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Trading Hard Negatives and True Negatives: A Debiased Contrastive Collaborative Filtering Approach

no code implementations25 Apr 2022 Chenxiao Yang, Qitian Wu, Jipeng Jin, Xiaofeng Gao, Junwei Pan, Guihai Chen

To circumvent false negatives, we develop a principled approach to improve the reliability of negative instances and prove that the objective is an unbiased estimation of sampling from the true negative distribution.

Collaborative Filtering

Impression Allocation and Policy Search in Display Advertising

no code implementations11 Mar 2022 Di wu, Cheng Chen, Xiujun Chen, Junwei Pan, Xun Yang, Qing Tan, Jian Xu, Kuang-Chih Lee

In order to address the unstable traffic pattern challenge and achieve the optimal overall outcome, we propose a multi-agent reinforcement learning method to adjust the bids from each guaranteed contract, which is simple, converging efficiently and scalable.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Cross-Task Knowledge Distillation in Multi-Task Recommendation

no code implementations20 Feb 2022 Chenxiao Yang, Junwei Pan, Xiaofeng Gao, Tingyu Jiang, Dapeng Liu, Guihai Chen

Multi-task learning (MTL) has been widely used in recommender systems, wherein predicting each type of user feedback on items (e. g, click, purchase) are treated as individual tasks and jointly trained with a unified model.

Knowledge Distillation Multi-Task Learning +1

Follow the Prophet: Accurate Online Conversion Rate Prediction in the Face of Delayed Feedback

1 code implementation13 Aug 2021 Haoming Li, Feiyang Pan, Xiang Ao, Zhao Yang, Min Lu, Junwei Pan, Dapeng Liu, Lei Xiao, Qing He

The delayed feedback problem is one of the imperative challenges in online advertising, which is caused by the highly diversified feedback delay of a conversion varying from a few minutes to several days.

online learning

An Efficient Deep Distribution Network for Bid Shading in First-Price Auctions

no code implementations12 Jul 2021 Tian Zhou, Hao He, Shengjun Pan, Niklas Karlsson, Bharatbhushan Shetty, Brendan Kitts, Djordje Gligorijevic, San Gultekin, Tingyu Mao, Junwei Pan, Jianlong Zhang, Aaron Flores

Since 2019, most ad exchanges and sell-side platforms (SSPs), in the online advertising industry, shifted from second to first price auctions.

$FM^2$: Field-matrixed Factorization Machines for Recommender Systems

1 code implementation20 Feb 2021 Yang Sun, Junwei Pan, Alex Zhang, Aaron Flores

The FmFM model's performance is also comparable to DNN models which require much more FLOPs in runtime.

Click-Through Rate Prediction Recommendation Systems

Optimizing Multiple Performance Metrics with Deep GSP Auctions for E-commerce Advertising

no code implementations5 Dec 2020 Zhilin Zhang, Xiangyu Liu, Zhenzhe Zheng, Chenrui Zhang, Miao Xu, Junwei Pan, Chuan Yu, Fan Wu, Jian Xu, Kun Gai

In e-commerce advertising, the ad platform usually relies on auction mechanisms to optimize different performance metrics, such as user experience, advertiser utility, and platform revenue.

Bid Shading by Win-Rate Estimation and Surplus Maximization

no code implementations19 Sep 2020 Shengjun Pan, Brendan Kitts, Tian Zhou, Hao He, Bharatbhushan Shetty, Aaron Flores, Djordje Gligorijevic, Junwei Pan, Tingyu Mao, San Gultekin, Jianlong Zhang

We found that bid shading, in general, can deliver significant value to advertisers, reducing price per impression to about 55% of the unshaded cost.

Bid Shading in The Brave New World of First-Price Auctions

no code implementations2 Sep 2020 Djordje Gligorijevic, Tian Zhou, Bharatbhushan Shetty, Brendan Kitts, Shengjun Pan, Junwei Pan, Aaron Flores

Online auctions play a central role in online advertising, and are one of the main reasons for the industry's scalability and growth.

DeepLight: Deep Lightweight Feature Interactions for Accelerating CTR Predictions in Ad Serving

2 code implementations17 Feb 2020 Wei Deng, Junwei Pan, Tian Zhou, Deguang Kong, Aaron Flores, Guang Lin

To address the issue of significantly increased serving delay and high memory usage for ad serving in production, this paper presents \emph{DeepLight}: a framework to accelerate the CTR predictions in three aspects: 1) accelerate the model inference via explicitly searching informative feature interactions in the shallow component; 2) prune redundant layers and parameters at intra-layer and inter-layer level in the DNN component; 3) promote the sparsity of the embedding layer to preserve the most discriminant signals.

Click-Through Rate Prediction

A Batched Multi-Armed Bandit Approach to News Headline Testing

no code implementations17 Aug 2019 Yizhi Mao, Miao Chen, Abhinav Wagle, Junwei Pan, Michael Natkovich, Don Matheson

At Yahoo Front Page, headline testing is carried out using a test-rollout strategy: we first allocate equal proportion of the traffic to each headline variation for a defined testing period, and then shift all future traffic to the best-performing variation.

Predicting Different Types of Conversions with Multi-Task Learning in Online Advertising

no code implementations24 Jul 2019 Junwei Pan, Yizhi Mao, Alfonso Lobos Ruiz, Yu Sun, Aaron Flores

Conversion prediction plays an important role in online advertising since Cost-Per-Action (CPA) has become one of the primary campaign performance objectives in the industry.

Multi-Task Learning

Field-weighted Factorization Machines for Click-Through Rate Prediction in Display Advertising

4 code implementations9 Jun 2018 Junwei Pan, Jian Xu, Alfonso Lobos Ruiz, Wenliang Zhao, Shengjun Pan, Yu Sun, Quan Lu

The data involved in CTR prediction are typically multi-field categorical data, i. e., every feature is categorical and belongs to one and only one field.

Click-Through Rate Prediction

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