

1 code implementation ACMMM 2022 Yudong Liang, Bin Wang, Wenqi Ren, Jiaying Liu, Wenjian Wang, WangMeng Zuo

In various real-world image enhancement applications, the degradations are always non-uniform or non-homogeneous and diverse, which challenges most deep networks with fixed parameters during the inference phase.

Image Dehazing Low-Light Image Enhancement +1

Meta-Interpolation: Time-Arbitrary Frame Interpolation via Dual Meta-Learning

no code implementations27 Jul 2022 Shixing Yu, Yiyang Ma, Wenhan Yang, Wei Xiang, Jiaying Liu

Extensive qualitative and quantitative evaluations, as well as ablation studies, demonstrate that, via introducing meta-learning in our framework in such a well-designed way, our method not only achieves superior performance to state-of-the-art frame interpolation approaches but also owns an extended capacity to support the interpolation at an arbitrary time-step.

Meta-Learning Optical Flow Estimation +1

S$^{5}$Mars: Self-Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning for Mars Segmentation

no code implementations4 Jul 2022 Jiahang Zhang, Lilang Lin, Zejia Fan, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

We first present a new Mars terrain segmentation dataset which contains 6K high-resolution images and is sparsely annotated based on confidence, ensuring the high quality of labels.

Representation Learning Self-Supervised Learning

Semi-Supervised Learning for Mars Imagery Classification and Segmentation

no code implementations5 Jun 2022 Wenjing Wang, Lilang Lin, Zejia Fan, Jiaying Liu

For segmentation, we extend supervised inter-class contrastive learning into an element-wise mode and use online pseudo labels for supervision on unlabeled areas.

Classification Contrastive Learning +1

Neural Data-Dependent Transform for Learned Image Compression

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Dezhao Wang, Wenhan Yang, Yueyu Hu, Jiaying Liu

Learned image compression has achieved great success due to its excellent modeling capacity, but seldom further considers the Rate-Distortion Optimization (RDO) of each input image.

Image Compression

Deep Graph Learning for Anomalous Citation Detection

no code implementations23 Feb 2022 Jiaying Liu, Feng Xia, Xu Feng, Jing Ren, Huan Liu

To address this open issue, we propose a novel deep graph learning model, namely GLAD (Graph Learning for Anomaly Detection), to identify anomalies in citation networks.

Anomaly Detection Graph Learning +1

Web of Scholars: A Scholar Knowledge Graph

no code implementations23 Feb 2022 Jiaying Liu, Jing Ren, Wenqing Zheng, Lianhua Chi, Ivan Lee, Feng Xia

In this work, we demonstrate a novel system, namely Web of Scholars, which integrates state-of-the-art mining techniques to search, mine, and visualize complex networks behind scholars in the field of Computer Science.

Towards Low Light Enhancement with RAW Images

no code implementations28 Dec 2021 Haofeng Huang, Wenhan Yang, Yueyu Hu, Jiaying Liu, Ling-Yu Duan

In this paper, we make the first benchmark effort to elaborate on the superiority of using RAW images in the low light enhancement and develop a novel alternative route to utilize RAW images in a more flexible and practical way.

Learning-Based Video Coding with Joint Deep Compression and Enhancement

no code implementations29 Nov 2021 Tiesong Zhao, Weize Feng, Hongji Zeng, Yuzhen Niu, Jiaying Liu

Second, we reuse the DPEG network in both motion compensation and quality enhancement modules, which are further combined with other necessary modules to formulate our JCEVC framework.

Motion Compensation Motion Estimation +3

Video Coding for Machine: Compact Visual Representation Compression for Intelligent Collaborative Analytics

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Wenhan Yang, Haofeng Huang, Yueyu Hu, Ling-Yu Duan, Jiaying Liu

By keeping in mind the transferability among different machine vision tasks (e. g. high-level semantic and mid-level geometry-related), we aim to support multiple tasks jointly at low bit rates.

