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A Survey on Incomplete Multi-view Clustering

1 code implementation17 Aug 2022 Jie Wen, Zheng Zhang, Lunke Fei, Bob Zhang, Yong Xu, Zhao Zhang, Jinxing Li

However, in practical applications, such as disease diagnosis, multimedia analysis, and recommendation system, it is common to observe that not all views of samples are available in many cases, which leads to the failure of the conventional multi-view clustering methods.

Clustering Incomplete multi-view clustering

Learning Modal-Invariant and Temporal-Memory for Video-based Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Xinyu Lin, Jinxing Li, Zeyu Ma, Huafeng Li, Shuang Li, Kaixiong Xu, Guangming Lu, David Zhang

Based on our constructed dataset, we prove that with the increase of frames in a tracklet, the performance does meet more enhancement, demonstrating the significance of video-to-video matching in RGB-IR person Re-ID.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Person Re-Identification +2

HIPA: Hierarchical Patch Transformer for Single Image Super Resolution

no code implementations19 Mar 2022 Qing Cai, Yiming Qian, Jinxing Li, Jun Lv, Yee-Hong Yang, Feng Wu, David Zhang

Transformer-based architectures start to emerge in single image super resolution (SISR) and have achieved promising performance.

Image Super-Resolution

Pseudocylindrical Convolutions for Learned Omnidirectional Image Compression

1 code implementation25 Dec 2021 Mu Li, Kede Ma, Jinxing Li, David Zhang

We first describe parametric pseudocylindrical representation as a generalization of common pseudocylindrical map projections.

ERP Image Compression

U2-Former: A Nested U-shaped Transformer for Image Restoration

no code implementations4 Dec 2021 Haobo Ji, Xin Feng, Wenjie Pei, Jinxing Li, Guangming Lu

While Transformer has achieved remarkable performance in various high-level vision tasks, it is still challenging to exploit the full potential of Transformer in image restoration.

Computational Efficiency Contrastive Learning +3

BPFNet: A Unified Framework for Bimodal Palmprint Alignment and Fusion

1 code implementation4 Oct 2021 Zhaoqun Li, Xu Liang, Dandan Fan, Jinxing Li, David Zhang

Bimodal palmprint recognition leverages palmprint and palm vein images simultaneously, which achieves high accuracy by multi-model information fusion and has strong anti-falsification property.

Keypoint Detection Translation

Dual-Stream Reciprocal Disentanglement Learning for Domain Adaptation Person Re-Identification

1 code implementation26 Jun 2021 Huafeng Li, Kaixiong Xu, Jinxing Li, Guangming Lu, Yong Xu, Zhengtao Yu, David Zhang

Since human-labeled samples are free for the target set, unsupervised person re-identification (Re-ID) has attracted much attention in recent years, by additionally exploiting the source set.

Disentanglement Domain Adaptation +2

Touchless Palmprint Recognition based on 3D Gabor Template and Block Feature Refinement

no code implementations3 Mar 2021 Zhaoqun Li, Xu Liang, Dandan Fan, Jinxing Li, Wei Jia, David Zhang

To our best knowledge, it is the largest contactless palmprint image benchmark ever collected with regard to the number of individuals and palms.

Person Identification

Auto-MVCNN: Neural Architecture Search for Multi-view 3D Shape Recognition

no code implementations10 Dec 2020 Zhaoqun Li, Hongren Wang, Jinxing Li

In 3D shape recognition, multi-view based methods leverage human's perspective to analyze 3D shapes and have achieved significant outcomes.

3D Shape Recognition Neural Architecture Search +1

Dynamic mmWave Channel Emulation in a Cost-Effective MPAC with Dominant-Cluster Concept

no code implementations21 Aug 2020 Xuesong Cai, Yang Miao, Jinxing Li, Fredrik Tufvesson, Gert Frølund Pedersen, Wei Fan

In this contribution, we firstly illustrate the dominant-cluster(s) concept, where the non-dominant clusters in the mmWave channels are pruned, for mmWave 5G devices applying massive MIMO beamforming.

Model Inconsistent but Correlated Noise: Multi-view Subspace Learning with Regularized Mixture of Gaussians

no code implementations7 Nov 2018 Hongwei Yong, Deyu Meng, Jinxing Li, WangMeng Zuo, Lei Zhang

Different from single view case, MSL should take both common and specific knowledge among different views into consideration.

Dual Asymmetric Deep Hashing Learning

1 code implementation25 Jan 2018 Jinxing Li, Bob Zhang, Guangming Lu, David Zhang

The deep hash functions are then learned through two networks by minimizing the gap between the learned features and discrete codes.

Deep Hashing

Multi-modal Fusion for Diabetes Mellitus and Impaired Glucose Regulation Detection

no code implementations12 Apr 2016 Jinxing Li, David Zhang, Yongcheng Li, Jian Wu

has proved that tongue, face and sublingual diagnosis as a noninvasive method is a reasonable way for disease detection.

Multi-modal Classification

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