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Experimental investigation of trans-scale displacement responses of wrinkle defects in fiber reinforced composite laminates

no code implementations21 May 2024 Li Ma, Shoulong Wang, Changchen Liu, Ange Wen, Kaidi Ying, Jing Guo

Wrinkle defects were found widely exist in the field of industrial products, i. e. wind turbine blades and filament-wound composite pressure vessels.

Sensitivity Decouple Learning for Image Compression Artifacts Reduction

no code implementations15 May 2024 Li Ma, Yifan Zhao, Peixi Peng, Yonghong Tian

Different from these methods, we propose to decouple the intrinsic attributes into two complementary features for artifacts reduction, ie, the compression-insensitive features to regularize the high-level semantic representations during training and the compression-sensitive features to be aware of the compression degree.

Image Compression

InternLM2 Technical Report

1 code implementation26 Mar 2024 Zheng Cai, Maosong Cao, Haojiong Chen, Kai Chen, Keyu Chen, Xin Chen, Xun Chen, Zehui Chen, Zhi Chen, Pei Chu, Xiaoyi Dong, Haodong Duan, Qi Fan, Zhaoye Fei, Yang Gao, Jiaye Ge, Chenya Gu, Yuzhe Gu, Tao Gui, Aijia Guo, Qipeng Guo, Conghui He, Yingfan Hu, Ting Huang, Tao Jiang, Penglong Jiao, Zhenjiang Jin, Zhikai Lei, Jiaxing Li, Jingwen Li, Linyang Li, Shuaibin Li, Wei Li, Yining Li, Hongwei Liu, Jiangning Liu, Jiawei Hong, Kaiwen Liu, Kuikun Liu, Xiaoran Liu, Chengqi Lv, Haijun Lv, Kai Lv, Li Ma, Runyuan Ma, Zerun Ma, Wenchang Ning, Linke Ouyang, Jiantao Qiu, Yuan Qu, FuKai Shang, Yunfan Shao, Demin Song, Zifan Song, Zhihao Sui, Peng Sun, Yu Sun, Huanze Tang, Bin Wang, Guoteng Wang, Jiaqi Wang, Jiayu Wang, Rui Wang, Yudong Wang, Ziyi Wang, Xingjian Wei, Qizhen Weng, Fan Wu, Yingtong Xiong, Chao Xu, Ruiliang Xu, Hang Yan, Yirong Yan, Xiaogui Yang, Haochen Ye, Huaiyuan Ying, JIA YU, Jing Yu, Yuhang Zang, Chuyu Zhang, Li Zhang, Pan Zhang, Peng Zhang, Ruijie Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Songyang Zhang, Wenjian Zhang, Wenwei Zhang, Xingcheng Zhang, Xinyue Zhang, Hui Zhao, Qian Zhao, Xiaomeng Zhao, Fengzhe Zhou, Zaida Zhou, Jingming Zhuo, Yicheng Zou, Xipeng Qiu, Yu Qiao, Dahua Lin

The evolution of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and GPT-4 has sparked discussions on the advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

4k Long-Context Understanding

UV Gaussians: Joint Learning of Mesh Deformation and Gaussian Textures for Human Avatar Modeling

no code implementations18 Mar 2024 Yujiao Jiang, Qingmin Liao, Xiaoyu Li, Li Ma, Qi Zhang, Chaopeng Zhang, Zongqing Lu, Ying Shan

Therefore, we propose UV Gaussians, which models the 3D human body by jointly learning mesh deformations and 2D UV-space Gaussian textures.

Mixture of Link Predictors

no code implementations13 Feb 2024 Li Ma, Haoyu Han, Juanhui Li, Harry Shomer, Hui Liu, Xiaofeng Gao, Jiliang Tang

Link prediction, which aims to forecast unseen connections in graphs, is a fundamental task in graph machine learning.

Link Prediction

SpecNeRF: Gaussian Directional Encoding for Specular Reflections

no code implementations20 Dec 2023 Li Ma, Vasu Agrawal, Haithem Turki, Changil Kim, Chen Gao, Pedro Sander, Michael Zollhöfer, Christian Richardt

We show that our Gaussian directional encoding and geometry prior significantly improve the modeling of challenging specular reflections in neural radiance fields, which helps decompose appearance into more physically meaningful components.