Feature Compression Philosophy

SalienTrack: providing salient information for semi-automated self-tracking feedback with model explanations

no code implementations21 Sep 2021 Yunlong Wang, Jiaying Liu, Homin Park, Jordan Schultz-McArdle, Stephanie Rosenthal, Judy Kay, Brian Y. Lim

Finally, we created interfaces to present salient information and conducted a formative user study to gain insights about how SalienTrack could be integrated into an interface for reflection.


Revisit Visual Representation in Analytics Taxonomy: A Compression Perspective

no code implementations16 Jun 2021 Yueyu Hu, Wenhan Yang, Haofeng Huang, Jiaying Liu

Visual analytics have played an increasingly critical role in the Internet of Things, where massive visual signals have to be compressed and fed into machines.

Feature Compression Video Compression

On the Connection between Local Attention and Dynamic Depth-wise Convolution

1 code implementation ICLR 2022 Qi Han, Zejia Fan, Qi Dai, Lei Sun, Ming-Ming Cheng, Jiaying Liu, Jingdong Wang

Sparse connectivity: there is no connection across channels, and each position is connected to the positions within a small local window.

object-detection Object Detection +1

HLA-Face: Joint High-Low Adaptation for Low Light Face Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Wenjing Wang, Wenhan Yang, Jiaying Liu

To reduce the burden of building new datasets for low light conditions, we make full use of existing normal light data and explore how to adapt face detectors from normal light to low light.

Autonomous Driving Face Detection +1

Graph Force Learning

no code implementations7 Mar 2021 Ke Sun, Jiaying Liu, Shuo Yu, Bo Xu, Feng Xia

Features representation leverages the great power in network analysis tasks.

Graph Learning

Matching Algorithms: Fundamentals, Applications and Challenges

no code implementations5 Mar 2021 Jing Ren, Feng Xia, Xiangtai Chen, Jiaying Liu, Mingliang Hou, Ahsan Shehzad, Nargiz Sultanova, Xiangjie Kong

Based on the preference list access, matching problems are divided into two categories, i. e., explicit matching and implicit matching.

Information Retrieval Recommendation Systems Social and Information Networks

Progressive Depth Learning for Single Image Dehazing

no code implementations21 Feb 2021 Yudong Liang, Bin Wang, Jiaying Liu, Deyu Li, Sanping Zhou, Wenqi Ren

However, we note that the guidance of the depth information for transmission estimation could remedy the decreased visibility as distances increase.

Depth Estimation Depth Prediction +2

Template-Free Try-on Image Synthesis via Semantic-guided Optimization

no code implementations6 Feb 2021 Chien-Lung Chou, Chieh-Yun Chen, Chia-Wei Hsieh, Hong-Han Shuai, Jiaying Liu, Wen-Huang Cheng

Afterward, given an in-shop clothing image, a user image, and a synthesized pose, we propose a novel model for synthesizing a human try-on image with the target clothing in the best fitting pose.

Image Generation Virtual Try-on

MS$^2$L: Multi-Task Self-Supervised Learning for Skeleton Based Action Recognition

1 code implementation12 Oct 2020 Lilang Lin, Sijie Song, Wenhan Yan, Jiaying Liu

To realize this goal, we integrate motion prediction, jigsaw puzzle recognition, and contrastive learning to learn skeleton features from different aspects.

Action Recognition Contrastive Learning +4

Consistent Video Style Transfer via Relaxation and Regularization

1 code implementation23 Sep 2020 Wenjing Wang, Shuai Yang, Jizheng Xu, Jiaying Liu

In this article, we address the problem by jointly considering the intrinsic properties of stylization and temporal consistency.

Style Transfer Video Style Transfer

Understanding the Advisor-advisee Relationship via Scholarly Data Analysis

no code implementations20 Aug 2020 Jiaying Liu, Tao Tang, Xiangjie Kong, Amr Tolba, Zafer AL-Makhadmeh, Feng Xia

Advisor-advisee relationship is important in academic networks due to its universality and necessity.

