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A Parallel Attention Network for Cattle Face Recognition

no code implementations29 Mar 2024 Jiayu Li, Xuechao Zou, Shiying Wang, Ben Chen, Junliang Xing, Pin Tao

Thus, we create the first large-scale cattle face recognition dataset, ICRWE, for wild environments.

Face Recognition Position

Aiming at the Target: Filter Collaborative Information for Cross-Domain Recommendation

no code implementations29 Mar 2024 Hanyu Li, Weizhi Ma, Peijie Sun, Jiayu Li, Cunxiang Yin, Yancheng He, Guoqiang Xu, Min Zhang, Shaoping Ma

In CUT, user similarity in the target domain is adopted as a constraint for user transformation learning to filter the user collaborative information from the source domain.

H2RSVLM: Towards Helpful and Honest Remote Sensing Large Vision Language Model

1 code implementation29 Mar 2024 Chao Pang, Jiang Wu, Jiayu Li, Yi Liu, Jiaxing Sun, Weijia Li, Xingxing Weng, Shuai Wang, Litong Feng, Gui-Song Xia, Conghui He

The generic large Vision-Language Models (VLMs) is rapidly developing, but still perform poorly in Remote Sensing (RS) domain, which is due to the unique and specialized nature of RS imagery and the comparatively limited spatial perception of current VLMs.

Hallucination Language Modelling +2

A Situation-aware Enhancer for Personalized Recommendation

1 code implementation27 Mar 2024 Jiayu Li, Peijie Sun, Chumeng Jiang, Weizhi Ma, Qingyao Ai, Min Zhang

In this paper, we provide a new perspective that takes situations as the preconditions for users' interactions.

Recommendation Systems

Recommender for Its Purpose: Repeat and Exploration in Food Delivery Recommendations

no code implementations22 Feb 2024 Jiayu Li, Aixin Sun, Weizhi Ma, Peijie Sun, Min Zhang

This paper emphasizes the importance of dedicated analyses and methods for domain-specific characteristics for the recommender system studies.

Recommendation Systems

IRG: Generating Synthetic Relational Databases using GANs

no code implementations23 Dec 2023 Jiayu Li, Y. C. Tay

The key idea is to construct a context, based on the tables generated so far, when using a GAN to generate the next table.

Generative Adversarial Network

HetGPT: Harnessing the Power of Prompt Tuning in Pre-Trained Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks

no code implementations23 Oct 2023 Yihong Ma, Ning Yan, Jiayu Li, Masood Mortazavi, Nitesh V. Chawla

The surge in prompt-based learning within Natural Language Processing (NLP) suggests the potential of adapting a "pre-train, prompt" paradigm to graphs as an alternative.

Node Classification

Intent-aware Ranking Ensemble for Personalized Recommendation

2 code implementations15 Apr 2023 Jiayu Li, Peijie Sun, Zhefan Wang, Weizhi Ma, Yangkun Li, Min Zhang, Zhoutian Feng, Daiyue Xue

To address such a task, we propose an Intent-aware ranking Ensemble Learning~(IntEL) model to fuse multiple single-objective item lists with various user intents, in which item-level personalized weights are learned.

Ensemble Learning Recommendation Systems

Linguistic-style-aware Neural Networks for Fake News Detection

1 code implementation7 Jan 2023 Xinyi Zhou, Jiayu Li, Qinzhou Li, Reza Zafarani

We propose the hierarchical recursive neural network (HERO) to predict fake news by learning its linguistic style, which is distinguishable from the truth, as psychological theories reveal.

Fake News Detection

CloudBrain-ReconAI: An Online Platform for MRI Reconstruction and Image Quality Evaluation

no code implementations4 Dec 2022 Yirong Zhou, Chen Qian, Jiayu Li, Zi Wang, Yu Hu, Biao Qu, Liuhong Zhu, Jianjun Zhou, Taishan Kang, Jianzhong Lin, Qing Hong, Jiyang Dong, Di Guo, Xiaobo Qu

Efficient collaboration between engineers and radiologists is important for image reconstruction algorithm development and image quality evaluation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Cloud Computing MRI Reconstruction

Secure Multigroup Multicast Communication Systems via Intelligent Reflecting Surface

no code implementations17 Aug 2020 Weiping Shi, Jiayu Li, Guiyang Xia, Yuntian Wang, Xiaobo Zhou, Yonghui Zhang, Feng Shu

This paper considers a secure multigroup multicast multiple-input single-output (MISO) communication system aided by an intelligent reflecting surface (IRS).

Structured Weight Matrices-Based Hardware Accelerators in Deep Neural Networks: FPGAs and ASICs

no code implementations28 Mar 2018 Caiwen Ding, Ao Ren, Geng Yuan, Xiaolong Ma, Jiayu Li, Ning Liu, Bo Yuan, Yanzhi Wang

For FPGA implementations on deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs), we achieve at least 152X and 72X improvement in performance and energy efficiency, respectively using the SWM-based framework, compared with the baseline of IBM TrueNorth processor under same accuracy constraints using the data set of MNIST, SVHN, and CIFAR-10.

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