Alteration Detection of Tensor Dependence Structure via Sparsity-Exploited Reranking Algorithm

no code implementations13 Oct 2023 Li Ma, Shenghao Qin, Yin Xia

Tensor-valued data arise frequently from a wide variety of scientific applications, and many among them can be translated into an alteration detection problem of tensor dependence structures.

Picking Up Quantization Steps for Compressed Image Classification

1 code implementation21 Apr 2023 Li Ma, Peixi Peng, Guangyao Chen, Yifan Zhao, Siwei Dong, Yonghong Tian

The sensitivity of deep neural networks to compressed images hinders their usage in many real applications, which means classification networks may fail just after taking a screenshot and saving it as a compressed file.

Classification Image Classification +1

3D Video Loops from Asynchronous Input

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Li Ma, Xiaoyu Li, Jing Liao, Pedro V. Sander

Looping videos are short video clips that can be looped endlessly without visible seams or artifacts.

Neural Parameterization for Dynamic Human Head Editing

no code implementations1 Jul 2022 Li Ma, Xiaoyu Li, Jing Liao, Xuan Wang, Qi Zhang, Jue Wang, Pedro Sander

Implicit radiance functions emerged as a powerful scene representation for reconstructing and rendering photo-realistic views of a 3D scene.

TVConv: Efficient Translation Variant Convolution for Layout-aware Visual Processing

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Jierun Chen, Tianlang He, Weipeng Zhuo, Li Ma, Sangtae Ha, S. -H. Gary Chan

Extensive experiments on face recognition show that TVConv reduces the computational cost by up to 3. 1x and improves the corresponding throughput by 2. 3x while maintaining a high accuracy compared to the depthwise convolution.

Face Recognition Image Segmentation +3

Deblur-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields from Blurry Images

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Li Ma, Xiaoyu Li, Jing Liao, Qi Zhang, Xuan Wang, Jue Wang, Pedro V. Sander

We demonstrate that our method can be used on both camera motion blur and defocus blur: the two most common types of blur in real scenes.

3D Scene Reconstruction Novel View Synthesis

Microbiome subcommunity learning with logistic-tree normal latent Dirichlet allocation

1 code implementation11 Sep 2021 Patrick LeBlanc, Li Ma

As a result, LDA can produce inference which is highly sensitive to the specification of the number of subcommunities and often divides a single subcommunity into multiple artificial ones.

Bayesian Inference

Amplitude-Phase Recombination: Rethinking Robustness of Convolutional Neural Networks in Frequency Domain

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Guangyao Chen, Peixi Peng, Li Ma, Jia Li, Lin Du, Yonghong Tian

This observation leads to more explanations of the CNN's generalization behaviors in both robustness to common perturbations and out-of-distribution detection, and motivates a new perspective on data augmentation designed by re-combing the phase spectrum of the current image and the amplitude spectrum of the distracter image.

Adversarial Attack Data Augmentation +2

SciConceptMiner: A system for large-scale scientific concept discovery

no code implementations ACL 2021 Zhihong Shen, Chieh-Han Wu, Li Ma, Chien-Pang Chen, Kuansan Wang

In this paper, we introduce a self-supervised end-to-end system, SciConceptMiner, for the automatic capture of emerging scientific concepts from both independent knowledge sources (semi-structured data) and academic publications (unstructured documents).

Distillation based Multi-task Learning: A Candidate Generation Model for Improving Reading Duration

no code implementations14 Feb 2021 Zhong Zhao, Yanmei Fu, Hanming Liang, Li Ma, Guangyao Zhao, Hongwei Jiang

One solution to this problem is to model the click and the reading duration simultaneously under the multi-task learning (MTL) framework.

Multi-Task Learning Recommendation Systems

Unsupervised tree boosting for learning probability distributions

1 code implementation26 Jan 2021 Naoki Awaya, Li Ma

We propose an unsupervised tree boosting algorithm for inferring the underlying sampling distribution of an i. i. d.

