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Fast simulation of bosonic qubits via Gaussian functions in phase space

1 code implementation9 Mar 2021 J. Eli Bourassa, Nicolás Quesada, Ilan Tzitrin, Antal Száva, Theodor Isacsson, Josh Izaac, Krishna Kumar Sabapathy, Guillaume Dauphinais, Ish Dhand

We demonstrate how useful classes of bosonic qubits -- Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill (GKP), cat, and Fock states -- can be simulated using this formalism, opening the door to investigating the behaviour of bosonic qubits under Gaussian channels and measurements, non-Gaussian transformations such as those achieved via gate teleportation, and important non-Gaussian measurements such as threshold and photon-number detection.

Quantum Physics

Quantum embeddings for machine learning

no code implementations10 Jan 2020 Seth Lloyd, Maria Schuld, Aroosa Ijaz, Josh Izaac, Nathan Killoran

Quantum classifiers are trainable quantum circuits used as machine learning models.

Quantum Physics

Transfer learning in hybrid classical-quantum neural networks

4 code implementations17 Dec 2019 Andrea Mari, Thomas R. Bromley, Josh Izaac, Maria Schuld, Nathan Killoran

We extend the concept of transfer learning, widely applied in modern machine learning algorithms, to the emerging context of hybrid neural networks composed of classical and quantum elements.

Transfer Learning

Quantum Natural Gradient

1 code implementation4 Sep 2019 James Stokes, Josh Izaac, Nathan Killoran, Giuseppe Carleo

A quantum generalization of Natural Gradient Descent is presented as part of a general-purpose optimization framework for variational quantum circuits.

Evaluating analytic gradients on quantum hardware

no code implementations27 Nov 2018 Maria Schuld, Ville Bergholm, Christian Gogolin, Josh Izaac, Nathan Killoran

An important application for near-term quantum computing lies in optimization tasks, with applications ranging from quantum chemistry and drug discovery to machine learning.

Quantum Physics

Near-deterministic production of universal quantum photonic gates enhanced by machine learning

2 code implementations12 Sep 2018 Krishna Kumar Sabapathy, Haoyu Qi, Josh Izaac, Christian Weedbrook

We introduce architectures for near-deterministic implementation of fully tunable weak cubic phase gates requisite for universal quantum computation.

Quantum Physics Optics

Machine learning method for state preparation and gate synthesis on photonic quantum computers

3 code implementations27 Jul 2018 Juan Miguel Arrazola, Thomas R. Bromley, Josh Izaac, Casey R. Myers, Kamil Brádler, Nathan Killoran

In the simplest case of a single input state, our method discovers circuits for preparing a desired quantum state.

Quantum Physics

Strawberry Fields: A Software Platform for Photonic Quantum Computing

8 code implementations9 Apr 2018 Nathan Killoran, Josh Izaac, Nicolás Quesada, Ville Bergholm, Matthew Amy, Christian Weedbrook

We introduce Strawberry Fields, an open-source quantum programming architecture for light-based quantum computers.

Quantum Physics Computational Physics

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