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Wiki Entity Summarization Benchmark

1 code implementation12 Jun 2024 Saeedeh Javadi, Atefeh Moradan, Mohammad Sorkhpar, Klim Zaporojets, Davide Mottin, Ira Assent

Additionally, WikES features a dataset generator to test entity summarization algorithms in different areas of the knowledge graph.

Knowledge Graphs

BioDEX: Large-Scale Biomedical Adverse Drug Event Extraction for Real-World Pharmacovigilance

1 code implementation22 May 2023 Karel D'Oosterlinck, François Remy, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder, Klim Zaporojets, Aneiss Ghodsi, Simon Ellershaw, Jack Collins, Christopher Potts

We introduce BioDEX, a large-scale resource for Biomedical adverse Drug Event Extraction, rooted in the historical output of drug safety reporting in the U. S. BioDEX consists of 65k abstracts and 19k full-text biomedical papers with 256k associated document-level safety reports created by medical experts.

Event Extraction

Neural Approaches to Entity-Centric Information Extraction

no code implementations15 Apr 2023 Klim Zaporojets

In our next work, we further study how information from Knowledge Base entities can be integrated into text.

Entity Linking

TempEL: Linking Dynamically Evolving and Newly Emerging Entities

1 code implementation5 Feb 2023 Klim Zaporojets, Lucie-Aimee Kaffee, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder, Isabelle Augenstein

For that study, we introduce TempEL, an entity linking dataset that consists of time-stratified English Wikipedia snapshots from 2013 to 2022, from which we collect both anchor mentions of entities, and these target entities' descriptions.

Entity Disambiguation Entity Linking

CookDial: A dataset for task-oriented dialogs grounded in procedural documents

1 code implementation17 Jun 2022 Yiwei Jiang, Klim Zaporojets, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder

This work presents a new dialog dataset, CookDial, that facilitates research on task-oriented dialog systems with procedural knowledge understanding.

Decision Making Response Generation

Towards Consistent Document-level Entity Linking: Joint Models for Entity Linking and Coreference Resolution

1 code implementation ACL 2022 Klim Zaporojets, Johannes Deleu, Yiwei Jiang, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder

We consider the task of document-level entity linking (EL), where it is important to make consistent decisions for entity mentions over the full document jointly.

coreference-resolution Entity Linking +1

Injecting Knowledge Base Information into End-to-End Joint Entity and Relation Extraction and Coreference Resolution

1 code implementation Findings (ACL) 2021 Severine Verlinden, Klim Zaporojets, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder

The used KB entity representations are learned from either (i) hyperlinked text documents (Wikipedia), or (ii) a knowledge graph (Wikidata), and appear complementary in raising IE performance.

coreference-resolution Entity Linking +4

DWIE: an entity-centric dataset for multi-task document-level information extraction

2 code implementations26 Sep 2020 Klim Zaporojets, Johannes Deleu, Chris Develder, Thomas Demeester

Second, the document-level multi-task annotations require the models to transfer information between entity mentions located in different parts of the document, as well as between different tasks, in a joint learning setting.

coreference-resolution Entity Linking +5

Solving Arithmetic Word Problems by Scoring Equations with Recursive Neural Networks

no code implementations11 Sep 2020 Klim Zaporojets, Giannis Bekoulis, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester, Chris Develder

Recent works use automatic extraction and ranking of candidate solution equations providing the answer to arithmetic word problems.

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