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NativQA: Multilingual Culturally-Aligned Natural Query for LLMs

no code implementations13 Jul 2024 Md. Arid Hasan, Maram Hasanain, Fatema Ahmad, Sahinur Rahman Laskar, Sunaya Upadhyay, Vrunda N Sukhadia, Mucahid Kutlu, Shammur Absar Chowdhury, Firoj Alam

In this study, we propose a scalable framework, NativQA, to seamlessly construct culturally and regionally aligned QA datasets in native languages, for LLM evaluation and tuning.

Benchmarking Question Answering

ThatiAR: Subjectivity Detection in Arabic News Sentences

no code implementations8 Jun 2024 Reem Suwaileh, Maram Hasanain, Fatema Hubail, Wajdi Zaghouani, Firoj Alam

In this study, we present the first large dataset for subjectivity detection in Arabic, consisting of ~3. 6K manually annotated sentences, and GPT-4o based explanation.

In-Context Learning Misinformation

ArMeme: Propagandistic Content in Arabic Memes

no code implementations6 Jun 2024 Firoj Alam, Abul Hasnat, Fatema Ahmed, Md Arid Hasan, Maram Hasanain

Identification of such misleading and persuasive multimodal content has become more important among various stakeholders, including social media platforms, policymakers, and the broader society as they often cause harm to individuals, organizations, and/or society.

Can GPT-4 Identify Propaganda? Annotation and Detection of Propaganda Spans in News Articles

no code implementations27 Feb 2024 Maram Hasanain, Fatema Ahmed, Firoj Alam

Finally, we evaluate GPT-4 on a dataset consisting of six other languages for span detection, and results suggest that the model struggles with the task across languages.

8k Propaganda detection

Large Language Models for Propaganda Span Annotation

no code implementations16 Nov 2023 Maram Hasanain, Fatema Ahmed, Firoj Alam

Moreover, our work is the first to show the potential of utilizing LLMs to develop annotated datasets for this specific task, prompting it with annotations from human annotators with limited expertise.

ArAIEval Shared Task: Persuasion Techniques and Disinformation Detection in Arabic Text

no code implementations6 Nov 2023 Maram Hasanain, Firoj Alam, Hamdy Mubarak, Samir Abdaljalil, Wajdi Zaghouani, Preslav Nakov, Giovanni Da San Martino, Abed Alhakim Freihat

We present an overview of the ArAIEval shared task, organized as part of the first ArabicNLP 2023 conference co-located with EMNLP 2023.

Cross-lingual Transfer Learning for Check-worthy Claim Identification over Twitter

no code implementations9 Nov 2022 Maram Hasanain, Tamer Elsayed

Our results show that for some language pairs, zero-shot cross-lingual transfer is possible and can perform as good as monolingual models that are trained on the target language.

Fact Checking Misinformation +2

Automated Fact-Checking for Assisting Human Fact-Checkers

no code implementations13 Mar 2021 Preslav Nakov, David Corney, Maram Hasanain, Firoj Alam, Tamer Elsayed, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Paolo Papotti, Shaden Shaar, Giovanni Da San Martino

The reporting and the analysis of current events around the globe has expanded from professional, editor-lead journalism all the way to citizen journalism.

Fact Checking

ArCOV19-Rumors: Arabic COVID-19 Twitter Dataset for Misinformation Detection

no code implementations EACL (WANLP) 2021 Fatima Haouari, Maram Hasanain, Reem Suwaileh, Tamer Elsayed

In this paper we introduce ArCOV19-Rumors, an Arabic COVID-19 Twitter dataset for misinformation detection composed of tweets containing claims from 27th January till the end of April 2020.

Benchmarking Fact Checking +1

Overview of CheckThat! 2020: Automatic Identification and Verification of Claims in Social Media

3 code implementations15 Jul 2020 Alberto Barron-Cedeno, Tamer Elsayed, Preslav Nakov, Giovanni Da San Martino, Maram Hasanain, Reem Suwaileh, Fatima Haouari, Nikolay Babulkov, Bayan Hamdan, Alex Nikolov, Shaden Shaar, Zien Sheikh Ali

The first four tasks compose the full pipeline of claim verification in social media: Task 1 on check-worthiness estimation, Task 2 on retrieving previously fact-checked claims, Task 3 on evidence retrieval, and Task 4 on claim verification.

Claim Verification Retrieval +1

ArCOV-19: The First Arabic COVID-19 Twitter Dataset with Propagation Networks

1 code implementation EACL (WANLP) 2021 Fatima Haouari, Maram Hasanain, Reem Suwaileh, Tamer Elsayed

In this paper, we present ArCOV-19, an Arabic COVID-19 Twitter dataset that spans one year, covering the period from 27th of January 2020 till 31st of January 2021.

Information Retrieval Retrieval

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