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Reprint: a randomized extrapolation based on principal components for data augmentation

1 code implementation26 Apr 2022 Jiale Wei, Qiyuan Chen, Pai Peng, Benjamin Guedj, Le Li

This paper presents REPRINT, a simple and effective hidden-space data augmentation method for imbalanced data classification.

Data Augmentation text-classification +1

Youling: an AI-Assisted Lyrics Creation System

no code implementations EMNLP 2020 Rongsheng Zhang, Xiaoxi Mao, Le Li, Lin Jiang, Lin Chen, Zhiwei Hu, Yadong Xi, Changjie Fan, Minlie Huang

In the lyrics generation process, \textit{Youling} supports traditional one pass full-text generation mode as well as an interactive generation mode, which allows users to select the satisfactory sentences from generated candidates conditioned on preceding context.

Text Generation

KuiLeiXi: a Chinese Open-Ended Text Adventure Game

no code implementations ACL 2021 Yadong Xi, Xiaoxi Mao, Le Li, Lei Lin, Yanjiang Chen, Shuhan Yang, Xuhan Chen, Kailun Tao, Zhi Li, Gongzheng li, Lin Jiang, Siyan Liu, Zeng Zhao, Minlie Huang, Changjie Fan, Zhipeng Hu

Equipped with GPT-2 and the latest GPT-3, AI Dungeon has been seen as a famous example of the powerful text generation capabilities of large-scale pre-trained language models, and a possibility for future games.

Story Generation

Joint Face Completion and Super-resolution using Multi-scale Feature Relation Learning

no code implementations29 Feb 2020 Zhilei Liu, Yunpeng Wu, Le Li, Cuicui Zhang, Baoyuan Wu

This paper proposes a multi-scale feature graph generative adversarial network (MFG-GAN) to implement the face restoration of images in which both degradation modes coexist, and also to repair images with a single type of degradation.

Facial Inpainting Super-Resolution

Controllable Descendant Face Synthesis

no code implementations26 Feb 2020 Yong Zhang, Le Li, Zhilei Liu, Baoyuan Wu, Yanbo Fan, Zhifeng Li

Most of the existing methods train models for one-versus-one kin relation, which only consider one parent face and one child face by directly using an auto-encoder without any explicit control over the resemblance of the synthesized face to the parent face.

Face Generation

Facial Expression Restoration Based on Improved Graph Convolutional Networks

no code implementations23 Oct 2019 Zhilei Liu, Le Li, Yunpeng Wu, Cuicui Zhang

Facial expression analysis in the wild is challenging when the facial image is with low resolution or partial occlusion.


Sequential Learning of Principal Curves: Summarizing Data Streams on the Fly

no code implementations18 May 2018 Benjamin Guedj, Le Li

When confronted with massive data streams, summarizing data with dimension reduction methods such as PCA raises theoretical and algorithmic pitfalls.

Dimensionality Reduction

A Quasi-Bayesian Perspective to Online Clustering

no code implementations1 Feb 2016 Le Li, Benjamin Guedj, Sébastien Loustau

When faced with high frequency streams of data, clustering raises theoretical and algorithmic pitfalls.

Online Clustering

Graph Regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization By Maximizing Correntropy

no code implementations9 May 2014 Le Li, Jianjun Yang, Kaili Zhao, Yang Xu, Honggang Zhang, Zhuoyi Fan

Non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) has proved effective in many clustering and classification tasks.

Image Clustering

Adaptive Learning of Region-based pLSA Model for Total Scene Annotation

no code implementations21 Nov 2013 Yuzhu Zhou, Le Li, Honggang Zhang

In this paper, we present a region-based pLSA model to accomplish the task of total scene annotation.


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