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Meta-Learning-Based Adaptive Stability Certificates for Dynamical Systems

1 code implementation23 Dec 2023 Amit Jena, Dileep Kalathil, Le Xie

This paper addresses the problem of Neural Network (NN) based adaptive stability certification in a dynamical system.


Electromagnetic Transient Model of Cryptocurrency Mining Loads for Low-Voltage Ride Through Assessment in Transmission Grids

no code implementations22 Dec 2023 Anindita Samanta, Subir Majumder, Hasan Ibrahim, Prasad Enjeti, Le Xie

In this paper, we developed an Electromagnetic Transient (EMT) model tailored for large cryptocurrency mining loads to understand the cross-interaction of these loads with the electric grid.

Predictive Reliability Assessment of Distribution Grids with Residential Distributed Energy Resources

no code implementations11 Dec 2023 Arun Kumar Karngala, Chanan Singh, Le Xie

Employing a scenario-based approach, we showcase the application of our probabilistic method using a Monte Carlo Simulation process to assess average system reliability indices and their variations at the user level.

Voltage Constrained Heavy Duty Vehicle Electrification: Formulation and Case Study

no code implementations24 Nov 2023 Apurv Shukla, Rayan El Helou, Le Xie

The electrification of heavy-duty vehicles (HDEVs) is a rapidly emerging avenue for decarbonization of energy and transportation sectors.

An Active Learning-based Approach for Hosting Capacity Analysis in Distribution Systems

no code implementations13 May 2023 Kiyeob Lee, Peng Zhao, Anirban Bhattacharya, Bani K. Mallick, Le Xie

Hosting capacity analysis (HCA) examines the amount of DERs that can be safely integrated into the grid and is a challenging task in full generality because there are many possible integration of DERs in foresight.

Active Learning

Physical and Economic Viability of Cryptocurrency Mining for Provision of Frequency Regulation: A Real-World Texas Case Study

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Rayan El Helou, Ali Menati, Le Xie

Demand flexibility plays a pivotal role in modern power systems with high penetration of variable energy resources.

Decision Making

Optimization of Cryptocurrency Miners' Participation in Ancillary Service Markets

no code implementations13 Mar 2023 Ali Menati, Yuting Cai, Rayan El Helou, Chao Tian, Le Xie

One of the most significant bottlenecks for the scalable deployment of such computation is its energy demand.

Energy System Digitization in the Era of AI: A Three-Layered Approach towards Carbon Neutrality

no code implementations2 Nov 2022 Le Xie, Tong Huang, Xiangtian Zheng, Yan Liu, Mengdi Wang, Vijay Vittal, P. R. Kumar, Srinivas Shakkottai, Yi Cui

The transition towards carbon-neutral electricity is one of the biggest game changers in addressing climate change since it addresses the dual challenges of removing carbon emissions from the two largest sectors of emitters: electricity and transportation.

Decision Making

Towards Autonomous Atlas-based Ultrasound Acquisitions in Presence of Articulated Motion

1 code implementation10 Aug 2022 Zhongliang Jiang, Yuan Gao, Le Xie, Nassir Navab

Robotic ultrasound (US) imaging aims at overcoming some of the limitations of free-hand US examinations, e. g. difficulty in guaranteeing intra- and inter-operator repeatability.

Distributed Learning of Neural Lyapunov Functions for Large-Scale Networked Dissipative Systems

no code implementations15 Jul 2022 Amit Jena, Tong Huang, S. Sivaranjani, Dileep Kalathil, Le Xie

One standard approach to estimate the stability region of a general nonlinear system is to first find a Lyapunov function for the system and characterize its region of attraction as the stability region.

Distributed Optimization

Modeling and Analysis of Utilizing Cryptocurrency Mining for Demand Flexibility in Electric Energy Systems: A Synthetic Texas Grid Case Study

no code implementations6 Jul 2022 Ali Menati, Kiyeob Lee, Le Xie

We perform our simulations using a synthetic 2000 bus ERCOT grid model, along with added cryptocurrency mining loads on top of the real-world demand profiles in Texas.

How Much Demand Flexibility Could Have Spared Texas from the 2021 Outage?

1 code implementation1 Jun 2022 Dongqi Wu, Xiangtian Zheng, Ali Menati, Lane Smith, Bainan Xia, Yixing Xu, Chanan Singh, Le Xie

The February 2021 Texas winter power outage has led to hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in economic losses, largely due to the generation failure and record-breaking electric demand.

On an Information and Control Architecture for Future Electric Energy Systems

no code implementations1 Jun 2022 Le Xie, Tong Huang, P. R. Kumar, Anupam A. Thatte, Sanjoy K. Mitter

This paper presents considerations towards an information and control architecture for future electric energy systems driven by massive changes resulting from the societal goals of decarbonization and electrification.

Massively Digitized Power Grid: Opportunities and Challenges of Use-inspired AI

no code implementations10 May 2022 Le Xie, Xiangtian Zheng, Yannan Sun, Tong Huang, Tony Bruton

This article presents a use-inspired perspective of the opportunities and challenges in a massively digitized power grid.

The Impact of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification on Large Power Grids: a Synthetic Texas Case Study

no code implementations8 Mar 2022 Rayan El Helou, S. Sivaranjani, Dileep Kalathil, Andrew Schaper, Le Xie

In fact, we find that as little as 11% of heavy duty vehicles in Texas charging simultaneously can lead to significant voltage violations on the transmission network that compromise grid reliability.