Density Estimation

Stability property and Dirichlet problem for translating solitons

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 Li Ma, Vicente Miquel

In this paper, we prove that the infimum of the mean curvature is zero for a translating solitons of hypersurface in $\re^{n+k}$.

Differential Geometry Analysis of PDEs translating solitons, stability, non-splitting, Dirichlet problem

Two solutions to Kazdan-Warner's problem on surfaces

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 Li Ma

In this paper, we study the sign-changing Kazdan-Warner's problem on two dimensional closed Riemannian manifold with negative Euler number $\chi(M)<0$.

Differential Geometry Analysis of PDEs 53C20, 35J60, 58G99

Yamabe metrics, Fine solutions to the Yamabe flow, and local L1-stability

no code implementations24 Dec 2020 Li Ma

In this paper, we study the existence of complete Yamabe metric with zero scalar curvature on an n-dimensional complete Riemannian manifold $(M, g_0)$, $n\geq 3$.

Differential Geometry Analysis of PDEs 53C44, 53C20, 35Jxx, 35K50, 58J20

Dirichlet-tree multinomial mixtures for clustering microbiome compositions

1 code implementation2 Aug 2020 Jialiang Mao, Li Ma

A common routine in microbiome research is to identify reproducible patterns in the population through unsupervised clustering of samples.

Methodology Applications

Privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning on genomic data using TensorFlow

1 code implementation11 Feb 2020 Cheng Hong, Zhicong Huang, Wen-jie Lu, Hunter Qu, Li Ma, Morten Dahl, Jason Mancuso

Machine learning (ML) methods have been widely used in genomic studies.

Cryptography and Security

CARP: Compression through Adaptive Recursive Partitioning for Multi-dimensional Images

1 code implementation CVPR 2020 Rongjie Liu, Meng Li, Li Ma

Fast and effective image compression for multi-dimensional images has become increasingly important for efficient storage and transfer of massive amounts of high-resolution images and videos.

Image Compression

POI Semantic Model with a Deep Convolutional Structure

no code implementations18 Mar 2019 Ji Zhao, Meiyu Yu, Huan Chen, Boning Li, Lingyu Zhang, Qi Song, Li Ma, Hua Chai, Jieping Ye

An accurate similarity calculation is challenging since the mismatch between a query and a retrieval text may exist in the case of a mistyped query or an alias inquiry.


Multiscale Fisher's Independence Test for Multivariate Dependence

1 code implementation18 Jun 2018 Shai Gorsky, Li Ma

Identifying dependency in multivariate data is a common inference task that arises in numerous applications.

Bayesian graphical compositional regression for microbiome data

2 code implementations13 Dec 2017 Jialiang Mao, Yuhan Chen, Li Ma

An important task in microbiome studies is to test the existence of and give characterization to differences in the microbiome composition across groups of samples.

Methodology Applications Computation

Learning Asymmetric and Local Features in Multi-Dimensional Data through Wavelets with Recursive Partitioning

1 code implementation2 Nov 2017 Meng Li, Li Ma

Effective learning of asymmetric and local features in images and other data observed on multi-dimensional grids is a challenging objective critical for a wide range of image processing applications involving biomedical and natural images.

Bayesian Inference Image Reconstruction

Mixture modeling on related samples by $ψ$-stick breaking and kernel perturbation

no code implementations17 Apr 2017 Jacopo Soriano, Li Ma

We introduce two techniques for incorporating these features in modeling related data samples using kernel mixtures.

Bayesian Inference

Recursive partitioning and multi-scale modeling on conditional densities

1 code implementation14 Nov 2016 Li Ma

We introduce a nonparametric prior on the conditional distribution of a (univariate or multivariate) response given a set of predictors.

Methodology Statistics Theory Computation Statistics Theory

Efficient functional ANOVA through wavelet-domain Markov groves

no code implementations12 Feb 2016 Li Ma, Jacopo Soriano

We introduce a wavelet-domain functional analysis of variance (fANOVA) method based on a Bayesian hierarchical model.


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