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Do not let the history haunt you: Mitigating Compounding Errors in Conversational Question Answering

no code implementations LREC 2020 M, Angrosh ya, James O{'} Neill, Danushka Bollegala, Frans Coenen

The Conversational Question Answering (CoQA) task involves answering a sequence of inter-related conversational questions about a contextual paragraph.

Conversational Question Answering Test

Acoustic-Prosodic and Lexical Cues to Deception and Trust: Deciphering How People Detect Lies

no code implementations TACL 2020 Xi (Leslie) Chen, Sarah Ita Levitan, Michelle Levine, M, Marko ic, Julia Hirschberg

We analyzed the acoustic-prosodic and linguistic characteristics of language trusted and mistrusted by raters and compared these to characteristics of actual truthful and deceptive language to understand how perception aligns with reality.

Deception Detection

Span-based Hierarchical Semantic Parsing for Task-Oriented Dialog

no code implementations IJCNLP 2019 Panupong Pasupat, Sonal Gupta, M, Karishma yam, Rushin Shah, Mike Lewis, Luke Zettlemoyer

We propose a semantic parser for parsing compositional utterances into Task Oriented Parse (TOP), a tree representation that has intents and slots as labels of nesting tree nodes.

Semantic Parsing valid

Normalization of Transliterated Words in Code-Mixed Data Using Seq2Seq Model \& Levenshtein Distance

no code implementations WS 2018 M, Soumil al, Karthick Nanmaran

Building tools for code-mixed data is rapidly gaining popularity in the NLP research community as such data is exponentially rising on social media.

Opinion Mining Test +2

Continuous Word Embedding Fusion via Spectral Decomposition

no code implementations CONLL 2018 Tianfan Fu, Cheng Zhang, M, Stephan t

In this paper, we present an efficient method for including new words from a specialized corpus, containing new words, into pre-trained generic word embeddings.

Machine Translation Transfer Learning +1

Filtering Aggression from the Multilingual Social Media Feed

no code implementations COLING 2018 S Modha, ip, Prasenjit Majumder, M, Thomas l

Using the validation data, we found that validation accuracy of our deep learning models outperform all standard machine learning classifiers and voting based ensemble techniques and results on test data support these findings.

Aggression Identification BIG-bench Machine Learning +4

Identification of Multiword Expressions for Latvian and Lithuanian: Hybrid Approach

no code implementations WS 2017 M, Justina ravickait{\.e}, Tomas Krilavi{\v{c}}ius

We discuss an experiment on automatic identification of bi-gram multi-word expressions in parallel Latvian and Lithuanian corpora.

BIG-bench Machine Learning POS

Stylometric Analysis of Parliamentary Speeches: Gender Dimension

no code implementations WS 2017 M, Justina ravickait{\.e}, Tomas Krilavi{\v{c}}ius

Relation between gender and language has been studied by many authors, however, there is still some uncertainty left regarding gender influence on language usage in the professional environment.

A Resource-light Approach to Phrase Extraction for English and German Documents from the Patent Domain and User Generated Content

no code implementations LREC 2012 Julia Maria Schulz, Daniela Becks, Christa Womser-Hacker, M, Thomas l

In order to extract meaningful phrases from corpora (e. g. in an information retrieval context) intensive knowledge of the domain in question and the respective documents is generally needed.

Information Retrieval Opinion Mining +1

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