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Compositor: Bottom-up Clustering and Compositing for Robust Part and Object Segmentation

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Ju He, Jieneng Chen, Ming-Xian Lin, Qihang Yu, Alan Yuille

Compositor achieves state-of-the-art performance on PartImageNet and Pascal-Part by outperforming previous methods by around 0. 9% and 1. 3% on PartImageNet, 0. 4% and 1. 7% on Pascal-Part in terms of part and object mIoU and demonstrates better robustness against occlusion by around 4. 4% and 7. 1% on part and object respectively.

Clustering Semantic Segmentation

Label-Free Liver Tumor Segmentation

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Qixin Hu, Yixiong Chen, Junfei Xiao, Shuwen Sun, Jieneng Chen, Alan Yuille, Zongwei Zhou

We demonstrate that AI models can accurately segment liver tumors without the need for manual annotation by using synthetic tumors in CT scans.

Tumor Segmentation

MT-TransUNet: Mediating Multi-Task Tokens in Transformers for Skin Lesion Segmentation and Classification

1 code implementation3 Dec 2021 Jingye Chen, Jieneng Chen, Zongwei Zhou, Bin Li, Alan Yuille, Yongyi Lu

However, these approaches formulated skin cancer diagnosis as a simple classification task, dismissing the potential benefit from lesion segmentation.

Classification Lesion Classification +2

WORD: A large scale dataset, benchmark and clinical applicable study for abdominal organ segmentation from CT image

3 code implementations3 Nov 2021 Xiangde Luo, Wenjun Liao, Jianghong Xiao, Jieneng Chen, Tao Song, Xiaofan Zhang, Kang Li, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Guotai Wang, Shaoting Zhang

Deep learning-based medical image segmentation has shown the potential to reduce manual delineation efforts, but it still requires a large-scale fine annotated dataset for training, and there is a lack of large-scale datasets covering the whole abdomen region with accurate and detailed annotations for the whole abdominal organ segmentation.

Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation +3

SCPM-Net: An Anchor-free 3D Lung Nodule Detection Network using Sphere Representation and Center Points Matching

1 code implementation12 Apr 2021 Xiangde Luo, Tao Song, Guotai Wang, Jieneng Chen, Yinan Chen, Kang Li, Dimitris N. Metaxas, Shaoting Zhang

To overcome these problems, we propose a 3D sphere representation-based center-points matching detection network that is anchor-free and automatically predicts the position, radius, and offset of nodules without the manual design of nodule/anchor parameters.

Lung Nodule Detection

Sequential Learning on Liver Tumor Boundary Semantics and Prognostic Biomarker Mining

no code implementations9 Mar 2021 Jieneng Chen, Ke Yan, Yu-Dong Zhang, YouBao Tang, Xun Xu, Shuwen Sun, Qiuping Liu, Lingyun Huang, Jing Xiao, Alan L. Yuille, Ya zhang, Le Lu

(2) The sampled deep vertex features with positional embedding are mapped into a sequential space and decoded by a multilayer perceptron (MLP) for semantic classification.

SpecTr: Spectral Transformer for Hyperspectral Pathology Image Segmentation

1 code implementation5 Mar 2021 Boxiang Yun, Yan Wang, Jieneng Chen, Huiyu Wang, Wei Shen, Qingli Li

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) unlocks the huge potential to a wide variety of applications relied on high-precision pathology image segmentation, such as computational pathology and precision medicine.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

TransUNet: Transformers Make Strong Encoders for Medical Image Segmentation

16 code implementations8 Feb 2021 Jieneng Chen, Yongyi Lu, Qihang Yu, Xiangde Luo, Ehsan Adeli, Yan Wang, Le Lu, Alan L. Yuille, Yuyin Zhou

Medical image segmentation is an essential prerequisite for developing healthcare systems, especially for disease diagnosis and treatment planning.

Cardiac Segmentation Image Segmentation +2

Efficient Semi-Supervised Gross Target Volume of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Segmentation via Uncertainty Rectified Pyramid Consistency

1 code implementation13 Dec 2020 Xiangde Luo, Wenjun Liao, Jieneng Chen, Tao Song, Yinan Chen, Shichuan Zhang, Nianyong Chen, Guotai Wang, Shaoting Zhang

In this paper, we propose a novel framework with Uncertainty Rectified Pyramid Consistency (URPC) regularization for semi-supervised NPC GTV segmentation.

Semi-supervised Medical Image Segmentation through Dual-task Consistency

1 code implementation9 Sep 2020 Xiangde Luo, Jieneng Chen, Tao Song, Yinan Chen, Guotai Wang, Shaoting Zhang

Concretely, we use a dual-task deep network that jointly predicts a pixel-wise segmentation map and a geometry-aware level set representation of the target.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

Deep Distance Transform for Tubular Structure Segmentation in CT Scans

no code implementations CVPR 2020 Yan Wang, Xu Wei, Fengze Liu, Jieneng Chen, Yuyin Zhou, Wei Shen, Elliot K. Fishman, Alan L. Yuille

Tubular structure segmentation in medical images, e. g., segmenting vessels in CT scans, serves as a vital step in the use of computers to aid in screening early stages of related diseases.

Towards Brain-inspired System: Deep Recurrent Reinforcement Learning for Simulated Self-driving Agent

no code implementations29 Mar 2019 Jieneng Chen, Jingye Chen, Ruiming Zhang, Xiaobin Hu

Because of the tremendous research that focuses on human brains and reinforcement learning, scientists have investigated how robots can autonomously tackle complex tasks in the form of a self-driving agent control in a human-like way.

Decision Making OpenAI Gym +2

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