Shifu2: A Network Representation Learning Based Model for Advisor-advisee Relationship Mining

no code implementations17 Aug 2020 Jiaying Liu, Feng Xia, Lei Wang, Bo Xu, Xiangjie Kong, Hanghang Tong, Irwin King

The advisor-advisee relationship represents direct knowledge heritage, and such relationship may not be readily available from academic libraries and search engines.

Representation Learning

Random Walks: A Review of Algorithms and Applications

no code implementations9 Aug 2020 Feng Xia, Jiaying Liu, Hansong Nie, Yonghao Fu, Liangtian Wan, Xiangjie Kong

In this paper, we aim to provide a comprehensive review of classical random walks and quantum walks.

Link Prediction Network Embedding

DINE: A Framework for Deep Incomplete Network Embedding

no code implementations9 Aug 2020 Ke Hou, Jiaying Liu, Yin Peng, Bo Xu, Ivan Lee, Feng Xia

Empirically, we evaluate DINE over three networks on multi-label classification and link prediction tasks.

General Classification Link Prediction +3

From Design Draft to Real Attire: Unaligned Fashion Image Translation

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 Yu Han, Shuai Yang, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

Moreover, built upon the sampling network, we present design draft to real fashion item translation network (D2RNet), where two separate translation streams that focus on texture and shape, respectively, are combined tactfully to get both benefits.


Recurrent Exposure Generation for Low-Light Face Detection

1 code implementation21 Jul 2020 Jinxiu Liang, Jingwen Wang, Yuhui Quan, Tianyi Chen, Jiaying Liu, Haibin Ling, Yong Xu

REG produces progressively and efficiently intermediate images corresponding to various exposure settings, and such pseudo-exposures are then fused by MED to detect faces across different lighting conditions.

Face Detection Image Enhancement

Fashion Meets Computer Vision: A Survey

no code implementations31 Mar 2020 Wen-Huang Cheng, Sijie Song, Chieh-Yun Chen, Shintami Chusnul Hidayati, Jiaying Liu

Fashion is the way we present ourselves to the world and has become one of the world's largest industries.

Fashion Synthesis Retrieval +1

Learning End-to-End Lossy Image Compression: A Benchmark

2 code implementations10 Feb 2020 Yueyu Hu, Wenhan Yang, Zhan Ma, Jiaying Liu

In this paper, we first conduct a comprehensive literature survey of learned image compression methods.

Image Compression

Modality Compensation Network: Cross-Modal Adaptation for Action Recognition

no code implementations31 Jan 2020 Sijie Song, Jiaying Liu, Yanghao Li, Zongming Guo

In this work, we propose a Modality Compensation Network (MCN) to explore the relationships of different modalities, and boost the representations for human action recognition.

Action Recognition Optical Flow Estimation +2

Combining Progressive Rethinking and Collaborative Learning: A Deep Framework for In-Loop Filtering

no code implementations16 Jan 2020 Dezhao Wang, Sifeng Xia, Wenhan Yang, Jiaying Liu

For (2), we extract both intra-frame and inter-frame side information for better context modeling.

Video Coding for Machines: A Paradigm of Collaborative Compression and Intelligent Analytics

no code implementations10 Jan 2020 Ling-Yu Duan, Jiaying Liu, Wenhan Yang, Tiejun Huang, Wen Gao

Meanwhile, we systematically review state-of-the-art techniques in video compression and feature compression from the unique perspective of MPEG standardization, which provides the academic and industrial evidence to realize the collaborative compression of video and feature streams in a broad range of AI applications.

Feature Compression Video Compression

Deep Plastic Surgery: Robust and Controllable Image Editing with Human-Drawn Sketches

1 code implementation ECCV 2020 Shuai Yang, Zhangyang Wang, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

We present a sketch refinement strategy, as inspired by the coarse-to-fine drawing process of the artists, which we show can help our model well adapt to casual and varied sketches without the need for real sketch training data.

