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Multi-Stage Expansion Planning for Decarbonizing Thermal Generation Supported Renewable Power Systems Using Hydrogen and Ammonia Storage

no code implementations31 Aug 2023 Zhipeng Yu, Jin Lin, Feng Liu, Jiarong Li, Yingtian Chi, Yonghua Song, Zhengwei Ren

Large-scale centralized development of wind and solar energy and peer-to-grid transmission of renewable energy source (RES) via high voltage direct current (HVDC) has been regarded as one of the most promising ways to achieve goals of peak carbon and carbon neutrality in China.

Optimal Sizing of Isolated Renewable Power Systems with Ammonia Synthesis: Model and Solution Approach

no code implementations10 Mar 2023 Zhipeng Yu, Jin Lin, Feng Liu, Jiarong Li, Yuxuan Zhao, Yonghua Song

However, multi-timescale electricity, hydrogen, and ammonia storages, minimum power supply for system safety, and the multi-year uncertainty of renewable generation lead to difficulties in planning.

Memory-Friendly Scalable Super-Resolution via Rewinding Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Jin Lin, Xiaotong Luo, Ming Hong, Yanyun Qu, Yuan Xie, Zongze Wu

In the forward stage, we take advantage of LTH with rewinding weights to progressively shrink the SR model and the pruning-out masks that form nested sets.

Image Classification Model Compression +1

Optimizing the Homogeneity and Efficiency of an SOEC Based on Multiphysics Simulation and Data-driven Surrogate Model

no code implementations25 Oct 2022 Yingtian Chi, Kentaro Yokoo, Hironori Nakajima, Kohei Ito, Jin Lin, Yonghua Song

Segmented SOEC experiments reveal that a high steam utilization, which is favorable for system efficiency, leads to local steam starvation and enhanced the inhomogeneity.

Design of the PID temperature controller for an alkaline electrolysis system with time delays

no code implementations3 Oct 2022 Ruomei Qi, Jiarong Li, Jin Lin, Yonghua Song, Jiepeng Wang, Qiangqiang Cui, Yiwei Qiu, Ming Tang, Jian Wang

This paper focuses on the design of the PID temperature controller for an alkaline electrolysis system to achieve fast and stable temperature control.

Online Dynamic Parameter Estimation of an Alkaline Electrolysis System Based on Bayesian Inference

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Xiaoyan Qiu, Hang Zhang, Yiwei Qiu, Buxiang Zhou, Tianlei Zang, Ruomei Qi, Jin Lin, Jiepeng Wang

When directly coupled with fluctuating energy sources such as wind and photovoltage power, the alkaline electrolysis (AEL) in a power-to-hydrogen (P2H) system is required to operate flexibly by dynamically adjusting its hydrogen production rate.

Bayesian Inference

Extended Load Flexibility of Industrial P2H Plants: A Process Constraint-Aware Scheduling Approach

no code implementations6 Mar 2022 Yiwei Qiu, Buxiang Zhou, Tianlei Zang, Yi Zhou, Ruomei Qi, Jin Lin

The operational flexibility of industrial power-to-hydrogen (P2H) plants enables admittance of volatile renewable power and provides auxiliary regulatory services for the power grid.


Thermal Modelling and Controller Design of an Alkaline Electrolysis System under Dynamic Operating Conditions

no code implementations27 Feb 2022 Ruomei Qi, Jiarong Li, Jin Lin, Yonghua Song, Jiepeng Wang, Qiangqiang Cui, Yiwei Qiu, Ming Tang, Jian Wang

A control-oriented thermal model is established in the form of a third-order time-delay process, which is used for simulation and controller design.


Achieving an Accurate Random Process Model for PV Power using Cheap Data: Leveraging the SDE and Public Weather Reports

no code implementations27 Nov 2021 Yiwei Qiu, Jin Lin, Zhipeng Zhou, Ningyi Dai, Feng Liu, Yonghua Song

To fill this gap, this article finds that an accurate SDE model for PV power can be constructed by only using the cheap data from low-resolution public weather reports.

Time Series Time Series Analysis +1

Quantum walks on a programmable two-dimensional 62-qubit superconducting processor

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Ming Gong, Shiyu Wang, Chen Zha, Ming-Cheng Chen, He-Liang Huang, Yulin Wu, Qingling Zhu, YouWei Zhao, Shaowei Li, Shaojun Guo, Haoran Qian, Yangsen Ye, Fusheng Chen, Jiale Yu, Daojing Fan, Dachao Wu, Hong Su, Hui Deng, Hao Rong, Jin Lin, Yu Xu, Lihua Sun, Cheng Guo, Futian Liang, Kae Nemoto, W. J. Munro, Chao-Yang Lu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Xiaobo Zhu, Jian-Wei Pan

Quantum walks are the quantum mechanical analogue of classical random walks and an extremely powerful tool in quantum simulations, quantum search algorithms, and even for universal quantum computing.

Quantum Physics

Experimental characterization of quantum many-body localization transition

no code implementations21 Dec 2020 Ming Gong, Gentil D. de Moraes Neto, Chen Zha, Yulin Wu, Hao Rong, Yangsen Ye, Shaowei Li, Qingling Zhu, Shiyu Wang, YouWei Zhao, Futian Liang, Jin Lin, Yu Xu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Hui Deng, Abolfazl Bayat, Xiaobo Zhu, Jian-Wei Pan

Here, we experimentally implement a scalable protocol for detecting the many-body localization transition point, using the dynamics of a $N=12$ superconducting qubit array.

Quantum Physics Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics Strongly Correlated Electrons

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