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Estimation of Road Boundary for Intelligent Vehicles Based on DeepLabV3+ Architecture

1 code implementation IEEE Access ( Volume: 9) 2021 Sunanda Das, Awal Ahmed Fime, Nazmul Siddique, M. M. A. Hashem

This paper proposes a method to estimate road boundaries in different environments with deep learning-based semantic segmentation, and without any predefined road markings.

Autonomous Vehicles Semantic Segmentation

Attack and Anomaly Detection in IoT Sensors in IoT Sites Using Machine Learning Approaches

no code implementations journal 2019 Mahmudul Hasan, Md. Milon Islam, Ishrak Islam, M. M. A. Hashem

The machine learning (ML) algorithms that have been used here are Logistic Regression (LR), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Decision Tree (DT), Random Forest (RF), and Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

Anomaly Detection BIG-bench Machine Learning

Capturing and Recognizing Objects Appearance Employing Eigenspace

no code implementations25 Mar 2014 M. Ashrafuzzaman, M. M . Rahman, M. M. A. Hashem

This paper presents a method of capturing objects appearances from its environment and it also describes how to recognize unknown appearances creating an eigenspace.

On Comparison between Evolutionary Programming Network-based Learning and Novel Evolution Strategy Algorithm-based Learning

no code implementations4 May 2013 M. A. Khayer Azad, Md. Shafiqul Islam, M. M. A. Hashem

This paper presents two different evolutionary systems - Evolutionary Programming Network (EPNet) and Novel Evolutions Strategy (NES) Algorithm.

Medical Diagnosis

On Integrating Fuzzy Knowledge Using a Novel Evolutionary Algorithm

no code implementations28 Apr 2013 Nafisa Afrin Chowdhury, Murshida Khatun, M. M. A. Hashem

Fuzzy systems may be considered as knowledge-based systems that incorporates human knowledge into their knowledge base through fuzzy rules and fuzzy membership functions.

General Classification

A Fuzzy Logic Based Certain Trust Model for E-Commerce

no code implementations15 Apr 2013 Kawser Wazed Nafi, Tonny Shekha Kar, Amjad Hossain, M. M. A. Hashem

Most of the present trust models are subjective and have failed to account vagueness and ambiguity of different domain.

An Improved ACS Algorithm for the Solutions of Larger TSP Problems

no code implementations13 Apr 2013 Md. Rakib Hassan, Md. Kamrul Hasan, M. M. A. Hashem

Solving large traveling salesman problem (TSP) in an efficient way is a challenging area for the researchers of computer science.

Combinatorial Optimization Traveling Salesman Problem

Solving Linear Equations Using a Jacobi Based Time-Variant Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm

no code implementations13 Apr 2013 A. R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali, M. M. A. Hashem, Md. Bazlar Rahman

In the both above hybrid evolutionary methods, uniform adaptation (UA) techniques are used to adapt relaxation factor.

An Approach to Solve Linear Equations Using a Time-Variant Adaptation Based Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm

no code implementations11 Apr 2013 A. R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali, M. M. A. Hashem, Md. Bazlar Rahman

Recently, hybridization of evolutionary algorithm with classical Gauss-Seidel based Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) method has successfully been used to solve large number of linear equations; where a uniform adaptation (UA) technique of relaxation factor is used.

For Solving Linear Equations Recombination is a Needless Operation in Time-Variant Adaptive Hybrid Algorithms

no code implementations9 Apr 2013 A. R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali, Mohammad Arif Hossain, G. M. Moniruzzaman, M. M. A. Hashem

Also the proposed modified algorithms require less amount of computational time in comparison to the corresponding existing hybrid algorithms.

Evolutionary Design of Digital Circuits Using Genetic Programming

no code implementations9 Apr 2013 S. M. Ashik Eftekhar, Sk. Mahbub Habib, M. M. A. Hashem

This graph-based evolutionary design of arithmetic circuits is a method of optimized designing of arithmetic circuits.

On Appropriate Selection of Fuzzy Aggregation Operators in Medical Decision Support System

no code implementations9 Apr 2013 K. M. Motahar Hossain, Zahir Raihan, M. M. A. Hashem

Thus this work illustrates how the choice of aggregation operators is intended to mimic human decision making and can be selected and adjusted to fit empirical data, a series of test cases.

Decision Making

A New Distributed Evolutionary Computation Technique for Multi-Objective Optimization

no code implementations9 Apr 2013 Md. Asadul Islam, G. M. Mashrur-E-Elahi, M. M. A. Hashem

In DNESA, the server distributes the total computation load to all associate clients and simulation results show that the time for solving large problems is much less than sequential EAs.

Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutiae Matching Technique for the Large Fingerprint Database

no code implementations8 Apr 2013 S. M. Mohsen, S. M. Zamshed Farhan, M. M. A. Hashem

Extracting minutiae from fingerprint images is one of the most important steps in automatic fingerprint identification system.

Solving Linear Equations by Classical Jacobi-SR Based Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm with Uniform Adaptation Technique

no code implementations8 Apr 2013 R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali, M. M. A. Hashem, M. Mahfuz Hasan, Md. Bazlar Rahman

In this paper, a new hybrid algorithm is proposed in which uniform adaptive evolutionary computation techniques and classical Jacobi based SR technique are used instead of classical Gauss-Seidel based SR technique.

An Advanced Certain Trust Model Using Fuzzy Logic and Probabilistic Logic theory

no code implementations3 Mar 2013 Kawser Wazed Nafi, Tonny Shekha Kar, Amjad Hossain, M. M. A. Hashem

The linguistic variables are defined for both T and P and then these variables are implemented in our laboratory to verify the proposed trust model.

Cryptography and Security

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