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Learning Non-Stationary Time-Series with Dynamic Pattern Extractions

no code implementations20 Nov 2021 Xipei Wang, Haoyu Zhang, Yuanbo Zhang, Meng Wang, Jiarui Song, Tin Lai, Matloob Khushi

Our results show that our model can predict 4-hour future trends with high accuracy in the Forex dataset, which is crucial in realistic scenarios to assist foreign exchange trading decision making.

Decision Making Dynamic Time Warping +1

Benchmarking for Biomedical Natural Language Processing Tasks with a Domain Specific ALBERT

1 code implementation9 Jul 2021 Usman Naseem, Adam G. Dunn, Matloob Khushi, Jinman Kim

We present BioALBERT, a domain-specific adaptation of A Lite Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (ALBERT), trained on biomedical (PubMed and PubMed Central) and clinical (MIMIC-III) corpora and fine tuned for 6 different tasks across 20 benchmark datasets.

Document Classification named-entity-recognition +4

Feature importance recap and stacking models for forex price prediction

no code implementations6 Jul 2021 Yunze Li, Yanan Xie, Chen Yu, Fangxing Yu, Bo Jiang, Matloob Khushi

Traditionally, traders refer to technical analysis based on the historical data to make decisions and trade.

Feature Importance

Clustering and attention model based for intelligent trading

no code implementations6 Jul 2021 Mimansa Rana, Nanxiang Mao, Ming Ao, Xiaohui Wu, Poning Liang, Matloob Khushi

The foreign exchange market has taken an important role in the global financial market.

Classifying vaccine sentiment tweets by modelling domain-specific representation and commonsense knowledge into context-aware attentive GRU

no code implementations17 Jun 2021 Usman Naseem, Matloob Khushi, Jinman Kim, Adam G. Dunn

In this study, to classify vaccine sentiment tweets with limited information, we present a novel end-to-end framework consisting of interconnected components that use domain-specific LM trained on vaccine-related tweets and models commonsense knowledge into a bidirectional gated recurrent network (CK-BiGRU) with context-aware attention.

A Survey of Forex and Stock Price Prediction Using Deep Learning

no code implementations13 Mar 2021 Zexin Hu, Yiqi Zhao, Matloob Khushi

Deep learning application had proven to yields better accuracy and return in the field of financial prediction and forecasting.

reinforcement-learning reinforcement Learning +1

Feature Learning for Stock Price Prediction Shows a Significant Role of Analyst Rating

no code implementations13 Mar 2021 Jaideep Singh, Matloob Khushi

To reject the Efficient Market Hypothesis a set of 5 technical indicators and 23 fundamental indicators was identified to establish the possibility of generating excess returns on the stock market.

Stock Price Prediction

SMOTE-ENC: A novel SMOTE-based method to generate synthetic data for nominal and continuous features

no code implementations13 Mar 2021 Mimi Mukherjee, Matloob Khushi

SMOTE-NC can be applied only on mixed datasets that have features consisting of both continuous and nominal features and cannot function if all the features of the dataset are nominal.


Event-Driven LSTM For Forex Price Prediction

no code implementations29 Jan 2021 Ling Qi, Matloob Khushi, Josiah Poon

The majority of studies in the field of AI guided financial trading focus on purely applying machine learning algorithms to continuous historical price and technical analysis data.

Wavelet Denoised-ResNet CNN and LightGBM Method to Predict Forex Rate of Change

no code implementations29 Jan 2021 Yiqi Zhao, Matloob Khushi

In this paper, we propose a Wavelet Denoised-ResNet with LightGBM model to predict the rate of change of Forex price after five time intervals to allow enough time to execute trades.

Portfolio Optimization with 2D Relative-Attentional Gated Transformer

no code implementations27 Dec 2020 Tae Wan Kim, Matloob Khushi

In our research, a conservative level of transaction fees and slippage are considered for the realistic experiment.

Portfolio Optimization reinforcement-learning +1

BioALBERT: A Simple and Effective Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition

no code implementations19 Sep 2020 Usman Naseem, Matloob Khushi, Vinay Reddy, Sakthivel Rajendran, Imran Razzak, Jinman Kim

In recent years, with the growing amount of biomedical documents, coupled with advancement in natural language processing algorithms, the research on biomedical named entity recognition (BioNER) has increased exponentially.

Language Modelling named-entity-recognition +1

GA-MSSR: Genetic Algorithm Maximizing Sharpe and Sterling Ratio Method for RoboTrading

1 code implementation16 Aug 2020 Zezheng Zhang, Matloob Khushi

The parameters of technical indicators are optimized to maximize trading performance.

Wavelet Denoising and Attention-based RNN-ARIMA Model to Predict Forex Price

no code implementations16 Aug 2020 Zhiwen Zeng, Matloob Khushi

Every change of trend in the forex market presents a great opportunity as well as a risk for investors.

Denoising Time Series

Mining Temporal Evolution of Knowledge Graph and Genealogical Features for Literature-based Discovery Prediction

1 code implementation22 Jul 2019 Nazim Choudhury, Fahim Faisal, Matloob Khushi

Existing techniques from Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing attempt to identify the hidden or unpublished connections between information concepts within published literature, however, these techniques undermine the concept of predicting the future and emerging relations among scientific knowledge components encapsulated within the literature.

Implicit Relations Information Retrieval +2

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