Towards Coding for Human and Machine Vision: A Scalable Image Coding Approach

no code implementations9 Jan 2020 Yueyu Hu, Shuai Yang, Wenhan Yang, Ling-Yu Duan, Jiaying Liu

In this paper, we come up with a novel image coding framework by leveraging both the compressive and the generative models, to support machine vision and human perception tasks jointly.

Facial Landmark Detection Image Reconstruction

An Emerging Coding Paradigm VCM: A Scalable Coding Approach Beyond Feature and Signal

no code implementations9 Jan 2020 Sifeng Xia, Kunchangtai Liang, Wenhan Yang, Ling-Yu Duan, Jiaying Liu

To this end, we make endeavors in leveraging the strength of predictive and generative models to support advanced compression techniques for both machine and human vision tasks simultaneously, in which visual features serve as a bridge to connect signal-level and task-level compact representations in a scalable manner.

Action Recognition Feature Compression +1

Single Image Deraining: From Model-Based to Data-Driven and Beyond

no code implementations16 Dec 2019 Wenhan Yang, Robby T. Tan, Shiqi Wang, Yuming Fang, Jiaying Liu

The goal of single-image deraining is to restore the rain-free background scenes of an image degraded by rain streaks and rain accumulation.

Single Image Deraining

Disentangled Image Matting

no code implementations ICCV 2019 Shaofan Cai, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Haoqiang Fan, Haibin Huang, Jiangyu Liu, Jiaming Liu, Jiaying Liu, Jue Wang, Jian Sun

Most previous image matting methods require a roughly-specificed trimap as input, and estimate fractional alpha values for all pixels that are in the unknown region of the trimap.

Image Matting

A Comprehensive Benchmark for Single Image Compression Artifacts Reduction

no code implementations9 Sep 2019 Jiaying Liu, Dong Liu, Wenhan Yang, Sifeng Xia, Xiaoshuai Zhang, Yuanying Dai

We present a comprehensive study and evaluation of existing single image compression artifacts removal algorithms, using a new 4K resolution benchmark including diversified foreground objects and background scenes with rich structures, called Large-scale Ideal Ultra high definition 4K (LIU4K) benchmark.

Image Compression Quantization

Reprojection R-CNN: A Fast and Accurate Object Detector for 360° Images

no code implementations27 Jul 2019 Pengyu Zhao, Ansheng You, Yuanxing Zhang, Jiaying Liu, Kaigui Bian, Yunhai Tong

Specifically, we adapt the terminologies of the traditional object detection task to the omnidirectional scenarios, and propose a novel two-stage object detector, i. e., Reprojection R-CNN by combining both ERP and perspective projection.

object-detection Object Detection +1

Deep Reference Generation with Multi-Domain Hierarchical Constraints for Inter Prediction

no code implementations16 May 2019 Jiaying Liu, Sifeng Xia, Wenhan Yang

In this paper, we address the problem by proposing a deep frame interpolation network to generate additional reference frames in coding scenarios.

TE141K: Artistic Text Benchmark for Text Effect Transfer

no code implementations8 May 2019 Shuai Yang, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest dataset for text effect transfer to date.

Style Transfer Text Effects Transfer

Controllable Artistic Text Style Transfer via Shape-Matching GAN

1 code implementation ICCV 2019 Shuai Yang, Zhangyang Wang, Zhaowen Wang, Ning Xu, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

In this paper, we present the first text style transfer network that allows for real-time control of the crucial stylistic degree of the glyph through an adjustable parameter.

Style Transfer Text Style Transfer

UG$^{2+}$ Track 2: A Collective Benchmark Effort for Evaluating and Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments

no code implementations9 Apr 2019 Ye Yuan, Wenhan Yang, Wenqi Ren, Jiaying Liu, Walter J. Scheirer, Zhangyang Wang

The UG$^{2+}$ challenge in IEEE CVPR 2019 aims to evoke a comprehensive discussion and exploration about how low-level vision techniques can benefit the high-level automatic visual recognition in various scenarios.

