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Value Engineering for Autonomous Agents

no code implementations17 Feb 2023 Nieves Montes, Nardine Osman, Carles Sierra, Marija Slavkovik

We argue that this type of normative reasoning, where agents are endowed with an understanding of norms' moral implications, leads to value-awareness in autonomous agents.


Against Algorithmic Exploitation of Human Vulnerabilities

no code implementations12 Jan 2023 Inga Strümke, Marija Slavkovik, Clemens Stachl

Decisions such as which movie to watch next, which song to listen to, or which product to buy online, are increasingly influenced by recommender systems and user models that incorporate information on users' past behaviours, preferences, and digitally created content.

Decision Making Ethics +2

Finding Common Ground for Incoherent Horn Expressions

no code implementations14 Sep 2022 Ana Ozaki, Anum Rehman, Philip Turk, Marija Slavkovik

Autonomous systems that operate in a shared environment with people need to be able to follow the rules of the society they occupy.

The social dilemma in artificial intelligence development and why we have to solve it

no code implementations27 Jul 2021 Inga Strümke, Marija Slavkovik, Vince I. Madai

While the demand for ethical artificial intelligence (AI) systems increases, the number of unethical uses of AI accelerates, even though there is no shortage of ethical guidelines.


Digital Voodoo Dolls

no code implementations6 May 2021 Marija Slavkovik, Clemens Stachl, Caroline Pitman, Jonathan Askonas

An institution, be it a body of government, commercial enterprise, or a service, cannot interact directly with a person.

Egalitarian Judgment Aggregation

no code implementations4 Feb 2021 Sirin Botan, Ronald de Haan, Marija Slavkovik, Zoi Terzopoulou

We then explore the relationship between these axioms and several notions of strategyproofness from social choice theory at large.

Aggregating Probabilistic Judgments

no code implementations22 Jul 2019 Magdalena Ivanovska, Marija Slavkovik

In this paper we explore the application of methods for classical judgment aggregation in pooling probabilistic opinions on logically related issues.

The Jiminy Advisor: Moral Agreements Among Stakeholders Based on Norms and Argumentation

no code implementations11 Dec 2018 Beishui Liao, Pere Pardo, Marija Slavkovik, Leendert van der Torre

We address the challenge of how the ethical views of such stakeholders can be integrated in the behavior of an autonomous system.

Decision Making

Towards Moral Autonomous Systems

no code implementations14 Mar 2017 Vicky Charisi, Louise Dennis, Michael Fisher, Robert Lieck, Andreas Matthias, Marija Slavkovik, Janina Sombetzki, Alan F. T. Winfield, Roman Yampolskiy

Both the ethics of autonomous systems and the problems of their technical implementation have by now been studied in some detail.

Ethics Philosophy

Agenda Separability in Judgment Aggregation

no code implementations22 Apr 2016 Jérôme Lang, Marija Slavkovik, Srdjan Vesic

One of the better studied properties for operators in judgment aggregation is independence, which essentially dictates that the collective judgment on one issue should not depend on the individual judgments given on some other issue(s) in the same agenda.

Iterative Judgment Aggregation

no code implementations21 Apr 2016 Marija Slavkovik, Wojciech Jamroga

Judgment aggregation problems form a class of collective decision-making problems represented in an abstract way, subsuming some well known problems such as voting.

Decision Making

A partial taxonomy of judgment aggregation rules, and their properties

no code implementations20 Feb 2015 Jerôme Lang, Gabriella Pigozzi, Marija Slavkovik, Leendert van der Torre, Srdjan Vesic

The literature on judgment aggregation is moving from studying impossibility results regarding aggregation rules towards studying specific judgment aggregation rules.

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