OpenGridGym: An Open-Source AI-Friendly Toolkit for Distribution Market Simulation

1 code implementation6 Mar 2022 Rayan El Helou, Kiyeob Lee, Dongqi Wu, Le Xie, Srinivas Shakkottai, Vijay Subramanian

This paper presents OpenGridGym, an open-source Python-based package that allows for seamless integration of distribution market simulation with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) decision-making algorithms.

Decision Making

Open-Access Data and Toolbox for Tracking COVID-19 Impact on Power Systems

1 code implementation10 Dec 2021 Guangchun Ruan, Zekuan Yu, Shutong Pu, Songtao Zhou, Haiwang Zhong, Le Xie, Qing Xia, Chongqing Kang

Intervention policies against COVID-19 have caused large-scale disruptions globally, and led to a series of pattern changes in the power system operation.

A Preliminary Study on the Role of Energy Storage and Load Rationing in Mitigating the Impact of the 2021 Texas Power Outage

no code implementations25 Nov 2021 Ali Menati, Le Xie

It also conducts a preliminary study on using energy storage and load rationing to mitigate rotating blackout's adverse impact on the grid.

A Multi-scale Time-series Dataset with Benchmark for Machine Learning in Decarbonized Energy Grids

1 code implementation12 Oct 2021 Xiangtian Zheng, Nan Xu, Loc Trinh, Dongqi Wu, Tong Huang, S. Sivaranjani, Yan Liu, Le Xie

The electric grid is a key enabling infrastructure for the ambitious transition towards carbon neutrality as we grapple with climate change.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

PyProD: A Machine Learning-Friendly Platform for Protection Analytics in Distribution Systems

no code implementations13 Sep 2021 Dongqi Wu, Dileep Kalathil, Miroslav Begovic, Le Xie

This paper introduces PyProD, a Python-based machine learning (ML)-compatible test-bed for evaluating the efficacy of protection schemes in electric distribution grids.

BIG-bench Machine Learning Decision Making

An Efficient Network Solver for Dynamic Simulation of Power Systems Based on Hierarchical Inverse Computation and Modification

no code implementations22 May 2021 Lu Zhang, Bin Wang, Vivek Sarin, Weiping Shi, P. R. Kumar, Le Xie

In power system dynamic simulation, up to 90% of the computational time is devoted to solve the network equations, i. e., a set of linear equations.

Two-stage Robust Energy Storage Planning with Probabilistic Guarantees: A Data-driven Approach

no code implementations30 Mar 2021 Chao Yan, Xinbo Geng, Zhaohong Bie, Le Xie

Furthermore, the column-and-constraint generation algorithm is used to solve the two-stage robust planning problem and tighten theoretical guarantees.

Decision Making

Transient Stability Assessment of Networked Microgrids Using Neural Lyapunov Methods

no code implementations2 Dec 2020 Tong Huang, Sicun Gao, Le Xie

Case studies suggest that the proposed method can address networked microgrids with heterogeneous interface dynamics, and in comparison with conventional methods that are based on quadratic Lyapunov functions, can characterize the security regions with much less conservativeness.

Fully Decentralized Reinforcement Learning-based Control of Photovoltaics in Distribution Grids for Joint Provision of Real and Reactive Power

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 Rayan El Helou, Dileep Kalathil, Le Xie

In this paper, we introduce a new framework to address the problem of voltage regulation in unbalanced distribution grids with deep photovoltaic penetration.

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

A Smart Meter Data-driven Distribution Utility Rate Model for Networks with Prosumers

no code implementations13 May 2020 Athindra Venkatraman, Anupam Thatte, Le Xie

Distribution grids across the world are undergoing profound changes due to advances in energy technologies.

Tracking and Analyzing the Short-Run Impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. Electricity Sector

1 code implementation11 May 2020 Guangchun Ruan, Dongqi Wu, Xiangtian Zheng, S. Sivaranjani, Le Xie, Haiwang Zhong, Chongqing Kang

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has rapidly spread around the globe in 2020, with the U. S. becoming the epicenter of COVID-19 cases and deaths in late March.

Computers and Society

Deep Reinforcement Learning-BasedRobust Protection in DER-Rich Distribution Grids

no code implementations5 Mar 2020 Dongqi Wu, Dileep Kalathil, Miroslav Begovic, Le Xie

This paper introduces the concept of Deep Reinforcement Learning based architecture for protective relay design in power distribution systems with many distributed energy resources (DERs).

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Retrieval-based Localization Based on Domain-invariant Feature Learning under Changing Environments

1 code implementation23 Sep 2019 Hanjiang Hu, Hesheng Wang, Zhe Liu, Chenguang Yang, Weidong Chen, Le Xie

To retrieve a target image from the database, the query image is first encoded using the encoder belonging to the query domain to obtain a domain-invariant feature vector.

Autonomous Driving Retrieval +2

Synthetic Dynamic PMU Data Generation: A Generative Adversarial Network Approach

no code implementations7 Dec 2018 Xiangtian Zheng, Bin Wang, Le Xie

This paper concerns with the production of synthetic phasor measurement unit (PMU) data for research and education purposes.

Generative Adversarial Network

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