Face Detection

Unsupervised Person Image Generation with Semantic Parsing Transformation

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Sijie Song, Wei zhang, Jiaying Liu, Tao Mei

Firstly, a semantic generative network is proposed to transform between semantic parsing maps, in order to simplify the non-rigid deformation learning.

Image Generation Image Manipulation +1

TET-GAN: Text Effects Transfer via Stylization and Destylization

no code implementations16 Dec 2018 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Wenjing Wang, Zongming Guo

The key idea is to train our network to accomplish both the objective of style transfer and style removal, so that it can learn to disentangle and recombine the content and style features of text effects images.

One-Shot Learning Style Transfer +1

Iterative Reorganization with Weak Spatial Constraints: Solving Arbitrary Jigsaw Puzzles for Unsupervised Representation Learning

1 code implementation CVPR 2019 Chen Wei, Lingxi Xie, Xutong Ren, Yingda Xia, Chi Su, Jiaying Liu, Qi Tian, Alan L. Yuille

We consider spatial contexts, for which we solve so-called jigsaw puzzles, i. e., each image is cut into grids and then disordered, and the goal is to recover the correct configuration.

General Classification Image Classification +4

Optimized Skeleton-based Action Recognition via Sparsified Graph Regression

no code implementations29 Nov 2018 Xiang Gao, Wei Hu, Jiaxiang Tang, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

In this paper, we represent skeletons naturally on graphs, and propose a graph regression based GCN (GR-GCN) for skeleton-based action recognition, aiming to capture the spatio-temporal variation in the data.

Action Recognition graph construction +4

Generalized Coarse-to-Fine Visual Recognition with Progressive Training

no code implementations29 Nov 2018 Xutong Ren, Lingxi Xie, Chen Wei, Siyuan Qiao, Chi Su, Jiaying Liu, Qi Tian, Elliot K. Fishman, Alan L. Yuille

Computer vision is difficult, partly because the desired mathematical function connecting input and output data is often complex, fuzzy and thus hard to learn.

Image Classification Object Localization +1

Context-Aware Text-Based Binary Image Stylization and Synthesis

no code implementations9 Oct 2018 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Wenhan Yang, Zongming Guo

The stylization is then followed by a context-aware layout design algorithm, where cues for both seamlessness and aesthetics are employed to determine the optimal layout of the shape in the background.

Image Inpainting Image Stylization +2

Deep Retinex Decomposition for Low-Light Enhancement

3 code implementations14 Aug 2018 Chen Wei, Wenjing Wang, Wenhan Yang, Jiaying Liu

Based on the decomposition, subsequent lightness enhancement is conducted on illumination by an enhancement network called Enhance-Net, and for joint denoising there is a denoising operation on reflectance.

Denoising Low-Light Image Enhancement

Progressive Spatial Recurrent Neural Network for Intra Prediction

2 code implementations6 Jul 2018 Yueyu Hu, Wenhan Yang, Mading Li, Jiaying Liu

With preceding pixels as the context, traditional intra prediction schemes generate linear predictions based on several predefined directions (i. e. modes) for blocks to be encoded.

A Group Variational Transformation Neural Network for Fractional Interpolation of Video Coding

no code implementations19 Jun 2018 Sifeng Xia, Wenhan Yang, Yueyu Hu, Siwei Ma, Jiaying Liu

Then a group variational transformation technique is used to transform a group of copied shared feature maps to samples at different sub-pixel positions.


Dynamically Unfolding Recurrent Restorer: A Moving Endpoint Control Method for Image Restoration

no code implementations ICLR 2019 Xiaoshuai Zhang, Yiping Lu, Jiaying Liu, Bin Dong

In this paper, we propose a new control framework called the moving endpoint control to restore images corrupted by different degradation levels in one model.

