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Mixed Supervised Graph Contrastive Learning for Recommendation

no code implementations24 Apr 2024 Weizhi Zhang, Liangwei Yang, Zihe Song, Henry Peng Zou, Ke Xu, Yuanjie Zhu, Philip S. Yu

Graph contrastive learning aims to learn from high-order collaborative filtering signals with unsupervised augmentation on the user-item bipartite graph, which predominantly relies on the multi-task learning framework involving both the pair-wise recommendation loss and the contrastive loss.

Collaborative Filtering Contrastive Learning +2

Instruction-based Hypergraph Pretraining

no code implementations28 Mar 2024 Mingdai Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Liangwei Yang, Xiaolong Liu, Chen Wang, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu

However, the gap between training objectives and the discrepancy between data distributions in pretraining and downstream tasks hinders the transfer of the pretrained knowledge.

Graph Learning Link Prediction +1

AgentOhana: Design Unified Data and Training Pipeline for Effective Agent Learning

2 code implementations23 Feb 2024 JianGuo Zhang, Tian Lan, Rithesh Murthy, Zhiwei Liu, Weiran Yao, Juntao Tan, Thai Hoang, Liangwei Yang, Yihao Feng, Zuxin Liu, Tulika Awalgaonkar, Juan Carlos Niebles, Silvio Savarese, Shelby Heinecke, Huan Wang, Caiming Xiong

It meticulously standardizes and unifies these trajectories into a consistent format, streamlining the creation of a generic data loader optimized for agent training.

AgentLite: A Lightweight Library for Building and Advancing Task-Oriented LLM Agent System

1 code implementation23 Feb 2024 Zhiwei Liu, Weiran Yao, JianGuo Zhang, Liangwei Yang, Zuxin Liu, Juntao Tan, Prafulla K. Choubey, Tian Lan, Jason Wu, Huan Wang, Shelby Heinecke, Caiming Xiong, Silvio Savarese

Thus, we open-source a new AI agent library, AgentLite, which simplifies this process by offering a lightweight, user-friendly platform for innovating LLM agent reasoning, architectures, and applications with ease.

AI Agent

Cyclic Neural Network

no code implementations11 Jan 2024 Liangwei Yang, Hengrui Zhang, Zihe Song, Jiawei Zhang, Weizhi Zhang, Jing Ma, Philip S. Yu

This paper answers a fundamental question in artificial neural network (ANN) design: We do not need to build ANNs layer-by-layer sequentially to guarantee the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) property.

Multi-view Graph Convolution for Participant Recommendation

no code implementations20 Nov 2023 Xiaolong Liu, Liangwei Yang, Chen Wang, Mingdai Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Philip S. Yu

Participant recommendation, a fundamental problem emerging together with GB, aims to find the participants for a launched group buying process with an initiator and a target item to increase the GB success rate.

Group-Aware Interest Disentangled Dual-Training for Personalized Recommendation

1 code implementation16 Nov 2023 Xiaolong Liu, Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Xiaohan Li, Mingdai Yang, Chen Wang, Philip S. Yu

The users' group participation on social platforms reveals their interests and can be utilized as side information to mitigate the data sparsity and cold-start problem in recommender systems.

Informativeness Recommendation Systems

Knowledge Graph Context-Enhanced Diversified Recommendation

1 code implementation20 Oct 2023 Xiaolong Liu, Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Mingdai Yang, Chen Wang, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu

Collectively, our contributions signify a substantial stride towards augmenting the panorama of recommendation diversity within the realm of KG-informed RecSys paradigms.

Knowledge Graphs Recommendation Systems

Collaborative Semantic Alignment in Recommendation Systems

no code implementations13 Oct 2023 Chen Wang, Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Xiaolong Liu, Mingdai Yang, Yueqing Liang, Philip S. Yu

However, PLMs often overlook the vital collaborative filtering signals, leading to challenges in merging collaborative and semantic representation spaces and fine-tuning semantic representations for better alignment with warm-start conditions.

Collaborative Filtering Language Modelling +1

Graph-based Alignment and Uniformity for Recommendation

1 code implementation18 Aug 2023 Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Chen Wang, Mingdai Yang, Xiaolong Liu, Jing Ma, Philip S. Yu

To address this issue, we propose a novel approach, graph-based alignment and uniformity (GraphAU), that explicitly considers high-order connectivities in the user-item bipartite graph.

