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Speaker Embeddings With Weakly Supervised Voice Activity Detection For Efficient Speaker Diarization

no code implementations15 May 2024 Jenthe Thienpondt, Kris Demuynck

Current speaker diarization systems rely on an external voice activity detection model prior to speaker embedding extraction on the detected speech segments.

Action Detection Activity Detection +3

ECAPA2: A Hybrid Neural Network Architecture and Training Strategy for Robust Speaker Embeddings

no code implementations16 Jan 2024 Jenthe Thienpondt, Kris Demuynck

In this paper, we present ECAPA2, a novel hybrid neural network architecture and training strategy to produce robust speaker embeddings.

Speaker Verification

BioLORD-2023: Semantic Textual Representations Fusing LLM and Clinical Knowledge Graph Insights

no code implementations27 Nov 2023 François Remy, Kris Demuynck, Thomas Demeester

Our new multilingual model enables a range of languages to benefit from our advancements in biomedical semantic representation learning, opening a new avenue for bioinformatics researchers around the world.

Clinical Knowledge Contrastive Learning +2

Margin-Mixup: A Method for Robust Speaker Verification in Multi-Speaker Audio

no code implementations7 Apr 2023 Jenthe Thienpondt, Nilesh Madhu, Kris Demuynck

Most speaker verification systems are designed with the assumption of a single speaker being present in a given audio segment.

Speaker Verification

Simultaneously Learning Robust Audio Embeddings and balanced Hash codes for Query-by-Example

no code implementations20 Nov 2022 Anup Singh, Kris Demuynck, Vipul Arora

These systems deploy indexing methods, which quantize fingerprints to hash codes in an unsupervised manner to expedite the search.

Retrieval Self-Supervised Learning

BioLORD: Learning Ontological Representations from Definitions (for Biomedical Concepts and their Textual Descriptions)

no code implementations21 Oct 2022 François Remy, Kris Demuynck, Thomas Demeester

This work introduces BioLORD, a new pre-training strategy for producing meaningful representations for clinical sentences and biomedical concepts.

Contrastive Learning text similarity

Attention-Based Audio Embeddings for Query-by-Example

no code implementations16 Oct 2022 Anup Singh, Kris Demuynck, Vipul Arora

An ideal audio retrieval system efficiently and robustly recognizes a short query snippet from an extensive database.

Contrastive Learning Retrieval

Transfer Learning for Robust Low-Resource Children's Speech ASR with Transformers and Source-Filter Warping

no code implementations19 Jun 2022 Jenthe Thienpondt, Kris Demuynck

This can mainly be attributed to the absence of large children's speech corpora to train robust ASR models and the resulting domain mismatch when decoding children's speech with systems trained on adult data.

Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) +3

Tackling the Score Shift in Cross-Lingual Speaker Verification by Exploiting Language Information

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Jenthe Thienpondt, Brecht Desplanques, Kris Demuynck

This paper contains a post-challenge performance analysis on cross-lingual speaker verification of the IDLab submission to the VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge 2021 (VoxSRC-21).

Language Identification Speaker Recognition +1

The IDLAB VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge 2021 System Description

no code implementations9 Sep 2021 Jenthe Thienpondt, Brecht Desplanques, Kris Demuynck

The final system fusion with two ECAPA CNN-TDNNs and three SE-ResNets enhanced with frequency positional information achieved a third place on the VoxSRC-21 leaderboard for both track 1 and 2 with a minDCF of 0. 1291 and 0. 1313 respectively.

Speaker Recognition Speaker Verification

Robust Acoustic Scene Classification in the Presence of Active Foreground Speech

no code implementations2 Aug 2021 Siyuan Song, Brecht Desplanques, Celest De Moor, Kris Demuynck, Nilesh Madhu

We show that the use of noise-floor features is complementary to multi-condition training in which foreground speech is added to training signal to reduce the mismatch between training and testing conditions.

Acoustic Scene Classification Scene Classification

Integrating Frequency Translational Invariance in TDNNs and Frequency Positional Information in 2D ResNets to Enhance Speaker Verification

no code implementations6 Apr 2021 Jenthe Thienpondt, Brecht Desplanques, Kris Demuynck

These learnable feature map biases along the frequency axis offer this architecture a straightforward way to exploit frequency positional information.

Speaker Verification Task 2

Cross-Lingual Speaker Verification with Domain-Balanced Hard Prototype Mining and Language-Dependent Score Normalization

no code implementations15 Jul 2020 Jenthe Thienpondt, Brecht Desplanques, Kris Demuynck

In this paper we describe the top-scoring IDLab submission for the text-independent task of the Short-duration Speaker Verification (SdSV) Challenge 2020.

Language Modelling Speaker Verification

Explaining Character-Aware Neural Networks for Word-Level Prediction: Do They Discover Linguistic Rules?

1 code implementation EMNLP 2018 Fréderic Godin, Kris Demuynck, Joni Dambre, Wesley De Neve, Thomas Demeester

In this paper, we investigate which character-level patterns neural networks learn and if those patterns coincide with manually-defined word segmentations and annotations.

Morphological Tagging

SCALE: A Scalable Language Engineering Toolkit

1 code implementation LREC 2016 Joris Pelemans, Lyan Verwimp, Kris Demuynck, Hugo Van hamme, Patrick Wambacq

In this paper we present SCALE, a new Python toolkit that contains two extensions to n-gram language models.

Language Modelling

Speech Recognition Web Services for Dutch

no code implementations LREC 2014 Joris Pelemans, Kris Demuynck, Hugo Van hamme, Patrick Wambacq

In this paper we present 3 applications in the domain of Automatic Speech Recognition for Dutch, all of which are developed using our in-house speech recognition toolkit SPRAAK.

Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) +1

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