Image Deblocking Image Denoising +1

Joint Enhancement and Denoising Method via Sequential Decomposition

1 code implementation23 Apr 2018 Xutong Ren, Mading Li, Wen-Huang Cheng, Jiaying Liu

Many low-light enhancement methods ignore intensive noise in original images.


Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Raindrop Removal from a Single Image

3 code implementations CVPR 2018 Rui Qian, Robby T. Tan, Wenhan Yang, Jiajun Su, Jiaying Liu

This injection of visual attention to both generative and discriminative networks is the main contribution of this paper.

Rain Removal

PKU-MMD: A Large Scale Benchmark for Continuous Multi-Modal Human Action Understanding

no code implementations22 Mar 2017 Chunhui Liu, Yueyu Hu, Yanghao Li, Sijie Song, Jiaying Liu

Despite the fact that many 3D human activity benchmarks being proposed, most existing action datasets focus on the action recognition tasks for the segmented videos.

Action Detection Action Recognition +2

Dual Recovery Network with Online Compensation for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations20 Jan 2017 Sifeng Xia, Wenhan Yang, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo

In particular, we infer the HF information based on both the LR image and similar HR references which are retrieved online.

Image Super-Resolution

Demystifying Neural Style Transfer

3 code implementations4 Jan 2017 Yanghao Li, Naiyan Wang, Jiaying Liu, Xiaodi Hou

Neural Style Transfer has recently demonstrated very exciting results which catches eyes in both academia and industry.

Domain Adaptation Style Transfer

Awesome Typography: Statistics-Based Text Effects Transfer

1 code implementation CVPR 2017 Shuai Yang, Jiaying Liu, Zhouhui Lian, Zongming Guo

It allows our algorithm to produce artistic typography that fits for both local texture patterns and the global spatial distribution in the example.

Style Transfer Text Effects Transfer +1

Factorized Bilinear Models for Image Recognition

1 code implementation ICCV 2017 Yanghao Li, Naiyan Wang, Jiaying Liu, Xiaodi Hou

Although Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have liberated their power in various computer vision tasks, the most important components of CNN, convolutional layers and fully connected layers, are still limited to linear transformations.

Deep Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image

2 code implementations CVPR 2017 Wenhan Yang, Robby T. Tan, Jiashi Feng, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo, Shuicheng Yan

Based on the first model, we develop a multi-task deep learning architecture that learns the binary rain streak map, the appearance of rain streaks, and the clean background, which is our ultimate output.

Rain Removal

Photo Stylistic Brush: Robust Style Transfer via Superpixel-Based Bipartite Graph

no code implementations13 Jun 2016 Jiaying Liu, Wenhan Yang, Xiaoyan Sun, Wen-Jun Zeng

With the rapid development of social network and multimedia technology, customized image and video stylization has been widely used for various social-media applications.

Style Transfer Superpixels

MARLow: A Joint Multiplanar Autoregressive and Low-Rank Approach for Image Completion

no code implementations3 May 2016 Mading Li, Jiaying Liu, Zhiwei Xiong, Xiaoyan Sun, Zongming Guo

In this paper, we propose a novel multiplanar autoregressive (AR) model to exploit the correlation in cross-dimensional planes of a similar patch group collected in an image, which has long been neglected by previous AR models.

Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations29 Apr 2016 Wenhan Yang, Jiashi Feng, Jianchao Yang, Fang Zhao, Jiaying Liu, Zongming Guo, Shuicheng Yan

To address this essentially ill-posed problem, we introduce a Deep Edge Guided REcurrent rEsidual~(DEGREE) network to progressively recover the high-frequency details.

Image Super-Resolution

Revisiting Batch Normalization For Practical Domain Adaptation

1 code implementation15 Mar 2016 Yanghao Li, Naiyan Wang, Jianping Shi, Jiaying Liu, Xiaodi Hou

However, it is still a common annoyance during the training phase, that one has to prepare at least thousands of labeled images to fine-tune a network to a specific domain.

Domain Adaptation Image Classification +2

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