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A Data Quality Assessment Framework for AI-enabled Wireless Communication

no code implementations13 Dec 2022 Hanning Tang, Liusha Yang, Rui Zhou, Jing Liang, Hong Wei, Xuan Wang, Qingjiang Shi, Zhi-Quan Luo

Using artificial intelligent (AI) to re-design and enhance the current wireless communication system is a promising pathway for the future sixth-generation (6G) wireless network.

Inharmonious Region Localization via Recurrent Self-Reasoning

no code implementations5 Oct 2022 Penghao Wu, Li Niu, Jing Liang, Liqing Zhang

Synthetic images created by image editing operations are prevalent, but the color or illumination inconsistency between the manipulated region and background may make it unrealistic.

Image Harmonization

Inharmonious Region Localization by Magnifying Domain Discrepancy

1 code implementation30 Sep 2022 Jing Liang, Li Niu, Penghao Wu, Fengjun Guo, Teng Long

Inharmonious region localization aims to localize the region in a synthetic image which is incompatible with surrounding background.

Image Harmonization

MSVIPER: Improved Policy Distillation for Reinforcement-Learning-Based Robot Navigation

no code implementations19 Sep 2022 Aaron M. Roth, Jing Liang, Ram Sriram, Elham Tabassi, Dinesh Manocha

Moreover, we present efficient policy distillation and tree-modification techniques that take advantage of the decision tree structure to allow improvements to a policy without retraining.

Imitation Learning reinforcement-learning +2

Learning Quantization in LDPC Decoders

no code implementations10 Aug 2022 Marvin Geiselhart, Ahmed Elkelesh, Jannis Clausius, Fei Liang, Wen Xu, Jing Liang, Stephan ten Brink

Finding optimal message quantization is a key requirement for low complexity belief propagation (BP) decoding.


Multimodal Multi-objective Optimization: Comparative Study of the State-of-the-Art

1 code implementation11 Jul 2022 Wenhua Li, Tao Zhang, Rui Wang, Jing Liang

Multimodal multi-objective problems (MMOPs) commonly arise in real-world problems where distant solutions in decision space correspond to very similar objective values.

Visible Watermark Removal via Self-calibrated Localization and Background Refinement

1 code implementation8 Aug 2021 Jing Liang, Li Niu, Fengjun Guo, Teng Long, Liqing Zhang

In the refinement stage, we integrate multi-level features to improve the texture quality of watermarked area.

Multi-Task Learning

Making Images Real Again: A Comprehensive Survey on Deep Image Composition

1 code implementation28 Jun 2021 Li Niu, Wenyan Cong, Liu Liu, Yan Hong, Bo Zhang, Jing Liang, Liqing Zhang

We also point out the limitations of existing methods in each sub-task and the problem of the whole image composition task.

Image Harmonization

XAI-N: Sensor-based Robot Navigation using Expert Policies and Decision Trees

1 code implementation22 Apr 2021 Aaron M. Roth, Jing Liang, Dinesh Manocha

In order to increase the reliability and handle the failure cases of the expert policy, we combine with a policy extraction technique to transform the resulting policy into a decision tree format.

Robot Navigation

Inharmonious Region Localization

3 code implementations19 Apr 2021 Jing Liang, Li Niu, Liqing Zhang

The advance of image editing techniques allows users to create artistic works, but the manipulated regions may be incompatible with the background.

Image Harmonization

Joule-Thomson expansion of the torus-like black hole

no code implementations4 Mar 2021 Jing Liang, Wei Lin, Benrong Mu

Furthermore, we investigate similarities and differences between the Van der Waals fluid, the torus-like black hole and the charged AdS black holes for the expansion.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

Supervised Learning Achieves Human-Level Performance in MOBA Games: A Case Study of Honor of Kings

no code implementations25 Nov 2020 Deheng Ye, Guibin Chen, Peilin Zhao, Fuhao Qiu, Bo Yuan, Wen Zhang, Sheng Chen, Mingfei Sun, Xiaoqian Li, Siqin Li, Jing Liang, Zhenjie Lian, Bei Shi, Liang Wang, Tengfei Shi, Qiang Fu, Wei Yang, Lanxiao Huang

Unlike prior attempts, we integrate the macro-strategy and the micromanagement of MOBA-game-playing into neural networks in a supervised and end-to-end manner.

BargainNet: Background-Guided Domain Translation for Image Harmonization

2 code implementations19 Sep 2020 Wenyan Cong, Li Niu, Jianfu Zhang, Jing Liang, Liqing Zhang

Therefore, we propose an image harmonization network with a novel domain code extractor and well-tailored triplet losses, which could capture the background domain information to guide the foreground harmonization.

Image Harmonization Translation

DeltaGAN: Towards Diverse Few-shot Image Generation with Sample-Specific Delta

1 code implementation18 Sep 2020 Yan Hong, Li Niu, Jianfu Zhang, Jing Liang, Liqing Zhang

In this work, we propose a novel Delta Generative Adversarial Network (DeltaGAN), which consists of a reconstruction subnetwork and a generation subnetwork.

Image Generation

OF-VO: Efficient Navigation among Pedestrians Using Commodity Sensors

no code implementations23 Apr 2020 Jing Liang, Yi-Ling Qiao, Dinesh Manocha

Overall, our OF-VO algorithm using learning-based perception and model-based planning methods offers better performance than prior algorithms in terms of navigation time and success rate of collision avoidance.


Hierarchical Macro Strategy Model for MOBA Game AI

no code implementations19 Dec 2018 Bin Wu, Qiang Fu, Jing Liang, Peng Qu, Xiaoqian Li, Liang Wang, Wei Liu, Wei Yang, Yongsheng Liu

In this paper, we propose a novel learning-based Hierarchical Macro Strategy model for mastering MOBA games, a sub-genre of RTS games.

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