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Towards Cognitive Navigation: Design and Implementation of a Biologically Inspired Head Direction Cell Network

no code implementations22 Sep 2021 Zhenshan Bing, Amir EI Sewisy, Genghang Zhuang, Florian Walter, Fabrice O. Morin, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

As a vital cognitive function of animals, the navigation skill is first built on the accurate perception of the directional heading in the environment.

Meta-Reinforcement Learning in Broad and Non-Parametric Environments

1 code implementation8 Aug 2021 Zhenshan Bing, Lukas Knak, Fabrice Oliver Robin, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

Recent state-of-the-art artificial agents lack the ability to adapt rapidly to new tasks, as they are trained exclusively for specific objectives and require massive amounts of interaction to learn new skills.

Meta Reinforcement Learning

Adaptive Logit Adjustment Loss for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition

no code implementations13 Apr 2021 Yan Zhao, Weicong Chen, Xu Tan, Kai Huang, Jihong Zhu

The adaptive adjusting term is composed of two complementary factors: 1) quantity factor, which pays more attention to tail classes, and 2) difficulty factor, which adaptively pays more attention to hard instances in the training process.

Classification General Classification +2

Pseudo-Loss Confidence Metric for Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Learning

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Kai Huang, Jie Geng, Wen Jiang, Xinyang Deng, Zhe Xu

Most semi-supervised few-shot learning methods select pseudo-labeled data of unlabeled set by task-specific confidence estimation.

Few-Shot Learning

Context-Aware Drive-thru Recommendation Service at Fast Food Restaurants

no code implementations13 Oct 2020 Luyang Wang, Kai Huang, Jiao Wang, Shengsheng Huang, Jason Dai, Yue Zhuang

Drive-thru is a popular sales channel in the fast food industry where consumers can make food purchases without leaving their cars.

Recommendation Systems

3D Object Detection and Tracking Based on Streaming Data

no code implementations14 Sep 2020 Xusen Guo, Jiangfeng Gu, Silu Guo, Zixiao Xu, Chengzhang Yang, Shanghua Liu, Long Cheng, Kai Huang

Recent approaches for 3D object detection have made tremendous progresses due to the development of deep learning.

3D Object Detection Object Tracking

Complex Robotic Manipulation via Graph-Based Hindsight Goal Generation

1 code implementation27 Jul 2020 Zhenshan Bing, Matthias Brucker, Fabrice O. Morin, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll

In this paper, we propose graph-based hindsight goal generation (G-HGG), an extension of HGG selecting hindsight goals based on shortest distances in an obstacle-avoiding graph, which is a discrete representation of the environment.

Large-scale Uncertainty Estimation and Its Application in Revenue Forecast of SMEs

no code implementations2 May 2020 Zebang Zhang, Kui Zhao, Kai Huang, Quanhui Jia, Yanming Fang, Quan Yu

If the uncertainty of an enterprise's revenue forecasting can be estimated, a more proper credit limit can be granted.

Indirect and Direct Training of Spiking Neural Networks for End-to-End Control of a Lane-Keeping Vehicle

no code implementations10 Mar 2020 Zhenshan Bing, Claus Meschede, Guang Chen, Alois Knoll, Kai Huang

Building spiking neural networks (SNNs) based on biological synaptic plasticities holds a promising potential for accomplishing fast and energy-efficient computing, which is beneficial to mobile robotic applications.


PhoneBit: Efficient GPU-Accelerated Binary Neural Network Inference Engine for Mobile Phones

no code implementations5 Dec 2019 Gang Chen, Shengyu He, Haitao Meng, Kai Huang

Over the last years, a great success of deep neural networks (DNNs) has been witnessed in computer vision and other fields.

Bridge Video and Text with Cascade Syntactic Structure

no code implementations COLING 2018 Guolong Wang, Zheng Qin, Kaiping Xu, Kai Huang, Shuxiong Ye

We present a video captioning approach that encodes features by progressively completing syntactic structure (LSTM-CSS).

Region Proposal Video Captioning +1

BigDL: A Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Big Data

2 code implementations16 Apr 2018 Jason Dai, Yiheng Wang, Xin Qiu, Ding Ding, Yao Zhang, Yanzhang Wang, Xianyan Jia, Cherry Zhang, Yan Wan, Zhichao Li, Jiao Wang, Shengsheng Huang, Zhongyuan Wu, Yang Wang, Yuhao Yang, Bowen She, Dongjie Shi, Qi Lu, Kai Huang, Guoqiong Song

This paper presents BigDL (a distributed deep learning framework for Apache Spark), which has been used by a variety of users in the industry for building deep learning applications on production big data platforms.

Fraud Detection Object Detection

Planecell: Representing the 3D Space with Planes

no code implementations30 Mar 2017 Lei Fan, Ziyu Pan, Long Chen, Kai Huang

Reconstruction based on the stereo camera has received considerable attention recently, but two particular challenges still remain.

Semantic Segmentation

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