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems +1

Dimension Independent Mixup for Hard Negative Sample in Collaborative Filtering

1 code implementation28 Jun 2023 Xi Wu, Liangwei Yang, Jibing Gong, Chao Zhou, Tianyu Lin, Xiaolong Liu, Philip S. Yu

To address this limitation, we propose Dimension Independent Mixup for Hard Negative Sampling (DINS), which is the first Area-wise sampling method for training CF-based models.

Collaborative Filtering

Multi-task Item-attribute Graph Pre-training for Strict Cold-start Item Recommendation

1 code implementation26 Jun 2023 Yuwei Cao, Liangwei Yang, Chen Wang, Zhiwei Liu, Hao Peng, Chenyu You, Philip S. Yu

We explore the role of the fine-grained item attributes in bridging the gaps between the existing and the SCS items and pre-train a knowledgeable item-attribute graph for SCS item recommendation.

Attribute Multi-Task Learning +1

Conditional Denoising Diffusion for Sequential Recommendation

no code implementations22 Apr 2023 Yu Wang, Zhiwei Liu, Liangwei Yang, Philip S. Yu

Generative models have attracted significant interest due to their ability to handle uncertainty by learning the inherent data distributions.

Decoder Denoising +1

DGRec: Graph Neural Network for Recommendation with Diversified Embedding Generation

1 code implementation18 Nov 2022 Liangwei Yang, Shengjie Wang, Yunzhe Tao, Jiankai Sun, Xiaolong Liu, Philip S. Yu, Taiqing Wang

Graph Neural Network (GNN) based recommender systems have been attracting more and more attention in recent years due to their excellent performance in accuracy.

Graph Neural Network Recommendation Systems

MetaKRec: Collaborative Meta-Knowledge Enhanced Recommender System

1 code implementation14 Nov 2022 Liangwei Yang, Shen Wang, Jibing Gong, Shaojie Zheng, Shuying Du, Zhiwei Liu, Philip S. Yu

To fill this gap, in this paper, we explore the rich, heterogeneous relationship among items and propose a new KG-enhanced recommendation model called Collaborative Meta-Knowledge Enhanced Recommender System (MetaKRec).

Recommendation Systems

Ranking-based Group Identification via Factorized Attention on Social Tripartite Graph

1 code implementation2 Nov 2022 Mingdai Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Liangwei Yang, Xiaolong Liu, Chen Wang, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu

PA layers efficiently learn the relatedness of non-neighbor nodes to improve the information propagation to users.

ContrastVAE: Contrastive Variational AutoEncoder for Sequential Recommendation

1 code implementation27 Aug 2022 Yu Wang, Hengrui Zhang, Zhiwei Liu, Liangwei Yang, Philip S. Yu

Then we propose Contrastive Variational AutoEncoder (ContrastVAE in short), a two-branched VAE model with contrastive regularization as an embodiment of ContrastELBO for sequential recommendation.

Contrastive Learning Sequential Recommendation

Large-scale Personalized Video Game Recommendation via Social-aware Contextualized Graph Neural Network

1 code implementation7 Feb 2022 Liangwei Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Yu Wang, Chen Wang, Ziwei Fan, Philip S. Yu

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of users' online game behaviors, which motivates the necessity of handling those three characteristics in the online game recommendation.

Graph Neural Network Recommendation Systems

Federated Social Recommendation with Graph Neural Network

no code implementations21 Nov 2021 Zhiwei Liu, Liangwei Yang, Ziwei Fan, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu

However, they all require centralized storage of the social links and item interactions of users, which leads to privacy concerns.

Federated Learning Graph Neural Network +1

FedGraphNN: A Federated Learning System and Benchmark for Graph Neural Networks

1 code implementation14 Apr 2021 Chaoyang He, Keshav Balasubramanian, Emir Ceyani, Carl Yang, Han Xie, Lichao Sun, Lifang He, Liangwei Yang, Philip S. Yu, Yu Rong, Peilin Zhao, Junzhou Huang, Murali Annavaram, Salman Avestimehr

FedGraphNN is built on a unified formulation of graph FL and contains a wide range of datasets from different domains, popular GNN models, and FL algorithms, with secure and efficient system support.

Federated Learning Graph Neural Network +1

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