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Phrase Grounding-based Style Transfer for Single-Domain Generalized Object Detection

no code implementations2 Feb 2024 Hao Li, Wei Wang, Cong Wang, Zhigang Luo, Xinwang Liu, Kenli Li, Xiaochun Cao

Single-domain generalized object detection aims to enhance a model's generalizability to multiple unseen target domains using only data from a single source domain during training.

object-detection Object Detection +2

Machine unlearning through fine-grained model parameters perturbation

no code implementations9 Jan 2024 Zhiwei Zuo, Zhuo Tang, Kenli Li, Anwitaman Datta

Machine unlearning techniques, which involve retracting data records and reducing influence of said data on trained models, help with the user privacy protection objective but incur significant computational costs.

Machine Unlearning

MixBCT: Towards Self-Adapting Backward-Compatible Training

1 code implementation14 Aug 2023 Yu Liang, Shiliang Zhang, YaoWei Wang, Sheng Xiao, Kenli Li, Xiaoyu Wang

As a solution, backward-compatible training can be employed to avoid the necessity of updating old retrieval datasets.

Face Recognition Image Retrieval +1

Local Sample-weighted Multiple Kernel Clustering with Consensus Discriminative Graph

1 code implementation5 Jul 2022 Liang Li, Siwei Wang, Xinwang Liu, En Zhu, Li Shen, Kenli Li, Keqin Li

Multiple kernel clustering (MKC) is committed to achieving optimal information fusion from a set of base kernels.


Dynamic Bicycle Dispatching of Dockless Public Bicycle-sharing Systems using Multi-objective Reinforcement Learning

no code implementations19 Jan 2021 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu, Zeng Zeng

We model the DL-PBS system from the perspective of CPS and use deep learning to predict the layout of bicycle parking spots and the dynamic demand of bicycle dispatching.

Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning

Dynamic Planning of Bicycle Stations in Dockless Public Bicycle-sharing System Using Gated Graph Neural Network

no code implementations19 Jan 2021 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu, Zeng Zeng

The BSDP system contains four modules: bicycle drop-off location clustering, bicycle-station graph modeling, bicycle-station location prediction, and bicycle-station layout recommendation.

Clustering Management

Improving Biomedical Named Entity Recognition with Syntactic Information

1 code implementation BMC Bioinformatics 2020 Yuanhe Tian, Wang Shen, Yan Song, Fei Xia, Min He, Kenli Li

The experimental results on six English benchmark datasets demonstrate that auto-processed syntactic information can be a useful resource for BioNER and our method with KVMN can appropriately leverage such information to improve model performance.

named-entity-recognition Named Entity Recognition +2

A Survey on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Fighting Against COVID-19

no code implementations4 Jul 2020 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Zhaolei Zhang, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has spread rapidly worldwide, leading to a global outbreak.


HPC AI500: A Benchmark Suite for HPC AI Systems

no code implementations27 Jul 2019 Zihan Jiang, Wanling Gao, Lei Wang, Xingwang Xiong, Yuchen Zhang, Xu Wen, Chunjie Luo, Hainan Ye, Yunquan Zhang, Shengzhong Feng, Kenli Li, Weijia Xu, Jianfeng Zhan

In this paper, we propose HPC AI500 --- a benchmark suite for evaluating HPC systems that running scientific DL workloads.

Distributed Deep Learning Model for Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems with Edge Computing

no code implementations12 Apr 2019 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Qingying Deng, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu

We implement the proposed DIVS system and address the problems of parallel training, model synchronization, and workload balancing.


A Bi-layered Parallel Training Architecture for Large-scale Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations17 Oct 2018 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Kashif Bilal, Xu Zhou, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu

In this paper, we focus on the time-consuming training process of large-scale CNNs and propose a Bi-layered Parallel Training (BPT-CNN) architecture in distributed computing environments.

Distributed Computing Scheduling

A Periodicity-based Parallel Time Series Prediction Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environments

no code implementations17 Oct 2018 Jianguo Chen, Kenli Li, Huigui Rong, Kashif Bilal, Keqin Li, Philip S. Yu

In this paper, a Periodicity-based Parallel Time Series Prediction (PPTSP) algorithm for large-scale time-series data is proposed and implemented in the Apache Spark cloud computing environment.

Cloud Computing Data Compression +3

A Novel Multi-Task Tensor Correlation Neural Network for Facial Attribute Prediction

no code implementations9 Apr 2018 Mingxing Duan, Kenli Li, Qi Tian

In this paper, we propose a novel multi-attribute tensor correlation neural network (MTCN) for face attribute prediction.

Attribute Multi-Task Learning

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