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SemLink 2.0: Chasing Lexical Resources

1 code implementation IWCS (ACL) 2021 Kevin Stowe, Jenette Preciado, Kathryn Conger, Susan Windisch Brown, Ghazaleh Kazeminejad, James Gung, Martha Palmer

The SemLink resource provides mappings between a variety of lexical semantic ontologies, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

IMPLI: Investigating NLI Models’ Performance on Figurative Language

1 code implementation ACL 2022 Kevin Stowe, Prasetya Utama, Iryna Gurevych

Natural language inference (NLI) has been widely used as a task to train and evaluate models for language understanding.

Natural Language Inference

Exploring Metaphoric Paraphrase Generation

1 code implementation CoNLL (EMNLP) 2021 Kevin Stowe, Nils Beck, Iryna Gurevych

Metaphor generation is a difficult task, and has seen tremendous improvement with the advent of deep pretrained models.

Paraphrase Generation

Controlled Language Generation for Language Learning Items

1 code implementation28 Nov 2022 Kevin Stowe, Debanjan Ghosh, Mengxuan Zhao

This work aims to employ natural language generation (NLG) to rapidly generate items for English language learning applications: this requires both language models capable of generating fluent, high-quality English, and to control the output of the generation to match the requirements of the relevant items.

Text Generation

Metaphor Generation with Conceptual Mappings

1 code implementation ACL 2021 Kevin Stowe, Tuhin Chakrabarty, Nanyun Peng, Smaranda Muresan, Iryna Gurevych

Guided by conceptual metaphor theory, we propose to control the generation process by encoding conceptual mappings between cognitive domains to generate meaningful metaphoric expressions.

Ranking Creative Language Characteristics in Small Data Scenarios

no code implementations23 Oct 2020 Julia Siekiera, Marius Köppel, Edwin Simpson, Kevin Stowe, Iryna Gurevych, Stefan Kramer

We therefore adapt the DirectRanker to provide a new deep model for ranking creative language with small data.

Metaphoric Paraphrase Generation

no code implementations28 Feb 2020 Kevin Stowe, Leonardo Ribeiro, Iryna Gurevych

This work describes the task of metaphoric paraphrase generation, in which we are given a literal sentence and are charged with generating a metaphoric paraphrase.

Paraphrase Generation

Linguistic Analysis Improves Neural Metaphor Detection

no code implementations CONLL 2019 Kevin Stowe, Sarah Moeller, Laura Michaelis, Martha Palmer

In the field of metaphor detection, deep learning systems are the ubiquitous and achieve strong performance on many tasks.

Developing and Evaluating Annotation Procedures for Twitter Data during Hazard Events

no code implementations COLING 2018 Kevin Stowe, Martha Palmer, Jennings Anderson, Marina Kogan, Leysia Palen, Kenneth M. Anderson, Rebecca Morss, Julie Demuth, Heather Lazrus

As social media grows more popular, an increasing number of people are using social media platforms to obtain and share information about approaching threats and discuss their interpretations of the threat and their protective decisions.

Decision Making

Improving Classification of Twitter Behavior During Hurricane Events

no code implementations WS 2018 Kevin Stowe, Jennings Anderson, Martha Palmer, Leysia Palen, Ken Anderson

We show that feature-based and deep learning methods provide different benefits for tweet classification, and ensemble-based methods using linguistic, temporal, and geospatial features can effectively classify user behavior.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Classification +1

Leveraging Syntactic Constructions for Metaphor Identification

no code implementations WS 2018 Kevin Stowe, Martha Palmer

Identification of metaphoric language in text is critical for generating effective semantic representations for natural language understanding.

Natural Language Understanding

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